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''Did Shakti think about family?''

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by Akshay on May 30, 2005 03:05 PM

The most shameful thing in India is MEDIA. You will never know when these guys would use a smallest negligible thing to make a big fuss out of it. I think its time now to think and decide objectives of media. My question to each and every indian is why dont we all try to make media realise and prioritise their objective? Few months back we had a big super hit movie called "PAGE 3". Every one who watched this film accepted and appreciated it as a Real life gr888 movie. You all know the contents of this film. Similar incidence has happened with Shakti Kapoor. So what is this all fuss about? I dont at all blame Shakti kapoor for this. Obviously whatever he has done is wrong, considering the way things were put forward by media. Only one thing should be taken from the whole incidence and that is whoever is dreaming to become a actor/actress should be ready for such things. Those who are not willing to indulge in such incidence do your hardwork to enter into this field and try to avoid such things. Some ppl would choose this shortcut as well, but its their will. Why un-necessarily create problems in personal life by highlighting un-necessary things?COMMON MEDIA WAKE UP NOW.ITS HIGH TIME

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vijay kumar reddy
shakthi kapoor
by vijay kumar reddy on May 30, 2005 12:54 PM

It is known public secret of the industry and shakthi has been made scape goat for no wrong he has done.

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shakti kapoor-human after all...
by priyanka on Mar 21, 2005 12:55 PM

there isn't much he could've done either when that 'starlet' called him into the room at such a late hour and was so provocative on her own behalf... the one who gets caught is the one who is called the theif.. why do we forget that there are still more people who were probably not caught... and he wasn't forcing himself on her.... if there's a casting couch then it exists not just because of the people who want sex as in return for something... but also coz of the people who want to give anything in return for the glamour of movies... it's unfair to target one single person and ban him as such... and when the casting couch as such exists between two people.. and is a reality.. then doing what the sting operation did was nothing but a cheap invasion of proivacy and victimisation.. what would any man do in his place? how many so called morally strung males do we have around here?? it's all but a question of who gets the opportunities and who gets caught... and as for his comments.. he could've been drunk too..

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whay all this big noise ?
by Amitesh on Mar 21, 2005 04:24 AM

Okay so the reel life villain asked the girl to sleep with him to get into the indistry .. fair enough i say ! this is entertainment industry .. . not forced prostitution .. the girl has the right to say NO. We should view it as a business proposition, if the girl wants to sleep her way to the top, let her .. there is no discrimination here .Casting couch exists .. leave it alone ! There are more important issues in India to be exposed

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the fact
by Rajveer on Mar 20, 2005 03:42 PM

Getting fame by trapping a person like shakti kapoor is really a shame. Any normal male could be easily trapped in such a situation. How many directors and producers are there in the film industry who did not molest or exploit the new comers in this industry.
It is just a fact that media always tries to screw up the private life of stars.
Its not a question that Shakti Kapoor didnt think of his family while doing such an act. The question lies how come the female came into picture, if Shaki Kapoor would have booked the room and called her then why did that female go there
Lets not blame shakti kapoor for all this, and film industry people are banning him instead of supporting him, its a matter of shame

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Immoral film world
by V.T.Raj on Mar 20, 2005 12:11 PM

What Sakhti Kapoor said unwittingly is 'the truth' of the matter. If filwallahs say that sex is not the basis for film offers then they are not only hypocritic but blatant liars. It is a common knowledge that actresses find favours with directors, producers, actors and sometimes with camera man , Make-up man etc by offeringto sleep with them. It is a cruel industry devoid of any morality. We neeed such sting operations so that our youth does not get carried away by the money and glamour of film life. Saying that the matter is a interfering in the privacy of individuals is not correct. What is at stake is a larger national interest in terms of maintaing and nurturing a healthy moralistic society.

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Well done rajat Sharma
by Tanushree on Mar 19, 2005 02:42 PM

Speaking against the channel by some of the leading actors was a shock for me. They pose themselves as the perfect person without any element of negativity. This exposes what this whole industry comprises of. I am not only blaming the producer, director or the actors but the aspiring actors also who fulfill the demand for the shortcut way to success. Then when these girls become famous they project as sati savitris who even feel shy of accepting the fact that they have a boyfriend. So I feel as a woman and as an individual that it was correct to expose them.

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suresan venmanassery
the real truth as day light
by suresan venmanassery on Mar 19, 2005 01:56 PM

as every one know,who is having a one day close involvement with show industry,what is happening day in and day out in the personal life of actors,producers,direcctors etc etc,it is not of great news.for sexual satisfaction girls are being used very freely giving them the dream of fantacy life of filmdom.When it is caught this type of denials and press meetings are normal.public are not donkies.

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