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Passion play and Aishwarya Rai

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Shamit Kumar Chatterjee
Dull Traffic
by Shamit Kumar Chatterjee on Apr 27, 2005 07:48 PM  | Hide replies

I have to admit Chokher Bali is a well made film. However it is too slow so sometimes gets boring. Aishwarya looks good but nothing special in acting terms. Prasenjit is horrible, while Raima holds on. Tota is the stand out actor who performed a great role and is excellent.

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RE:Dull Traffic
by surabhi on Nov 08, 2006 08:15 PM
I don't think it's slow movie at all.......and eventhough there are 3-4 letters read in the movie, it doesn't get bored.......It is not an action movie to be fast....

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Chokker Bali??
by Beena on Feb 22, 2004 08:39 AM

Hey people! I haven't seen Chokker Bali yet because I don't know when it released! I am still dying to see it because of course I am Ash's #1 fan! If anyone knows if it is still playing in theaters or which theaters it is still playing in, please, please, please, please let me know. Seriously, I never heard any announcements about the films release, and if I did, I probably would have seen it by now, anyways, thanks guys. Bye. Please email me back at julkaramel@hotmail.com

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Chokher Bali
by Prerona on Nov 11, 2003 02:57 AM

Chokher Bali was simply a wonderful film. Ad I must say Aishwarya has done a great job. I was also very impressed with Raima. The four characters acted beautifully, don't expect anything less from a director like Rituporno Ghosh. Well done!!!

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Tabu would have been the best choice !
by ritika on Nov 02, 2003 04:34 PM

Tabu is one of those few actresses in india who can potray the characters with full perfection,she wud have given binodini all the complex dimensions the character possesses.

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Sharmistha Dutta
Ash is the best (No compromise)
by Sharmistha Dutta on Oct 29, 2003 05:48 PM

last night i 've seen the Movie Cholker bali and i found it great in simple and single world. Great Film , Great Ash , Great Rituporno Ghosh.I would like to say that why this kind of criticism , why can't people measure an actress wih her acting ability, and if any one want to arise any qsn on Ash's acting then .... nothing to do with them , "Don't worry Ash we r With U and U R the BEST"

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bidisha bagchi
chokher bali
by bidisha bagchi on Oct 21, 2003 06:08 PM

with all respect to Mr Ghosh, I think aishwarya was not really the right choice for Binodini. In the novel, 'B' has been described as a dark and dusky beauty.In which case it is difficult to accept aishwarya as Binodini. Over all a good film and good review.Cheers!!

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by Rajdip on Oct 21, 2003 04:21 PM

A very good review but a little complex. Ritu is a great filmmaker and a different kind of director who make films like Satyajit Ray and other great directors. This also look like a different and good movie to see.
I will definetly try to see this movie.

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Sharoni Sen
What's that again about Ash?
by Sharoni Sen on Oct 20, 2003 11:34 PM

I have found in his previous films, Rituparno excels at telling a story with a simple plot and complex
interactions between characters. Complex but strong characters is what he's good at..unfortunately in Chokher Bali I found the principal character, Binodini, verrry insipid. Ash only managed to skim the surface of her role, leaving me hungry for more inputs on her motives. Couldn't empathize with her decisions..though logically I could explain them.
I think it's because she's not talented enough to conquer the language barrier AND do full justice to her role. Moved like a model throughout the movie, was stilted and awkward with actions that domesticated Bengali women of her time would have been doing everyday with ease! Nandita Das would have been better, but alas not as beautiful. On the whole the film has great music, just the right, authentic production values, great cinematography...but because Binodini is unconvincing---the plot which revolves around her actions---falls flat. Plus the ridiculous way Ghosh tries and fails---to hint at a parallel between the internal conflicts, and India's struggle for freedom leading eventually to partition. Unconvincing, unconvincing.

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ritu is excellent
by soumen on Oct 20, 2003 01:51 PM

ritu is the only director who goes deep in the skin of the story, which he is doing and one of the few ones who is a gem of the directotrs.keep working ritu and eager to see you with amitabh.

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by dekhto on Oct 15, 2003 12:48 PM  | Hide replies

Ash can act only in Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies!!

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by Surabhi on Nov 08, 2006 08:19 PM

One must have ability to understand Great writing, Great Art, Great Music, Acting, Thinking, or in general any Great Creation......a few people have it, may be you are not one of them.... :-(

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by pratush on Oct 23, 2003 08:25 PM
That actually happends when u read too much of reviews. A lot of ppl have huge differences in perception. go ahead watch the movie its ok and ash is ash no comparisons/

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