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Loins Of Punjab is hilarious

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Apurva Tank
Loins of Punjab is a real lion to watch out
by Apurva Tank on Oct 01, 2007 03:45 PM

Only one word to describe this film. Its refreshing. Against all the odds this movie rocks. Its different and hilarious.All the characters are born to do this film they fit the role very well. The newcomer director Manish acharya is first rate. The way he has done justice to the characters is mindblowing. First reaction was movie should go on and on it should not get over. Be it patels the gora, the punjabi or the aspiring actress or shabana they all were teriffic....


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Sudhan Deo
by Sudhan Deo on Oct 01, 2007 02:00 AM

After all those comments... Rediff Rating: 3 ???
Rediff has lost it.
"All the actors perform well, and you fall in love with their characters after a while. Director Manish Acharya has done a brilliant job on the characters. In less than two hours, you feel as though you know them. Loins Of Punjab Presents is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon."

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Check this wat people say
by on Sep 24, 2007 04:44 PM

Everyone is talking abt this topic, check this wat people comment on this. http://igoto.co.uk/m33
and I agree with this people they are right..!
I hope you people like it..

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mudit kapoor
Wrong title!!
by mudit kapoor on Sep 24, 2007 02:01 PM

Dear Patcy,

Please improve your movie knowledge..Aye dil hai mushkil jeena yaaha..is not from pyaasa..
kindly check out!!

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sushma  goutam
RE:Australian wickets vs india...superb bowling by india
by sushma goutam on Sep 28, 2007 04:32 PM
u must be a blind. Can't u see this is not the correct place to showcase your "gulam mentality" with ur luv for the game which is being played only by the countries who had been under british raj in the past.

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