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Ab Tumhare Hawale is a muddle!

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makes sence
by Glen on Dec 29, 2004 02:37 AM

Sir i would like to bring to your notice that this movie makes total sence. Anil Sharma tried to make sence about that should be the final out come between the two countries ie.: peace and friendship. If he started praising Pakistan from the begining then it would have been a "Hindustan ki Kasam". Remember how you people lashes out that movie that Veeru Devgan is nowhere to be heard. What about Main Hoon Na? Shah Rukh in College. Imagine that and some of you guys were all praises for it. We have so amny flops in 1 year and the simple reason is that people like you scare away people from going to the halls. acn you start saying positive things too. trust me there are positive things in the movie too.

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Nikhil Buran
Re:Ab Tumhare Hawale is a muddle!
by Nikhil Buran on Dec 28, 2004 02:33 PM

Well, Anil Sharma has done a good job in trying not to be too anti-Pak, still keeping all the things in place a Commercial Bollywood flick has to have-emotions, drama, action and a bit of comedy as well.

The new girl, Divya is good, and grabs the attention in all the scenes played by her. Akshay is as good as he gets in his dialogue delivery.

Bobby is kept wanting for more in the film. Amitabh with his slight aggression and emotions does his part.

All in all, a good movie, one time watch for a change from the soft romantic genre of movies.

Watch it for Akki and Divya.

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