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Kal Kissne Dekha : Truly dismal

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by Deepak on Jun 12, 2009 06:00 PM

Welcome back Raja Sen, i liked the last 2 lines of ur review, they were too funny

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Neha Kanwar
do you even watch the movie before reviewing?
by Neha Kanwar on Jun 12, 2009 05:57 PM  | Hide replies

I am pretty sure you don't (Raja sen ) , as I happened to watch this movie with 10 of my friends, all of us have a pretty good taste in movies and all of us liked it. Story was decent, acting was good, and over all it was a complete entertainer.

A piece of advice, please start watching the movies before castigating them.

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Re: do you even watch the movie before reviewing?
by Indian on Jun 12, 2009 06:18 PM
nes ajar is the biggest dratsab and helluva crictic he eats thru his esra figure where wud be his eys be.You know what soes the king khan , yash chopra and rani mukerji have in common.. they take care of the same dog..any guess RAJA SEN

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go watch it !!!
by vinesh on Jun 12, 2009 05:54 PM  | Hide replies

It is a complete fun movie, with first half full of college fun and second half full of thrills.

Jackky’s boyish charm remided me of Aamir Khan in QSQT. Imran and Ranbir watch out here’s some competition for you guys now. Chemistry between Jackky and Vaishali is also brilliant.

Thoroughly enjoyed the performances of Rishi Kapoor as well.

All in all KKD is a complete entertainer, and paisa vasool for the audience who were waiting for a movie release for a long time.

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Sameer Sharma
Re: go watch it !!!
by Sameer Sharma on Jun 15, 2009 08:31 PM
How much did u get paid to write this crap? Are you the jacky/vashu himself trying to hype this pathetic flop movie, at least 75 people walked out at the show i was at

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Shibani Grover
cool movie!!
by Shibani Grover on Jun 12, 2009 05:48 PM  | Hide replies

Good movie…the only problem I had with the movie was that it was too short, I wanted more of college scenes as well…they were really good fun…and jacky was really cute…good stuff…I am happy bollywood is back with a bang

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Syed Rahman
Re: cool movie!!
by Syed Rahman on Jun 12, 2009 07:40 PM
Shibani.... are you on drugs?

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anand ramdas
Re: cool movie!!
by anand ramdas on Jun 12, 2009 05:59 PM
err...and u must be just out of school, right ??

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Dev Dewan
This movie is a must see !! Deserves a 4 star !!
by Dev Dewan on Jun 12, 2009 05:44 PM  | Hide replies

I went in the theatre with my expectations, well, not sky high, and I am coming back pleasantly surprised. Surrealistic genre is hardly tried in Indian cinema, and those who try it, make a mockery out of it, but Director Vivek Sharma has delivered a film that balances all the finer aspects of bollywood with the rare and wonderful concept of bollywood in one film.
Jacky Bhagnani looks amazingly comfortable as an actor, and plays his role of an odd ball yet charming youngster quite well. The college scenes of the movie are real breeze, thoroughly enjoyable (I didn’t think I would ever say that after watching 1000 movies with same college scenes), and the twist in the tale is well executed.
At the end of it, I think this is going to be the surprise hit of the year, and I won’t be surprised to see this new kid Jacky join the league

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anand ramdas
Re: This movie is a must see !! Deserves a 4 star !!
by anand ramdas on Jun 12, 2009 06:00 PM
aah...u must be working for Bhagnani unkle..!!

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Dev Dewan
Paisa Vasool!!!
by Dev Dewan on Jun 12, 2009 05:43 PM  | Hide replies

Friday, had taken an off from the office, pretending to be sick, wanted an extended weekend after a long time. Girl friend wanted me to take her out for a movie, and I was in no mood.

Anyway, she booked two tickets for Kal Kisne Dekha, and I sat there with her, expecting a regular bollywood caper. Surprise, surprise, it turned out to be one of the better movies my girl friend has dragged me for. Starting from the first scene to the last, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

For anyone, who has missed the movie going experience in past few weeks, this is the time to go and enjoy. And this Jacky, well he definitely can act, and dance, and look good.

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hullabol sachin
please sir...!!
by hullabol sachin on Jun 12, 2009 05:13 PM  | Hide replies

can soemone tell this vashu bhgnani guy to shove his son up his a*8 where he should remain for a long long time so that we are spared such rotten movies going in the future...!!

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hullabol sachin
Re: please sir...!!
by hullabol sachin on Jun 12, 2009 05:19 PM
a*8 should read as a**

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known stranger
Yeh flop kissne dekha
by known stranger on Jun 12, 2009 04:58 PM

Utter flop movie...what a pathetic performance and story... oohh... bakwas totally... watch instead of 99 second time.. it is worth...

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Toby Maguire
Jackky is the best newcomer in the last decade !
by Toby Maguire on Jun 12, 2009 04:50 PM

Wow ! What a movie !
Kya acting hai ! kya dance hai !
kya fight hai !

Jackky has truly arrived ! Its a sensational debut !


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vikas soni
Raja Sen is back in action
by vikas soni on Jun 12, 2009 04:46 PM  | Hide replies

Raja Sen is back in action after a long time, thanks to the Multiplex owners who stopped their strike against producer

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Re: Raja Sen is back in action
by rihanna on Jun 12, 2009 04:51 PM
y do u guys keep talking about raja sen than the movie....is this raja sen review or kkd review..lol...

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sreekumar k
Re: Re: Raja Sen is back in action
by sreekumar k on Jun 12, 2009 05:00 PM
raja Sen wrote some witty dialogues in movie 99 I liked that movie, not crap good funny movie.

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