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Ab Tumhare Hawale is a muddle!

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Kaushik Das
by Kaushik Das on Dec 25, 2004 12:54 AM

May I know why we need a non-anti-pak line? Accepting pak with a positive note means we stand for anti-india because that is what pak was and is based on.

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Sanjay A
You media people are the same...
by Sanjay A on Dec 24, 2004 11:21 PM  | Hide replies

When somebody speaks the truth about the true India-Pakistan relationship, you media people instantly blame the guy as communal, fundamentalist, hawkish, etc. But the media goes crazy on the peace process despite all the terrorist attacks on India. How come these people aren't called peace-niks, bending over backwards to please the neighbors despite all the negative acts. The neighbors want our land, they kill our people and yet we seek peace with them that too on their terms. I would support Anil Sharma's film any day for at least it speaks the truth not like "Main Hoon Na", which spoke ill about the respected soldiers of India and did not show one negative instance about Pakistan.

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koi bhi
Very entertaining movie.
by koi bhi on Dec 24, 2004 10:04 PM

Everybody acted well. Same story but worth watching again.

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Pradeep Chellappan
Ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyo
by Pradeep Chellappan on Dec 24, 2004 08:32 PM

Criticism should be something which can be contained.. writing about Amitabh being monotonous in his roles but always lauding SRK inspite of doing the same roles, critics should not be biased. Swades was praised sky-high before its release and eventually the film had to bite the dust. Ab tumhare... has just released and the review gives it thumbs down. It also says "yet another film on Indo-Pak relations... ", then what was Veer-Zaara which has the same idea and the story being presented umpteen times. Yet any SRK film is praised even before its release, whereas movies of other actors are shown as doubtful starters even before the hit the theatres. When a film of SRK flops, the review says that the movie is average and SRK's performance was great. At the same time, even when a movie of another actor does better than average, it is never spoken about and the credit is never given to the actor nor the director. WHEN YOU GIVE REVIEWS, PLEASE DON'T BE SO BIASED THAT PEOPLE WOULD HATE READING YOUR REVIEWS.

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by abhi on Dec 24, 2004 07:54 PM

The film is not a total dud, i guess amitabh was A-grade, and bobby too was good, its an average film

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Pravin Kunigalkar
About ''Ab Tumhare Hawale s a muddle'' Review
by Pravin Kunigalkar on Dec 24, 2004 06:43 PM

May be the film is bad,

Say anything wrong about the Film / Directors / Other Actors.

But, Don't say anything wrong about Amitabh Bachchan.

Anybody who has written this review of the film has criticised AB.

I would like to say to the critic that, "Whatever Experience years AB does have, ur age is lesser than his experience years".

AB is a legend, whatever he does, he does it with sincerity.

It's a Pleasure to Watch AB in any role he plays, it doesn't matter the Story / The Film / The Director has gone wrong.

Even if the film is bad, It's always welcome to watch AB.

So, Further, Never say any bad word about AB's acting.

always remember that :

He is a Legend.

He is Superstar of the Millenium.

He is the only actor to reach Superstar Position.

He is the only Actor to Maintain the Superstar Position for so many years.

All previous superstars have gone behind memory after the age of 50. But AB at 62+ still is in limelight, and even remain the same for coming all years.

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why communal?
by aa on Dec 24, 2004 06:11 PM

i haven't seen the movie... and don't intend to either. but why is the reviewer hoisting a communal angle to the attacks on parliament and akshardham??? those terrorists were pakistanis and in a film depicting india pakistan conflicts that reference is a legitimate one! why should references to these incidents be viewed as an effort to provoke communal strife? unless the reviewer feels that indian muslims were involved in those attacks! you are insulting the indian muslims by trying to suggest communal schisms and affront to sentiments, where none exists!! better stick to reiviewing the movie and not imposing your ideological biases on the readers.

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