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by gittanjali on Jul 24, 2010 04:32 PM  | Hide replies

I want the complete 70's era fashion,music to comeback, they were rocking!!

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vijay srinivasrao
Old is Gold
by vijay srinivasrao on Jul 20, 2010 04:28 PM  | Hide replies

Songs of the earlier period contained MELODY and the Music for the songs was downplayed and was only second fiddle to the lyrics.Thats the reason why the songs from old Hindi film songs are EVERGREEN. The present day songs neither have meaningful lyrics nor good music all they do is shout and bang.This is the tragedy of the present day music.
Vijay Dabade

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Re: Old is Gold
by V SR on Jul 20, 2010 09:13 PM
Old is always gold.

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Nonavinakere venkatarangan
by Nonavinakere venkatarangan on Jul 20, 2010 04:19 PM

There are no original makers of movies or music now. All are who look for copying domestic or phoren! Music makers like Rahaman too copy the english and melt their music in high tones. Naushad's one tune let any one create. It's a challenge.

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chandu pande
passion and paisa
by chandu pande on Jul 20, 2010 02:54 PM  | Hide replies

in the old times music direction film direction acting singing all were the passion now its all about money fame and recognition so everybody wants to cash this.for the audition of indian idol more than 2 lacs people came none of them is a good singer they just have a voice to cash on and make money in the olden time it was a passion. singing was a passion of kishore kumar or lata ji and MD was a passion of RD burman only those people who have the passion used to come and join bollywod for rest of the society it was a curse anything done with passion will be gr8 like sachin has a passion for cricket

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Sheetal Kaur
Re: passion and paisa
by Sheetal Kaur on Jul 20, 2010 03:09 PM
No wonder cinemas all over the world are now closing.
dedicated Indian cinemas in UK have all but closed very few may be one or two in London are left and will soon join the league.
nairobi a samml capital of kenya had nearly 20 cinemas and all have closed and are used as churches now only one Odean shows Hindi movies once a month and rest of the month is used as a church.
India is following the same footsteps larger cinema houses are now being converted to multiplexes because of shrinking audiences.
gone are the days when movies used celebrate jubilees with mile long queues at the box offices.
Indian cinema is dying and fast becoming SAX industry.

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Re: Re: passion and paisa
by sohanmohan on Jul 20, 2010 04:18 PM
sheetal, amy be you are not aware the kind of revenue generated by NRIs for bollywood films...Indian industry will never die, in fact it is blooming now..beg to differ.

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chandu pande
Re: Re: Re: passion and paisa
by chandu pande on Jul 20, 2010 04:24 PM
I do somehow agree with sheetal that it may die the only new breed of diretors and actors could save beacuse the films have stopped making gud revenue in indian market beause they have been making fools to indian for 10 years the day will come when NRI will also realize and will stop watching already the industry is going in bad phase with hardly any films being seen on the 2nd week.After long time 3 idiots was the movie whih sustained for more than month

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Sheetal Kaur
Re: Re: Re: passion and paisa
by Sheetal Kaur on Jul 21, 2010 02:54 AM
I did not say Bollywood is dying What I meant to say is that the cinema houses will not be there to show movies.
most ware and will be watched at home on a DVD perhaps then how many movies are made now a days those one can sit with family and watch.
I would say very few may be none.
Bollywood may be alive and kicking but cinemas will not exist.

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Sweet is sweet nothing like ols and new
by SANTHOSH O on Jul 20, 2010 02:32 PM

There is nothing like old and new as far as melody is concern. Because there is commmon "LD" we need not say OLD is GOLD. Actually it is melody and sweetness in the songs made by earlier people by heavy dedication and efforts. Even now if present generation recognise it and dedicate time and efforts they can also do well. But they want everything Fast and therefore they have to compromise quality.

Sweet remains sweet whether it was in old days or present days likewise music can be cool if follow the classic and do with talent. The present generation does not want that they should be called similar to old people so they try to do something new without applying mind and loose the quality. If musician understand melody without classifying old and New can make good output.....

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