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Road Review: A long and winding ode

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sumit kumar
How is the movie, plz rate it
by sumit kumar on Mar 06, 2010 04:17 AM

Hi Guys, I have not got any proper review here. All are busy shouting at the person who reviewed however none of them gave any proper review. So, better stop shouting at others and try to be constructive and give some review here. I seems all comes here to show their frustration instead of be constructive.

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Masand Review
by Gyaan on Mar 06, 2010 12:16 AM

Masand review

Use following formula

Actual rating = (5 - Masand's rating)

If Masand says, movie is worth rating 1..then it is very good movie deserving rating 4....

If Masand says, movie is worth rating 4..then it is a flop movie deserving rating 1....

So with this formula, only time Masand is right when movie is average worth rating 2.5

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soumya mishra
Review ...
by soumya mishra on Mar 05, 2010 08:26 PM  | Hide replies

I am no friend, follower or guide of Mr Raja Sen & Ms. Sukanya Verma but always look forward to read their reviews.
It's not that I like it always. Many a time I have ended up hating the reviewers coz I did not believe in what they wrote.
But that does not mean, that I will not reccommend someone to watch a movie if they gave it 1 star but i liked it too much.
It's always the personal opinion which matters. They are not telling you to watch or not watch a movie but they are just providing the opinion of their own after being the privileged 1st few to watch any movie.
A movie is not always a timepass for 2.5 hrs, sometimes some movies leave a stamp on your heart, soul and mind.
So friends, never judge a book by its cover and similarly never judge a movie by its review. Reviews are like opinion polls before an election. Its not mandatory that the leader in the opinion polls goes onto form the government.
Similarly, a review always gives you an additional opinion about a movie. How the fared for you, no one can decide. It just you.
So let's love and watch movies as we always do and leave the reviewers to their job while we do ours.

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Re: Review ...
by Hifriend on Mar 05, 2010 09:13 PM
I completely agree with you my friend. Another thing that I have observed is to read reviews from different people and its interesting to see how each person relates to the film.

All in all I haven't seen the film but have watched Dev benegal's earlier ones. Split wide open was very average and had felt high school dramas were far better! Thats only my personal opinion though.

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hemant bedi
Re: Review ...
by hemant bedi on Mar 06, 2010 04:29 PM
job of reviewer is to rate the movie on its technical aspects mostly. but most of the time they are just discussing the plot. i have rarely found reviews giving detailed descritions of technical aspects like direction, cinematography, performances...reviewers are not doing what they should do

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arnab deka
Its a Movie
by arnab deka on Mar 05, 2010 08:07 PM

Its a Movie...you either like it or you don't...It could be Mithun's Gunda or Dev benegal's Road Movie....

I personally don't go by what critics say because they gave films like Chocolate and The English patient One Star and thank god I didn't listen to them....

So whether Mr.Sen is an obnoxious fool who's Idea about good cinema is questionable or he's is a Text book on good cinema..either ways what he writes is his opinion and he is entitled to write one....Whether to agree to it or not is ours.

Mr.Sen I think I will give your review a pass and go and watch the film...

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Worst imitators!!!
by Vish on Mar 05, 2010 07:55 PM

They never get tired. I'm sick and tired of these third class imitating monkeys. Movies are supposed to be creative and original. Cannot they find something Indian? How you can relate an Indian with Chevy?

This is just plain disgusting. One after another supposed-to-be-great directors keep on stealing other's work and try to misfit to Indian taste.

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