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Superheroes in Bollywood

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ranjit jaiswal
by ranjit jaiswal on Dec 02, 2006 04:21 PM

all things depnd upon ticket window

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krrish..why criticise
by psychmiq on Jul 01, 2006 01:57 AM

krrish is no doubtly a well made film. The Roshans have put in a lot of hardwork. the sequences may be picked up from hollywood flicks, but atleast the story is original...have you seen anything like this in comics/cartoons. Remember: there is no comic book or well known superhero by the name of krrish. superman / spiderman / batman already existed and were vastly well known when the films were made- this is a copy. Krish is non existent before the film and now everyone knows him. The special effects looked copied because
1. The same creaters are used
2. hollywood has made so many superhero films that they have done almost every superhero stunt. now obviously you donot want krrish towalk on his hands and do martial arts with his feet or kill people with a flick of his tongue and such non sense. so we are late in arriving but we have arriwved thanks to the Roshans.
MOST IMPORTANT: krrish as a person has ettiquettes which come as a package for children along with his super strength: he loves his parents, respects his elders and says sorry if he does anything wrong: these are good values for the new generation of kids. where do you find this in hollywood

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Raja Sen
by malay on Jun 23, 2006 08:46 PM

Before watching the movie :

Raja Sen bakwas :
Rakesh Roshan's Krrish stars the son of an alien with a tendency to play out scenes from Hollywood's biggest grossers. Neither is a great director; neither film currently shows much promise.

After watching Raja Sen bakwas :
So, is it a good superhero movie? No, but it's well-intentioned.

I sat through the film indulgently having a good time, wincing frequently at dialogue but overall quite carried away. It's a full-on kiddie movie, and while a lot of us might be scornful of Krrish, it's heartening to see fantasy officially entering mainstream Bollywood.

Common become mature man :)

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by amar on Jun 19, 2006 10:38 AM

i think Akshya kumar should became the superhero for India because he is the only guy in the film industry now who is the real superhero who came from one middle class family and now he is the top hero in bollywood. we should think about the real time heros not like the krish who is now because of his fathers blessings.

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Negative approach
by Kamala on Jun 18, 2006 10:03 PM

I agree with Rajasen half the way that yes, Mr. India was a well made movie and a massive hit. But regarding his comments about Rakesh Roshan , I entirely disagree. I have seen the photos of Krishh and I found Hrithik at par with Hollywood heroes.

People say hollywood movies are real! In what way? Their stories are also fictitious just like Bollywood stories. We make romances and they make science fiction.That's all!! Neither truly depicts reality !!! And now-a-days many people are watching bollywood movies in Europe bcos they want to see movies which depict family values. So dont degrade bollywood meaninglessly. How many other developed countries are making as many movies as India? On an international level, though Bollywood lags behind Hollywood, it is the only visible competitor in terms of mass appeal.

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Vinod nair
Bufoons called Critics
by Vinod nair on Jun 15, 2006 02:31 PM

First of all, one should not bother what critics say.
I believe this people praises only those films whose producers pay them

to justify the above

1) Hera pheri by Priyadarshan was consdered flop and was higly Criticized
2) Veer zara from Yash Chopra was narrated as fantastic film, In fact my friends who has gone to watch the movie were sleeping in the theatre.
3) according to them, All the films from Karan Johar and chopras are superb and they will never find any flaw, whatsoever.

apart from the above there are many cases that illuminates that these people are sham.

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Good Article
by sk on Jun 15, 2006 12:32 PM

Very good article.

Well we always thought that Indian films does not have any superhero and Krrish would be first one but I think Shahenshah and Mr. India are more Indian type of films without much special effects and they are very suitable for Indian people.All these films has 1 flm story therefore not made sequels but Krrish could be made.

Krrish is first movie based on Hollywood theme.His costume and stunts are like of that kind and main thing is that to make more suitable film is shoot in Singapore rather than Mumbai or Delhi.

One more thing is that we have very rich history so if we thought to make any periodical film we can make it in thousands which can contain many superheroes.Even on Mahabharat we can make at least thousand different films.

American does not have any history therfore they have to make futuristic science fiction or to make films on histories of european countries.

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