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My Wife''s Murder makes you think

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Very well made movie
by apurva on Sep 05, 2005 02:51 PM

One more talent jiggy philip to add to the talent of new talented lot of directors in the recent time.

A difficult subject to handle. MWM is a sleek flick with good visual and cinemaphotography.

Anil kappoor is our same lambi race ka ghoda. Kya perform karta hai, he will always be at his best. how can one forget about boman irani as a inspector, he is a powerhouse of acting. Serious mein bhi hasata hai.Not to forget nandana sens sincere effort. Her bong hindi was very cute. She needs to improve her hindi.

Ramu ki Factory ka ek aur experiment successful but not at box office.

MWM though a well made movie evokes many such thoughts about the nagging wife (both anils and bomans wife), whether the housewife material is not understanding? urban women comes across more supportive and understanding, the live in concept etc. Hajam nahin hota yaar

Most female counter parts are not liking the movie. Family wallon ko pasand nahin hai.

RGV all the best for James


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Splendid performances, brilliant cinemetography
by abhijit on Sep 01, 2005 03:51 AM

Hatts off to Anil, he is still mind blowing. Good arrangements of events and good presentation.

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Ulhas  J  Shirke
Murder without mystery
by Ulhas J Shirke on Aug 25, 2005 06:30 PM

Murder without Mystery


Wherever the name of Mr. Ramgopal Verma appears, with a new Bollywood film, take it for granted that the film will offer something new; but, not necessarily interesting. . And, thats what we find with his new film My Wifes Murder produced along with Mr. Anil Kapoor, the hero of the film. If the film like this is co-produced along with the hero like Anil kapoor, then what would have cost him in the making ? This is very important question, as the film becomes a low budget experimental film. But, if this is an experimental film, then looking at its choice of script, it has to be realistic. However, neither the film could be made realistic nor it is presented in a murder mystery or in a thriller form. When you suggest through the title that it is a murder of a wife, then the audience would look from a different angle expecting it to be a mystery full of suspense.

However, in reality,, My Wifes Murder is a short tale of an accidental happening in a couples life; which is well suited in a single episode of a TV serial CID on Sony Channel or the similar programmes like Haadsa or Vaardaat presented by other news channels .When people go to watch films with such subject, they would like to watch something interesting with a plot supported by suspense or horror. Just to experiment with the audience with something different , is not good marketing. The length of the film is about 100 minutes and therefore no wonder that in some theatres there are five to six shows running per day. It is not at all worth spending Rs. 70 to Rs. 100/- to watch such a film.

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Good Performance
by Agnelo on Aug 22, 2005 07:03 PM

Hats off to Anil Kapoor.... he still rocks, he has given a splendid performance in the movie, give him a good script and he surely will do justice to it. Jijy has done a remarkable job in his very first film as a director... over all its a good movie worth watching.

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Rakesh Budhe
Awesome Movie
by Rakesh Budhe on Aug 22, 2005 03:00 PM

If BLACK was of international standards, then MY WIFE'S MURDER is not far behind. Please don't mis interprt, i am not compering BLACK here, BLACK is totally different and a great movie.

MWM has got a slick direction, awesome performaces and a great story, which build the tempo thorug our and ends at high note, unlike other movies from FACTORY which always start with promise but just loose it ways towards the end.

MWM is one of the finest movie I have seen in recent years, it makes it even more important since it is being directed by a Debut director. All the characters are well crafted and leaves a lasting impression even coming out of the Cinema hall. The film allows actor like Anil Kapur and Boman Irani to show thier true potential. The facts that Anil Kapur is claimig this as his best performance is fully justified.

If promoted properly, it could be a sure hit if not Super hit. It will definately get couple of Awards on its way to success.

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Anyone, please send me what Boman Talks while eating in thie movie
by Chetan on Aug 21, 2005 03:27 PM

Moive is good.

But can't figure out what Boman Irani talks his dialogues while EATING!

It irritates Audience.

Somebody please send this comment to Director and ask him to send me the Boman Irani's dialogues.

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My Wife's Murder isnt good
by Swapnil on Aug 21, 2005 02:54 AM

I Wouldnt agree to the review.

Although there isnt doubt about the performances by the lead actors,the movie is a complete let down.

You know whats gonna happen right from the word go. Then why would be really watching the movie.

As for the director, he has done a "plain" job. Nothing really worth mentioning except a a scene or two.

Being a regular reader, rediff needs to have the reviews done by some professionals as most of the time the reviews go wrong. Not to forget many viewers go to movies after reading reviews.

Hoping for better comments from the critics in future.

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This movie is a copy!!!
by Kartik on Aug 21, 2005 01:08 AM

Last month I saw an English movie called "The Fugitive" ...do see for yourself that this movie has been borrowed to some extent from it.
At least the director should acknowledge this fact.. now that google is available it's not difficult to find copied movies!!


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what's wrong with raja sen?
by amit on Aug 20, 2005 04:38 PM

my wife's murder is one of the most boring films. i won't be surprised if i see raja sen's name as 'the writer' for one of ramu's next movies!

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