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Three issues in a marriage

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my life
by rajani on Jun 13, 2009 12:51 PM

ours is love marriage ,we have a 5 yrs old son.I m working,bt from 4 months my husband is not working,he left his job because of some issue with senior management,rt nw he is at home,every day he querral with me for one r the other issue,i realy dnt understand hw to manage this situation plz help

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maansi jhamb
by mansi
by maansi jhamb on Sep 04, 2008 11:17 PM  | Hide replies

i am married since two years. i have problem of thinking a lot. i am not satisfied with the love and affection dat my hubby give me. may b he is write but m not able to understand him. but whatever i expect is never fullfilled. isaw his attempt to make girlfrend after marriage in his orkut profile,since den i cant trust him. but due to my baby i am bound to live along him.his mother is widow . she always interfers in my life. i am very depressed pls help me.

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renu kant
Re: by mansi
by renu kant on Dec 01, 2008 10:23 AM
Hi Mansi,
Please contact a Marriage councillor at this address parag.marriage.councillor@gmail.com.He is good and can give u nice advice.


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Ruchi Mankotia
by Ruchi Mankotia on Jul 15, 2008 12:07 PM  | Hide replies

I am married for 2yrs. Though things are going fine but we usually fight on small issued and that gets bigger with him telling me so many things which should come directly from my mom inlaw. Everytime after the fight he makes up within 5-10minutes and accepts what was wrong but this is actually spoilling my relationship with his parents now. The respects which I use to have for them is fading day by day. I am now pregnant and all this things are spoiling my health.

Can someone please advise how should I handle this. We do not fight on anything else.


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Re: Hi
by Guest on Dec 02, 2008 05:07 PM
hi Ruchi
even i have the same problem..
just have patiance first..
just try to be good with ur inlaws n hubby even though u dont like in the begining..
when u ll be good with ur inlaws,ur husband ll be good to u...dont get angry,take things calmly...join some meditation classes...try to be calm,n everything ll be fine..

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by Amit on Dec 04, 2006 04:01 PM

Dear All,

This is regarding my marriage relationship which is fading everyday, I got married 3 years ago to a divorcee, I was so much in love that made me took that decision. And with Gods grace we a 2 years old sweet daughter. The problem we are facing since our marriage is that my MoM accepted her initially however dont see in her action, and same goes for my wife. She has been going back to her inlaws every now and then, which not being appreciated by me. Now we took another house where me and my wife started staying with our daughter and my wife's parents were satisfied since that day, now Still there are fights because of her mom's Intrusion in our family. She again goes back every ow then the moment i talk about staying close me my parents house, I mean another house close to my parents house, but she doesnt agree. Her parents shout at me, abuse me, she has hit me several times out of anger, her father cant do much about but Recommends her to stay with me, but her mom always encourages to stay with her, if she is facing problem. I would request anyone to guide me so that i can do something for my 2 years old daughter. Because its not her fault at the end of the day.

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Help Me
by Vicky on Dec 01, 2006 08:47 PM  | Hide replies

Hello to All,

I am 22 yrs boy woking in a One of the biggest Software company as a Test Engineer. Last year when i was in final year of my Engineering, i meet one girl (she is just 20 in 3rd year of engg) from Punjab on NET and we feel in love with eachother. After that we decided to go for Marriage. Now in next jan 2007 we are going for Court Marriage. So for that we are trying to understand eachother though we have never meet with eachother, and we have decided to go for marriage directly.

Now guys there is a problem, she is a very narrow minded girl. She can tolerate me with other girl though she is just a friend and whenever I used to make her understood she always tell me U ARE TRYING TO LEAVE ME ALONE and U WANNA GO WITH THAT GIRL. But i love her and i wanna to marry her.

So Help Me how to make her trust on me.


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RE:Help Me
by POOJA SHAIKAR on Dec 04, 2006 01:43 PM
hi mathew,it was ad to hear about your wife whom you loved so much.you should try and get out of the aprehensions and distrust,give yourself time by meeting people and if you feel that you are suspicious,thhen you should give yourself time to cure yourself berfore you get into another relationship which may become difficult just because you are still hurt from within.
god bless

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RE:Help Me
by K.Viswambharan on Dec 03, 2006 09:25 PM
You attend a yoga class. Improve your personality.At the Yoga class learn to meditate. You will be able to find slutions to your problems within yourself.

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RE:Help Me
by K.Viswqmbharan on Dec 03, 2006 10:15 PM
Hi Vicky
Better postpone your marriage with that girl. Try to meet her as soon as possible. Exchange views. Understand each other.Find the good and bad on both.Take corrective steps with the support of well meaning elders. Marriage is a sacred institution to live a whole life; not to break occassionaly like western culture. together or separately you can attend personality development courses and yoga classes and meditation. You will end up in real love,marry her and live happily.
all the best.

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by Mathew on Dec 01, 2006 04:52 PM

My problem is that we got married and was settled. I have faith and trust on my Wife. But she cheated me right from the beginning till the end.

But I loved her so much, had faith, trust. But all this one day ended.
She was a great liar. Did all sort of wrong things which one should not do.

NOw we sepearted.

Now My question is that HOw to start a new life. And settle down soon
Help me.

Thanks in advance..

Awaiting your reply.

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what about the boredom?
by raghavan on Oct 10, 2006 05:49 AM

some 12 years into the marriage,i find a lot of predictability in the relationship.becoz of this,the responses are the same and the relationship somewhat feels jaded.the desire to search for newer relationship with others come to the fore.only becoz children are there the relationship is still continuing.what to do?

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