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Blue: Blistering Barnacles!

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Aditya B
Blue is a Waste.
by Aditya B on Nov 05, 2009 02:19 PM  | Hide replies

Appreciation is given for good things. Here it's not the case. The story sucks, the actors suck, the actresses suck, the director sucks. What they suck is money from the people for such a kind if shit. Producers putting such huge amounts on such a terrible film are nothing but craps. Katrina doesn't know acting & Lara dutta is even worse for that thing. Just wobbling the feminine body parts while delivering shit from mouth with annoying expressions. Indian cinema will never have originality & quality.

Dhoom:2 was the same kind of film. Nothing better. Now don't tell us D2 had best story & all.

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sanjay kulkarni
Chalugiri thy name is bollywood!!
by sanjay kulkarni on Oct 24, 2009 08:13 PM  | Hide replies

Why am I wasting my precious time even writing this? Because too much temptation to snigger at stupidity of bollywood!
This is how they make movie :
First the title is though out of Blue
Then they lick boots of movie financers or underworld about getting moolah!
The dons then suggest them whom to take and whom not to,
Then they pick stuntmen and stuntwomen who have metamorphised themselves in to actors!
Then they also decide clothing expenditure for the leading ladies, lesser the better.
Then they decide which hollywood movie the directors most enjoyed and pick up collage of such scenes or backdrop.
The leading ladies and following gents are asked to undress themselves to modest possible level and shake the body parts.
The music is made to match the shake dance!
FInally story is scratched on the pack cigarettes while all this jamboree is taking place.
The movie is then shot at exotic locations or already the sots are ready before story.

The publicity is given in the hands of media manipulators who create such a controversy involving sensor or community or social groups to make more publicity than deserved.
We fall prey to all this gimmicks and waste our time and money.
Some of us think this is a great Blue film and rush to watch.
The movie is all success!

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comedy film
by superstar on Oct 24, 2009 11:06 AM  | Hide replies

blue is the best comedy film of the year
1st half-not sure what was going on
2nd half-totally illogical,but unintentionally comical
it appeared that akki,sanju,zayed and lara had gone for holiday in bahamas and not for acting
nevertheless i enjoyed watching it (just as i had enjoyed watching ridiculous movies like hum tumhare hain sanam,rudraksh,love story 2050)

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biased ratings
by anuj on Oct 24, 2009 10:30 AM  | Hide replies

lets compare 2 of the biggest action films in india i.e. dhoom2 and blue....acting wise dhoom2 was pathetic barring hrithik's performance. same can be said about blue. action wise blue is way ahead of the unrealistic and over the top dhoom2. music wise blue scores over dhoom2. plot wise both are rubbish....then why have these so called critics given dhoom2 a thumbs up. don't u think they are biased?? i'm not saying that blue is a gr8 film....but at the same time we must appreciate the effort put in by the cast and crew to give us something diff. from the normal,boring boy meets girl kinda bollywood cinema.

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vicky singh
Re: biased ratings
by vicky singh on Oct 27, 2009 08:17 AM
true man...but point is our culture and religions hav taught us to drag someone down with the force who is working hard. that is what our media doin..now all of the sudden media has raised another question " does akki have worst dress sense/style in the world??? " well seems like they ignored SRK's/Aamirs/abhisheks..GOVINDA'S dressin styles to judge Akki's...

we rrrrr pathetic!!!!!

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Shankar Shankar
Same Thing!!
by Shankar Shankar on Oct 23, 2009 03:27 PM  | Hide replies

Accidently some boring movies like Welcome and other movies were hit in 2007. SInce then bad time has started for Akshay Kumar. He is not talented like amir SRK or Hritik. He must choose good movies. Started as a action hero them comedian and now nothing. Take a leaf from AAmir or South Indian actors and start doing sensible movies. Its going to be very hard to be back in the recokning..

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Narasimhan Srinivasan
Re: Same Thing!!
by Narasimhan Srinivasan on Oct 23, 2009 06:57 PM
Please tell me which genius ever said that Hrithik was a talented actor or for that matter Shahruk is... Please do not mention Akshay, Shahrukh or Hrithik in the same league as Amir.. Amir belongs to the league of actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Boman Irani, Sanjeev Kumar, Pankaj Kapoor etc. It is an insult to compare Shahrukh, Akshay and least of all the wooden Hrithik with Amir. See Ghajini was an out and out Tamil/Telugu masala thriller for which Amir had the conviction to do but he did not do it blindly. To 'study' the characterization he went to Chennai and (lo and behold!!!) spent time with the Tamil Ghajini star Surya and spent some time with their entire family.... I saw a little of the Hindi Ghajini (having seen the whole of Tamil Ghajini) and my admiration for Amir grew several thousand times (I am not being emotional, you bet) when I found so many shades of Surya in Amir's characterization of the hero. Acting like a yuppy high flying guy having to adjust with a middle-class Asin (and also not letting her know of his true identity) was a virtual piece of cake for Surya in the Tamil Ghajini. I am not saying it was tough for Amir... but then to 'get' into that character, it showed in the Hindi Ghajini that he had indeed thoroughly studied, observed and imbibed the mannerism of Surya in the Tamil version.So much about Amir and Ghajini,take my word that Shahrukh,Akshay and Hrithik can never manage to do what Amir does in a thousand years.They can try though.

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Re: Re: Same Thing!!
by anuj on Oct 24, 2009 10:32 AM
u cannot deny da fact that ghajini was a non-sensical movie full of loopholes....and hrithik is too young to be compared wid aamir....

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rahul gupta
51 cr in first 3 days....
by rahul gupta on Oct 22, 2009 12:59 PM  | Hide replies

this films already earn 51cr in first 3 days. that is record in Bollywood....!!

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Re: 51 cr in first 3 days....
by ABC XYZ on Oct 22, 2009 07:06 PM

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viraj kakde
Re: 51 cr in first 3 days....
by viraj kakde on Oct 22, 2009 03:12 PM
How much did u get for promoting tis one?????

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Baqol Ghalib
Re: Re: 51 cr in first 3 days....
by Baqol Ghalib on Oct 23, 2009 10:25 PM
More than what you have got for demoting this one LOL

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vicky singh
Re: Re: Re: 51 cr in first 3 days....
by vicky singh on Oct 27, 2009 08:21 AM
hahahha..good reply dude..

btw @ Viraj..

man if you are really following the box office collections of this movie then you would know..gross of this movie was 51 crores in first weekend??yea that's true..but you see wot media wants you to c..that is anti-Akki comments and reports. the budget is too high, even b4 the release everyone knew it wont recover even if it was as big hit as dhoom2 (well..then it would be average ony)

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rahul gupta
51cr in 3 day-- record!!
by rahul gupta on Oct 22, 2009 12:46 PM

this films already earn 51cr in first 3 days. that is record....!!

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viraj kakde
Big Boss gone wrong all the way this time...
by viraj kakde on Oct 22, 2009 10:16 AM

Yes guys, this time Bigg Boss (3) Has gone completely wrong.
Firstly the contestants all mere celebs.
Rohit g@y Verma. why was this one taken
Secondly, Kamaal khan. Just saw him yestrday.
He's a full toooo crackkkkkk man.
Very cheap. Abuses everyone.
Saw tanaaz's dance yesterday. Riddddddddiculous. Mere shouting.
Both tanaaz and Bakhtyar get into abusive language during commotion.
Highly vulgar show.
I thought it would b good this time at least as its the "BIG B." who's hosting it.

O.k. But for all those who missed out yesterdays's episode.
Catch it today on Colors at 1 p.m.
Atleast for yesterday everyone except some 4-5 got into shitty busineess

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