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S Korea's blind archer sets world record, Indians flop

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India flops...
by Chandan on Jul 28, 2012 06:49 AM  | Hide replies

even before the real Olympics started....

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Re: India flops...
by DABANG on Jul 28, 2012 07:05 AM
All this media hype will loose its grip slowly slowly after few days. i have doubt india will bring more then 2 medals all together.

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aveek mukherjee
Women team too failed miserably
by aveek mukherjee on Jul 27, 2012 07:38 PM

India team position -8th
Deepika Kumari - Individual rank -8th

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Limba Ram will win Gold!!!
by SaneIndian on Jul 27, 2012 07:29 PM

Book it!!!

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Indian team
by Hemant on Jul 27, 2012 07:23 PM

Indian archers were very confident of their winning and wanted to do the "Ganguly" at Lords. What a sorry state now

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Amit Kumar
teer mar
by Amit Kumar on Jul 27, 2012 06:55 PM

everyone pls stop cribbing. the diff betwween 21st and 31st rank is only 5/700. not bad India.

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by target on Jul 27, 2012 06:37 PM  | Hide replies

how this archery session started before opening ceremony ?

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Re: ?
by taklu on Jul 27, 2012 06:39 PM
women's and men's football also already started..

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Indians are good
by guru on Jul 27, 2012 06:01 PM  | Hide replies

Indians are good in only at practice session.
If there is any competition for population growth , no
body can challenge us. ND tiwari will lead us.

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Message deleted by moderator
this is just the ranking round.
by carazon on Jul 27, 2012 05:55 PM

Things can change. In the last olympics champia was 2nd in the ranking round but went on to lose in the 2nd round itself. so rankings are not important. Anyway the men don't have mch chance of winning. Its the women who have a good chance.

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Rajesh Kamthe
by Rajesh Kamthe on Jul 27, 2012 05:33 PM  | Hide replies

I agree as one of the bloggers that sometimes we underestimate the efforts that are gone into even qualifying or even reaching that stage.
But here is an example that should open our eyes where do we really stand.
You all must have seen the heroic stories about the MICHEAL PHELPS,MARK SPITZ,SERGEI BUBKEA,ELENA ISINBAYEVA,CARL LEWIS and the list is endless.
The common think between them is that they have litterally devoted, surrendered to not just their game to their dream and the when I see them performing I can feel the zeal to be best in thier eyes,body language and of course performance.
The above example is a result of the same that the kind of madness that you require at this level to perform.
If we are complaining about the facilities only then what kind of facilities do african sprinters have, they hardly get anyhelp from their war affected countries but still they shine in the atheletics event.

Winning a medal in the OLYMPICS is not about having only best of facilites, its like a passion that a soldier has to die for the country who has no fear whatsoever come what may the situation is.
I hope bloggers wont hate me for being a little nagative.

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by taklu on Jul 27, 2012 05:38 PM
indians are happy just to be part of olympics.

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by Deepak on Jul 27, 2012 07:28 PM
they are happy just to be called sports'people'

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Frank Barone
by Frank Barone on Jul 27, 2012 07:15 PM
Indians participate in Olympics for Govt Jobs (without having to actually do any job) not the medals.

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