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Ash does fine on Letterman

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aishwarya's interview with letterman
by Guest on Sep 05, 2009 07:27 PM

friends, why so much of dislike u people pour on her?? u must know that a aishwarya is not a convent bred student or an N.R.I like u. she has come to the stage in which she is in, with her hardwork and talent. she has proved that indian girls can perform well in international arenas like miss world compettetion,the result of which is another 3 indian won the same coveted crown in that decade. why bother about her accent? language.. yes, becomes a problem when u have to talk if in case that's not your mother tongue. can the person who commented ash's accent give replies like her in ash's moter tongue tulu? man.. grow up, u have to understnd thigs in all aspects. one must remember thaty people who always find faults with others can never find the same in them. so next time before u comment anyone, think twice..

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by Tarini on May 12, 2005 06:20 PM

She was clumsy, gauche and sounded absolutely nervous. Her gigglings only accentuated, the nervous shudderings in her heart. I wud say she messed up the whole interview.

That is because she thinks herself to be much bigger than she actually is. So when it comes to big shows, like cannes or letterman, she falters because of the fear that the real aishwarya might be unfolded, in front of publis. This trepidation, accentuates her nervousness, in such big platforms.


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by Uhgar on Apr 06, 2005 08:31 PM

She did fine?? Who says so? I watched it and it was horrible! To begin with she was not dressed smartly - she was dressed like a hooker! Leather skirt and knee-high boots ... she reminded me of Julia Roberts attire in Pretty Woman - yes!
'she shot back one directly at him: "How did you get into doing this?" Letterman looked confused and muttered something and moved on the next question' - well, not quite ... he gave a very witty answer. Letterman said "The other guy did no show up for work"!
And the author had a single minded task to appreciate her, I guess.

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Ash a disgrace....a smack on Indian Face
by Balaji on Feb 14, 2005 12:03 AM  | Hide replies

Ash did fine..That's crap!!!!.....Even that would be an understatement of the century....

I watched this show with some of my American friends...and believe me I couldn't find space to hide my face......

Well I was just thanking god that she or her publicist chose David Letterman...If she had been with Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien.....The whole India would have been standing naked......

What's up with this Indian chicks who come to US...Why the hell they put on such an heavy accent...

The audience was not even laughing at her wise cracks...It was the applause machine which was working overtime.....

well I once thought that Ash was a beauty with brains...Probably on the day of the interview the brains took a day out to hang out with the beast(Vivek Bhai)...


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Message deleted by moderator
uh huh
by paroma on Feb 13, 2005 05:51 PM

well, we shouldnt be running her down all over because it is hard to be on shows such as lettermen. and its not her fault she is a ditz, ok sorry. no my point being is maybe she wuzznt perfect on letterman but ok, she'll improve with time. but newayz, she shouldnet be getting all this hype newayz.

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Latha K
by Latha K on Feb 11, 2005 11:36 PM

I think people around in India and as well in abroad dont keep praising Ash, She has done nothing till date. So stop praising her for nothings, as she is already a headweighted person and it wud surpass. My kind request DONT COMMIT SUCH A BLUNDER

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not quite fine
by karthik on Feb 11, 2005 12:48 AM

Ash was pretty ordinary. The frequent use of pause fillers like umm.. ahh.. amm.. hindered her speaking. Those unnecessary giggles didn't help either.

A lot was expected of Ash. After all she was the Miss World about 12 years ago and since then she must have given hundreds of interviews. But in her first major test in the US, Ash barely passed it...

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Speak for yourself, Rediff.com
by Murali on Feb 10, 2005 11:33 AM

"The desi community in the US will now send out countless more e-mails analyzing Rai's less than 10 minute appearance on late night American television. " What a load of hypocrisy on the part of Rediff.com that posted this article within 20 minutes of the end of the show (U.S.time). This shows who has how much time and inclination Rediff.com has to make a huge hullabaloo out of nothing. In the article, Rediff.com has virtually recreated the whole interview, and seems to achieve gratification over several aspects of 'Rai's less than 10 minute appearance'. The 'Desi' community in the U.S. would like to welcome Rai to American show-business and let her be, rather than being potrayed as having nothing more to do than sending "countless more e-mails analyzing Rai's less than 10 minute appearance on late night American television. Good example of how Rediff.com wins awards for best breaking news website....Bravo!

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