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Why SRK favours smoking ban

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which brand
by arjunkhan on Oct 23, 2010 03:08 PM

srk plz tell me ur smoking brand

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shahrukh lease for god\'s sake & ur family\'s sake STOP SMOKING,please
by ramya on Nov 29, 2005 10:08 AM

shahrukh,i beg of u,i love u very much,u taught me to love & i don\'t think whether i will be able 2 love anyone else the way i love u.no one can take ur place.for ur loved ones sake please stop smoking,please,i beg of u.u had said in many interviews tht u want to be there for ur son when he grows up,but i don\'t understand how u r planning to do tht with ur smoking habit.u r still not able to get ur parent\'s death out of ur mind and u r still haunted by it.do u also want ur son to endure the pain that u r going through.every cigarette tht u smoke takes away five minutes of ur life which u could have spent with ur children & wife.u seem to remember each & everyone of the moments tht u spent with ur dad & mom,why don\'t u try to give several of those precious moments to ur son so tht he dosen\'t run out of them despite talking abt them all his lifetime.please,please,please.........

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suparna dey
shahrukh....what was that...
by suparna dey on Jul 21, 2005 09:43 PM

shahrukh is a chain smoker...therefore it was probably predictable for
him to be so contradictory in the news article. though the story blurb
indicates that he is one with the H M's dictat on onscreen smoking,
but somehow he trys to row 2 boats therefoe taking no stands at all.
next time shahrukh kindly make a point on onscreen smoking
notwithstandind your affinity to the miasmic puff.

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Indian Rediff
Why SRK favours a ban on smoking in movies
by Indian Rediff on Jun 29, 2005 11:11 PM

Quote from the article:
"There's a theory originating from the (health) ministry that watching actors smoke onscreen would encourage youngsters to smoke. I don't know if that's valid. But I do remember seeing a sign in London which said, 'Papa, when you smoke, I smoke too.' I don't know whether my smoking would make my child a smoker.

SRK seems to have missed the gist of the advertisement. It is obviously a reference to SECOND HAND SMOKE. Every one of us smokes when even one among us smokes. This is a sad and unfortunate truth that all smokers like to avoid discussing.

When you smoke, EVERYONE around you smokes.

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a chain smoker does suit such discussion
by samita on Jun 29, 2005 11:41 AM

SRK has one and only bad, infact, very bad habit, that is smoking. Usually smokers like him will be always seen with smokes blowing out of their lips.I A=am really stunded how can SRK miss an apportunity to smoke a times when he actually cant, i.e., during shooting.

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srk and smokin
by rebelravi on Jun 29, 2005 09:18 AM

it was indeed heartening to read that a superstar talks so sensibly. his logical reasoning and broad thinking puts him above anyother stupid actor level. he needs to come to politics and rule india. first he wont be corrupt coz he has earned so much, second he is so sensible so hell be a better ruler, third he is terribly open hearted and young so INDIA NEEDS SRK. lets hope he enters politics soon to end the tyranny of communalists and pseudo secularists.
lets have a moslem PM for a change.

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smoking is harmful to health
by lgaur on Jun 29, 2005 01:42 AM

Dear Shahrukh:

Many compliments on many a role you play in Indian cinema. But sir, the smoking question, you need help. First, I dont think ban makes a lot of sense, they never banned alcohol though India had prohibition. They show people on controlled substances your Devdas was drunk and falling in all sorts of gutters! Im not sure if they can legally ban cigarettes (perhaps due to the second hand smoke situation!! Then Kudos to law makers!). That point aside, I can tell you few things as an individual that saw what smoking can do to health of the individual smoking and people around him/her (second hand smoke), as well as a scientist.

1) Smoking is harmful for health PERIOD. I lost members of family to smoking related deaths due to throat cancers and stroke. But then smokers say that's their own life and hence their own problem; well then smoke away -- away from public as they are now forced to in USA. Because,
2) Second hand smoke is just as bad. Your habits should not impinge on others right to clean air.

There are some that attain a status; greater responsibilities lie on their shoulders -- like it or not come with territory. When public figures and celebriti

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Divya Sharma
papa when you smoke
by Divya Sharma on Jun 28, 2005 07:38 PM  | Hide replies

khan is misinterpreting the ref to papa when you smoke i smoke too. it does not mean that his son would also grow up to be a smoker (though it is a possibility), but what it implies is the SECOND HAND SMOKING. about 53,000 people are KILLED EVERY YEAR because they spend time around smokers. just makes me wonder how long it might take the anti-tobacco industry to the masses in India if this is how the people in the know-how interpret it.

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RE:papa when you smoke
by Rakesh on Jun 30, 2005 06:05 PM
Of course, the sign "Papa, When you smoke, I smoke too" refers to passive smoking and not to the possibility of a child turning into smoker. Strange how SRK got it wrong.
But Divya, from where you got the 53000 figure of passive smokers dying a year? And is it 53000/year in your city, in India, in UK or in the World? Figures without field of relevance make no sense.

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A Good Attitude Always leads to a peek Position
by Ashok on Jun 28, 2005 04:57 PM

A Good Attitude Always leads to a peek Position, May this guy is Example.

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