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Kambakkht Ishq is a weak film

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anand rajamanickam
This one is copied from Pammal K sambhadham
by anand rajamanickam on Jul 06, 2009 11:16 AM  | Hide replies

Welcome climax is taken from MMKR (kamalHasan's biggest comedy movie).This one from PKS come on guys u wanna take the thescenes from Kamal Hasan's Blockbuster comedy's take it all; do something like Biwi No:1(courtesy Sathileelavathy-kamalhasan)

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Gourav Mahajan
Re: This one is copied from Pammal K sambhadham
by Gourav Mahajan on Jul 06, 2009 11:27 AM
And what do you have to say about the fact that Kamal Hassan is remaking "A Wednesday"????? Stop shiting around guys, every movie is an inspiration from another movie, Your south indian movie didn't get the international recognition, this has....here is the difference..

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jayakandan Visuwanathan
Re: Re: This one is copied from Pammal K sambhadham
by jayakandan Visuwanathan on Jul 06, 2009 03:25 PM
Gaurav, Kamal Hassan's remakes are better than the original...This was even acknowledged by Govind Nihalani whose "Drohkaal" was remade by kamal as "Kurudhipunal"...And "A Wednesday" remake which has kamal and mohanlal will also be on par with (if not better than) the original...So if Shabbir-Sajid-Akshay had delivered a better movie, we dont have any issues...And if you wanna have international recognition by sheer stupidity, heights of obscenity, crass crude comedy and blatant offensiveness, damn that recognition....we dont need it..Being famous and being notorious are different,Gaurav....

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Gourav Mahajan
Re: kambakht ishq = garbage Bag
by Gourav Mahajan on Jul 06, 2009 11:22 AM
Ohh, you got a free ticket from multiplex....ok then tell me what happened in the movie when kareena insulted Akki very rudely in the hospital??

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Charles miller
movie is dull
by Charles miller on Jul 06, 2009 11:13 AM

this movie is dull, watch transformers-2 ,it's awsome!

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Charles miller
watch transformer instead!
by Charles miller on Jul 06, 2009 11:11 AM

hey don't waste ur money on this crap movie!watch transformer instead!it's awsome .

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Gourav Mahajan
Double Standards
by Gourav Mahajan on Jul 06, 2009 10:58 AM

Most of us liked MASTI, it was a good entertainer, a brilliant sex-comedy....

KI never claimed to give any educational message to masses...the tagline was "Battle of sexes"....and when battle happens, what else do you expect???

It seems like people who r bashing it, have never fought in real life or they r just pretending to be saints....lolzz

KI is not a second time watch material, but it is a first time enjoyable movie...If you loved MASTI, you would surely enjoy KI...

I have never seen any other actor giving so manyu justifications to critics, media and his fans for his simple movies.....KI is not a masterpiece, and it never claimed to be.

Yes, it is cheezy at times, predictable at places, boring in some scenes, but which bollywood movies is not?

Even these SRK fans who claim every movie of SRK being a masterpiece, RNBDJ and OSO were equally stupid and boring....did any akki fan come and start bashing against them?? By doing these kinda things, they show to world, how much insecure and jealous they are...

Get a life losers

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Gourav Mahajan
Re: Maan jao Bhai...
by Gourav Mahajan on Jul 06, 2009 11:05 AM
This small time actor is the highest paid actor in the industry at present, you ignorant loser...and he has come upto this level by his own hardwork, not by licking media's feet and choosing to play safe by working in big banners..

He has the guts to work with new directors and make 4-5 movies in an year...others r loser enough to stay safe with one movie and that too with a big camp....lolz

This small time actor has given over 500 crores of business to the industry in last 2-3 years...

This small time actor has been counted in the top 5 people of the powerlist.

This small time actor has given some great directors to bollywood like vipul shah and priyadarshan.

This small time actor has got a doctorate widout having much educational background.

he has been surviving on his own, since last many years....just imagine any other actor giving so many flops in his career and still being termed as the superstar of india..

Show some respect dude, he is not earning money on the expense of your beloved srk, so stay in your limits please

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Message deleted by moderator
Gourav Mahajan
It has never claimed to be a classic, Just a paisa vasool muvi
by Gourav Mahajan on Jul 06, 2009 10:21 AM  | Hide replies

I don't know what is wrong with some guys, why do they overreact too much in case of akki movies, KI is not Mother India, it is just a timepass movie and yes just a one time watch....go with your friends and enjoy, what's so serious about it??? If you keep on seeking perfection from bollywood movies, then you guys have to sit there with magnifying lenses in theaters....If we can like movies like American Pie, Hangover and Scary Movie Series, then what's wrong with KI???? Grow up from your baseless jealous guys, akki is not snatching the bread and butter from SRK...he will still get his share of success. A critic's job is just to review the movie, not to motivate ppl to ignore it and not spending your money on it....Would you wear clothes as per the choice of a critic? Would you eat something as per the liking of a critic? No, then why are you guys bashing the movie, without even watching it....Go and watch the movie, and enjoy it..don't be judgemental please

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Message deleted by moderator
Mahen Mishra
Re: Re: It has never claimed to be a classic, Just a paisa vasool
by Mahen Mishra on Jul 06, 2009 11:19 AM
Who said.. don't dare to compare your SRK with Bachchans.. he not at all next to bachchans but infact he is next to Farah Khan...

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Pramod Jain
Critic is not completely correct !!!
by Pramod Jain on Jul 06, 2009 01:42 AM

uh uh uh ... where the heck does this guy Raja Sen comes from ..?? I believe .. may be right from some store that sells grammar and vocabulary in chunks... If u gotta be writing for a common man, then better write in common day to day English !!!

Now on Movie... Well certainly not Akshay's best, but yes it was a good entertainer.. The 1st half of the movie was a laughter riot. Akshay looked cool, acted amazingly and was the saving grace of the movie...though the 2nd half of movie seemed dragged out... and hey Mr Raja Sen ... who told u that Denise Richards is the worst looking bond girl ... I know that was ur opinion .. but there is no evidence or fact that supports ur opinion ... Rediff can we have a better critic than Mr. Raja "Vocab ki dukan" Sen????

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Rajeev Kapoor
What do we want from a movie...
by Rajeev Kapoor on Jul 05, 2009 11:15 PM

What do v expect from a movie which claims to be an 'entertainer' and not a critic-oriented movie. Its upto us guys to select a movie according to wat v want to see. If i wanna see an entertainer i'l see a movie like Kambakkht ishq which is truly entertaining n if i wanna see a critic-oriented movie, i'l not watch it. Simple, isn't it?

If i watch it assuming it to b an entertainer, i'l b happy as its truly entertaining, funny n a nice watch.

If i watch it assuming it to b otherwise, then its my fault...

Enjoy it guys...

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