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Did Mohammad Rafi get his due?

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Imran Khan
india's all time highest Civilian Award Bharat Ratan
by Imran Khan on Aug 28, 2011 06:17 PM

I was enthralled to see the list of recipient of India's highest civilian award “Bharat Ratan” which awarded to the most prominent freedom fighters and activists and social workers of 19th�and 20th�century's personalities for their most remarkable/honourable hard work. I do feel slight misgiving when it come to awarding the India's highest civilian award “Bhart Rantan” towards one single personality whose very work attributed to the millions of past and present generation. A testament to his artistic talents a well defined and household name Late Mr. Mohammed Rafi sahib; his fans just not within the confines of India's boundaries but spreaded across the world and his sublime melodious voice continues to resonate unflinching memories in millions mind. Millions of Indian still every day pay tributes to the giant of vocal musical artist; indeed nation has duty to reconcile its homage to all time great artist Late Rafi sahib in the form of awarding India's highest Civilian Award “Bharat Ratan” posthumously.

Imran Khan
(Lucknouw, UP, India)

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Mohammed Rafi saab is the BEST
by harish on Dec 08, 2010 01:36 PM

For me, to compare any Hindi singer with Rafi saab is a sacrilege. I don't think he got his due. He is the best singer in Hindi films. He was never a " mimicry " singer. This timeless legend will rule the minds of "genuine" music lovers forever


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rajashi ghosh
Futile to make such statements
by rajashi ghosh on Dec 07, 2010 09:32 PM  | Hide replies

In my opinion, Kishore is the greatest musician ever. I don't care as to who thinks what about him. For me, he is simply the finest musician. The point that i am trying to make is that everyone has his own favorite and one should be happy with that. Celebrate your icon and keep listening to his/her music. When you start making comparisons, it will only make you unhappy because there will be people who will not agree with your point of view.

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Re: Futile to make such statements
by anurag on Feb 05, 2011 08:40 PM
You need to update yr knowledge on music.
Kishore, Manna De and others themselves treated Rafi as superior singer, simply because he was.
I request you- study more and make yr ears music sensitive.

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Dheeraj Anand
Re: Re: Futile to make such statements
by Dheeraj Anand on Apr 24, 2013 07:51 PM
I agree with you Anurag ji. mr ghosh seeems to have absolutely no idea about Mohd Rafi saahab. Ihope he will one day know that Kishor Da himself was Rafi's one of the biggest fans

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Balaji Krishnamurthy
Just voicing his opinion
by Balaji Krishnamurthy on Dec 06, 2010 07:45 AM

The author is just voicing his opinion. Rafi was no doubt a great singer, but you do not need to demean the others. Rafi's body of work stands out in itself, but then so do Kishore Kumar's, Manna Dey, Mukesh, and Hemant Kumar. Fact is there is some truth in what the writer says about Manna, Hemant and Talat Mehmood being sidelined. When you listen to their songs, their artistry is breathtaking. What the author is saying is that a glorious phase in Hindi music would have been even more awesome if these singers had got more chances.

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balachandra suri
Wrongly Read by you guys
by balachandra suri on Dec 06, 2010 03:20 AM  | Hide replies

Friends, the Bangladeshi Singer said that "rafi did not get his due", meaning he is under-represented at awards kind of stuff. The author, Mr.Pias tries to say that Rafi is not all that great. So, please do not blindly start Bangladesh bashing

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balachandra suri
Re: Wrongly Read by you guys
by balachandra suri on Dec 06, 2010 03:22 AM
I am a huge Rafi fan and it has nothing to do with religion. In fact, Mehdi Hasan, Ghulam ali have had as many number of admirers in india as in pakistan

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always complaining
by deepak on Dec 03, 2010 10:14 AM

The Bangladeshi musician must be a member of Jamati Islami, always complaining about how Muslims are treated....it is very popular among Pakis & Bangladeshis to talk abt how badly Indian Muslims are treated, regardless. The Bangladeshi musician must worry abt how they treated Runa Laila, Mitali Mukherjee and others, all gifted singers.

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About Rafi
by aaaa on Dec 02, 2010 08:47 PM  | Hide replies

Salil Chowdhury felt that Mohammad Rafi did not know the first thing about singing.
He was not the only one who felt that way.

Even Pancham and C Ramchandra felt that Rafi was no good. It is difficult to understand why they didn't like him because at least 50 percent of the songs he sung for them were hits

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Ramakrishnapillai Nair
Re: About Rafi
by Ramakrishnapillai Nair on Aug 22, 2013 11:32 PM
Great men had strange believes ,all that they considered may not be right. Naushad once asked, Manna Dey ,Naushad did't like Manna Dey, "manna who is the better singer ,you or Rafi" and Manna replied it was Rafi and no doubt about it. Naushad sahib did't like Kisoreda either. Let us enjoy music we are not doing research on composer's notions.

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satarupa sen
Re: About Rafi
by satarupa sen on Jan 11, 2011 03:12 PM
That's not you but Raju Bharathan, who seems to have some inherent problem with Rafi. Strangely, he always quotes dead people and has no proof to offer.

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Re: Re: About Rafi
by anurag on Feb 05, 2011 07:19 PM
Kishore had no problems with Rafi and accepted him as superior singer. why are we fighting? Kishore left recordings mid way and told music director"Call rafi, it is difficult for me."

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