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Golmaal: A wacky winner

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Looks like a copy of the Tamil film ''London''
by Prabhu on Jul 17, 2006 09:27 PM

Yet another Hindi movie lacking originality. This is a copy of the Tamil movie "London" starring Prashant and Pandiarajan.

Tamil movie goers, you can skip this one. Watch "Imsai Arasan" once more instead!

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ajay gupta
by ajay gupta on Jul 17, 2006 04:45 PM

its a good movie but i believe it is good because of actor rether than the direction or screen-play. infact some time you feel like watching pakistani play or great indian loughter show but i also feel that spending crores of rs. on that is realy good thing ?

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G K R Krishnan
That's a terrific Movie
by G K R Krishnan on Jul 17, 2006 04:35 PM

Amazing I would say ! Watched this movie yesterday morning show. How two and half hours have passed is really not known. Full of fun and laughter. Arshad was superb in his timing, espaecially after winning the car race his scenes with the heroin were terrific.
Chemistry between all actors were perfect.
Felt Paresh rawal was wasted, as he had do nothing in the Movie. But then the Black & white song dating to old times was a thoughtful insertion in the movie.
Evry one of all ages will enjoy this movie. A Must see. Planning to go in for a second time shortly.
G K R Krishnan

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Golmal is dhamal
by Apurva on Jul 17, 2006 03:34 PM

Too good compared to recent comedy flicks. The chemistry between the 4 character is the real winner in the movie. Rest the director and scriptwiter neeraj vora has done a fabulous job. As comedy is not a easy task sharman and tushar are the real surprise pack in the movie. They are the secene steller in the movie. Ajay and arshad are at their best. Overall a real stress buster movie go watch it without wasting time.

The foursome in the movie are awesome


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Another Rip!
by Umesh on Jul 16, 2006 03:21 PM

Another rip from a Malayalam Movie!!(Kakkakuyil(2001)) It seems creativity at its end in Bollywood. No original ideas and No creativity. Look like when the directers from bollywood script a movie which has no inspirations, then there will be an End of the world :-).

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Crappy movie
by superman on Jul 16, 2006 05:44 AM  | Hide replies

This is a stupid movie with bad story, bad direction and bad acting. Everyone acts like if they just got released from a jungle. 30+ years old acting like 5 years old. If that is what you enjoy in a movie, this movie is for you. I got so bored watching this movie that I got out of the theatre 15 minutes before the end. There some viewers in the theatre who were laughing every minute. I don't understand why. There were hardly few funny moments in the movie. Don't waste your money on this one if you have a good brain.

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RE:Crappy movie
by Superman on Jul 20, 2006 04:30 AM
Nishant, looks like many people do like pay to watch someone act like monkeys. I do laugh watching movies like Munnabhai, first Golmaal and all the other Amol Palekar movies. I baught the ticket to laugh after all and you think Mahatma Gandhi is supposed to be the last serious person! It's just that people screaming and jumping like monkeys don't make me laugh.

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RE:Crappy movie
by Nishant on Jul 18, 2006 11:37 AM
Well, Superman, don't take everything too seriously and just allow yourself some laugh.
When watching such movies, you are not supposed to apply your mind too much.
IMHO, one should not keep looking for 'Serious Comedy'.
The movie evokes laugh, and that's good for many of us.

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Average fare
by mishti on Jul 16, 2006 02:00 AM

It's just another average comedy. The four heroes share a good rapport but that's about it. Otherwise it's funny only in parts.

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deepak chaudhary
by deepak chaudhary on Jul 16, 2006 01:13 AM

awesome movie....shrmaan joshi is kool.....arshad waarsi kept to his calibre.....tushaar kapoor has improved alot and ajy devgan,he is god.....really one of the koooolllesst comedy movie of the year.....forget to mention PARESH RAAWAL,no comments for him,he is god of comedy and his persona unmatchable

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