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Final Verdict: Mayawati statue is more entertaining than Hadippa
by exoticbronze on Sep 20, 2009 09:15 AM

Guys, This movie is a big let down! Very predictable, and other than flashes of believable acting by Rani here and there, most actors fail to deliver. The big difference between a fantastic movie and an ordinary movie is that a fantastic movie hijacks your mind, and holds you in such a thrall, that you forget you are in a theater looking at images on a screen....we are transported into that magical world of vivid imagery that the director has crafted with great wizardry. And when the movie ends, it tugs at our heartstrings, as we swiftly return to the real world and realize that we have head home.

Though 'Hadippa' ravages our mind with a mixed dose of bright colors, loud music, and feisty dancing, it fails to transport us to a different world....you grow increasingly aware that you are sitting in this theater patiently waiting for the movie to take off...but like passengers on a delayed flight sitting on the tarmac we sit fidgeting on our seats, hoping to get airborne, and be amidst the clouds, bedazzled by the lovely experience those promos and trailers had promised...but we are kept waiting. Minutes become hours, but hope doesnt translate to reality...even Rani's burst of intense and passionate dialogue delivery towards the very end fails to take us to the promised dreamland. And with the rest of a disappointed crowd, we shuffle out of the theater, silently avoiding glances of fellow movie goers heading back home...

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sam kr
Why these fools
by sam kr on Jun 16, 2009 01:51 PM  | Hide replies

I dont understand why these fools go outside india to award themselves , really strange ..
well nobody knows them there .. niether seem interested...

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Against Pseudos
Re: Why these fools
by Against Pseudos on Jun 19, 2009 03:42 AM
There are no good places to have such events in India. Can you name one which is comparable to the places they go to?

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Re: Why these fools
by ALOK NAGAR on Jun 16, 2009 05:45 PM
The IIFA awards are given just to advertise Indian Cinema so that it could become as famous as Holly wood movies.

That is the reason why it is celebrated in different Countries.

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only hindi cinemas comprise of Indian cinemas????
by Guest on Jun 15, 2009 11:54 PM

if IIFA comprises of Indian cinema why are not films from other languages ever considered. & we say we are proud of India n its a multi linguistic country.

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all n act for bachchans
by moron on Jun 15, 2009 11:35 PM  | Hide replies

ash has such artificial looks in this pic....all set up for bachchans...he got best comic actor award...kidding...n global impact award for ash..why...wht diff has she done than last yr...since big b is ambasador of IIFA bachchans will get award every yr in some or the other way..jiski lathi usiki bhais.

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Re: all n act for bachchans
by moron on Jun 15, 2009 11:47 PM
well said..coz if ash gets award for her so called contribution priety shd also have been awarded coz she got best actress award in chicago film festival for her film heaven on earth...its all for bachchans so they get awards..abhishek bachchan is such a joke he just roams n faces camera like joker in circus n his so called wife is seen giggling on his immatured acts..like touching hair of a media man on green carpet.what kinda 35 yr old acts like tht??

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Devin Aaron
Re: Re: all n act for bachchans
by Devin Aaron on Jun 18, 2009 11:08 PM
I find it odd too tht ash received the awrd for "contribution in int.cinema". Ash is beautiful nd nice actress(only in bollywood films), but the title of the award is astounding tht i don't find any acting performances tht ash did tht atleast ws an ok job for a first timer in english films.

Tht title of the award should be renamed as to best international ambassador or personality abroad. Since ash is the int. face of loreal nd she ws the first indian actress to be on talk shows, but ash came across as jst the most beautiful woman/celebrity worldwide. She never came across as an actress with 1 film to boast. On lettermen,oprah,60 min, tyra banks,nd othr interviews she ws known more as a beauty face nd kind of an indian ambassador thn an actress.

The indian ambassador comes frm being askd only abt indian culture in all the interviews, nd not even a tad bit of her acting nd films wer mentioned.

So i do agree if she gt the award w.tht perception of her, but the perception of ash in contributing to international cinema is odd since her acting in english films ws worse thn her bollywood films.

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by Sunny on Jun 15, 2009 10:26 PM

Ever wondered how come all of bachchan family get nominated for some or othe otehr category!!

Sometiems category is created for them, if they dont exist.

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Devin Aaron
by Devin Aaron on Jun 15, 2009 09:47 PM

Ok, so wht happend to the great nasserudin shah as he still proves time nd again he is such a great nd natural performer. The nominations ar pathetic as aamir, srk,ab(worst) nd hrithik in their performance whn compared to nasser shah's. Thrs no doubt about who deservd to win. No offense to bollywood star fans, bt aamir did better in lagaan nd the rising thn all of his films combined.

Also,srk nd hrithik keeps on gettin nominated nd both these guys share awards year aftr year. Hrithik's only best performance ws in koi mil gaya since tht ws vry new to him bt kriish, dhoom 2, akbar wer so average performance. Jodha-akbar ws nt a biographical movie since it ws focused on a fictionalized detailed love story between jodha nd akbar. I agree tht hrithik wud deserve the award if the movie ws taken in a biographical way like 2007 film mongol on genghis khan. Aftr all akbar is one of the greatest emperors in india as othr emperors in the world in their country.

Although i liked jodha-akbar it's jst average, bt a wednesday deservd more since the director is so young nd this is his first film with a great story nd ensemble cast. Compare a wednesday w.other nominees fr best film, i ws suprised tht the director took on such a serious issue in his first film unlike othr directors. If a wednesday won the iifa fr best story thn it def. dsrvd to win best director fr tht young guy nd best film.

The worst ws the actresses category, its so obvious wht the hell ws tht all about.

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Best Actors
by vedant on Jun 15, 2009 07:18 PM

only roshan, aamir are best in bollowood.if you compared india, kamal hasan is best.Best actors in india are kamal hasan, amitabh,naseer,mohan lal,amir khan,om puri,h roshan,srk.abhishek is the biggest joke.

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Deserving actors
by vedant on Jun 15, 2009 07:16 PM

This is Vedant Sahay from Lucknow.only hritik roshan ,amir khan & sharukh khan are good actors today in bollywood.when compared to overall india, kamal hassan beats all them anyday.among all india, Kamal followed by two in Keral,mohan lal and other one, then my close friend said chiranjeevi is good actor before politics.among them only Roshan and aamir can be compared.Abhishek apart from guru is a worst actor and amitabh should retire gracefully 'as he will always be no 1 actor.

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by karthikrao on Jun 15, 2009 07:08 PM

kangana ranaut looks like she has ssen a ghost. bad hair style. aishwarya looks very elegant in her sari..better than even the current hotties..piggy chops and bips. arjun rampal looks simple and charming and so does shreya ghoshal..btw why is rajesh khanna looking so boring in a saadhu like dress..hope u he gives more sensible performances relevant to his age and image. his latest film with a pakistani actress was embaressing with too many intimate scenes..learn to keep up your dignity and gud wishes of ur fans...mr.rajesh khanna.

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