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AB: Sixth time lucky?

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Abhiram Das
Amitabh Bachan-A to Z in Cinem(An Inspiration to mark ownself)
by Abhiram Das on Aug 09, 2005 01:46 PM

Since childhood,my Mom,Papa and my brother were strong Fan,sometimes I used be in front of mirror and practice of His graet style and during that time I was only 8/9 yrs old.I wathed His movie"Shensah"by standing of 3hours in a show and continue to watch 2nd show(of course sitting)with my Mom.She is also very liking.I entered the Cinema Hall after my final sitting of Matriculation(10th) exam.Then it was having a practice of watching His all movies First day showing at Hall.I am quite comfortable to be asked about His Film culture,even if how He came to Cinema line after His education from Delhi,then job at Calcutta.His appearance makes His Style,though no need to show any style,a distingushed Human being.There are lot of incidents happend to me about AB,I'll convey in this message through rediff,if rediff fervades me.Thanks to rediff enable me to share my opinion AB

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Abhiram Das
AB -No comparison pls.(God gift)
by Abhiram Das on Aug 09, 2005 01:24 PM

AB is great,being a childhood fan,I even missed my Tution and went to watch His movies in Cinema hall,my tution master was to wait.Again during His Coolie incident,I've not taken meal through out a day(I was only 9yrs old.during that time)Till 1997,I watched all His movies,an avg.of 2nd times each.2000 onwards I've hardly seen max.movies.I'm a strong Fan of Him.There is no actor like Him,His way of presentation makes Him remarkable at every angle.He is the killer of everybody wants related to Cinema.
His Name is great
His Eye is great
His Height is Great
His Teeth is Great
His appearnce with every attitude including voice,delivery,leftic etc.is great
Finaly an unique Hairstyle...,if any mankind really likes to be........like AB,the legend.How more can I explain I really don't know.God bless Him.

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The 1and only Superstar-AB
by mann on Jul 29, 2005 06:03 PM

Forget 'bout the oscars ferget about the Cannes and all that jazz AB is the finest actor in the history of indian cinema we can't be modest like him or underplay his untabable potential.He has proved,with his diversified performance,that ther is no match for him.He's just 2 good 4 any one under the sun.

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Amith ji the greatest
by sreeni on Jul 26, 2005 05:55 PM

Amith ji is the best , he is the film industry by him self, we wish him the very best for all film he dose,

sreeni- hyd

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ullas mishra
great performer
by ullas mishra on Jul 25, 2005 02:34 PM

AB has become an Icon, it's been proved again,in Virudh,now only time can tell us how much can he add to his charisma.


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amit ji
by Amit on Jul 24, 2005 10:12 PM

Amit ji is the best actor in indian cinema. He is superb and there is no one like him.

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mohan iyer
regarding Superstar Amitabh ji
by mohan iyer on Jul 24, 2005 10:27 AM

Amitabh Sir, you r no doubt the ultimate super star of the millennium and extremely talented actor. Even at the age of 63, u r keeping extremely busy and yr films r doing exceedingly well. I am ur ardent fan & seen almost all the films. Personally i liked "Deewaar" (old one) the best, which i saw almost as good as 9 times.

Pl keep it up Sir.

With best wishes,

Yrs ardent fan

Mohan Iyer / Nagpur.

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amitabh a performer
by vikas on Jul 23, 2005 08:36 AM  | Hide replies

Being from the creative media, and knowing the treadmill one project goes through fro planning, iplementation to release. Its commmendable for BIG B in sixties to etch out six characters in six movies set up in different background. Hope we get more better screen variations from BIG B and his creative captains.

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RE:amitabh a performer
by Raj on Jul 24, 2005 07:03 PM
Amit B is a great Indian actor no doubt about it but i really feel he has been under utilised by dumb indian directors who just would never be able to make a movie if hollywood didnt exist. I dont think till now Big B has done any realistic role which can touch people across the globe,His fame is only restricted to people who understand Hindi(Asia). Ask any person walkin on street in usa who is a us citizen "who is Amitabh Bachan" , he would neva know. This is sad part of India.

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