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Is this how we treat our doctors?

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nar ven
Attacks on doctors
by nar ven on Apr 01, 2017 07:41 PM  | Hide replies

I feel that one should go into the root cause of these attacks which can be shortlisted as under:
Firstly the commercialization of Medical studies; People are forced to spend crores on rupees on their medical education but the society expects the Doctors to be humanitarian and work for free.
Secondly the pressure on govt.hospitals where I have observed that when the capacity of a Hospital is to handle a 100 patients, close to 500 patients drop in and no one can be turned away! so what is the govt. doing in this regard? It has to see that the capacity expands to take care of the increased population and increase in illnesses due to pollution etc.
The third reason is some unscrupulous doctors who in an effort to see that they get due return on their investment in their studies resort to various means to make a fast buck and thus spoiling the image of the Doctors.
Lastly the media always in search of sensational news creates a very negative image of the doctors profession as a whole which is another reason for the attacks on the doctors.
A joint effort from all the parties is required to put an end to this problem.

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Re: Attacks on doctors
by jkj on Apr 02, 2017 02:41 PM
I agree only partially. Firstly, no one expects them to work free, not even the poorest. They join a hospital willingly or do pvt practice as per their choice and capabilities. They should be given due respect and privileges. In fact these are also to be earned by their behaviour. Secondly the spend money on education by choice and are entitled to decent returns on their investment. But fleecing the patients with unnecessary tests and procedures is unethical. Do we accept such unethicla practices in other professions? In case of Doctors and lawyers, the client has no other option but to have faith in them. Betrayal of this faith for personal gains is not correct.

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pravin sarode
Re: Attacks on doctors
by pravin sarode on Apr 02, 2017 07:03 AM
1. very allopathic medicine has side effect
2. even RAM DEV baba has side effects
3. very sad that people do not blame bogus baba who fool/loot us especially erectile dysfunction medicines are day light loot only
4. mercury in aurvedic medicines is risk to kidneys so be alert

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Rajesh C
Attack on Docs
by Rajesh C on Mar 31, 2017 05:14 PM

If doctors are not properly handling patients or over-charging, it has to be taken up in a seperate forum. Bodily harm by half-baked relatives is absolutely not acceptable and such acts should be severely punished. Please also understand that for a doctor a patient is just a case and not for him/her to show sympathy, more than what is needed. Not all doctors are money makers.
After seeing multiple patients, they will be professionally numb about a disease like how a policeman or a coroner reacts to a murder victim. While empathy is expected from a doctor, it is not a rule that they show it.
Doctors' associations, on the other hand, should be more open to deal with corrupt practices amongst their fraternity by having well published ombusdmen service for the general public to approach.

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Rashid Alam
Doctors strike
by Rashid Alam on Mar 31, 2017 12:41 PM

I m not infavour of beating doctors but doctors sd also take responsibility of our society

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Rather,doctors should ask....
by NIRJHAR MAJUMDAR on Mar 31, 2017 12:40 PM  | Hide replies

Rather, doctors should ask themselves, is it the way we should treat our patients? Without making a generalisation, I am constrained to say that the profession is no longer as noble as it was say 30 or 40 years back. There is only money and ill gotten money for the doctors. There is hardly any concern for patients. When money is the real motive to join the profession, all other matter gets a back seat.

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Sreejith R.S.
Re: Rather,doctors should ask....
by Sreejith R.S. on Apr 01, 2017 07:12 PM
firstly nothing is noble.. nobody works for free. even a priest at the end of the day is worried about collection, to meet his needs , expectatiobns of the family and society.
secondly there are all types of doctors in every given society, highly scientific, highly cost effective, highly charging, only doing charity etc. asking all doctors to do charity while i will hold on to all the cash not doing one bit of charity is asking for too much from others. please ask yourself what would you do if you are a doctor ? will yoou do charity and only free service ?
i am a doctor myself and am MBBS, MS, FRCS from glasgow, my opd fees is 100 rs and few minutes back one person has shouted on me as i am ver costly , my fees is 100 rs. that person is wearing RAY ban Glasses and a gold chain. now who is robbibg who you tell me?

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Sreejith R.S.
Re: Re: Rather,doctors should ask....
by Sreejith R.S. on Apr 01, 2017 07:17 PM
sorry to see that we doctors see you public as nothig less than robbers, every patint is a potential life threat, potential legal threat. i have learnt one thing from my years in this field, those who cheat the society feels every other person is like him, so general patients come with a pre conceived notion that all doctors are thieves unless proved otherwise. this is how they live in real life

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Re: Rather,doctors should ask....
by on Apr 02, 2017 10:22 PM
>when GOVT. has made doctors under consumer grievences Act,Govt. has asked Doctors to treat the patients as their consumers.why we are not asking our Popular Govt. to change the same.
> when the population is increasing in the country and Govt. is not ina position to make proper infra asking Doctors to work hard(15-20hrs )per day,nobody looks into that doctor is also a humanbeing.Govt.always pass the buck to these poor front runners i.e. doctors.
> Thirdly, how many doctors are charging high? >
> Do we have any idea how are corporates minting money with the help of political parties and popular ministries?
> pl. think how commercial organisations are looting the common people of this country.
> Can yu tell how many promoters of corporates are being beaten by any Govt? No.Not a single politicians will open their mouth when a GOvt. Public servant takes money and being patronised by the Chief minister of the state,he remains innocent.
> Then why the poor doctors are made scapegoats?
> In world order,India is one of the most corrupted countries,then do you feel only doctors are minting money?
> Have you ever compared how many doctors are having their own house built on Hundreds of crores and how many have personal plane in our country in comparison to corporate promoters?
> Have you ever thought how tax payers money is being wasted by these politicians and their honcos?
> Why the demonetisation of notes?
> This is because of huge amount o

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Siul Azuosd
When a person
by Siul Azuosd on Mar 31, 2017 12:34 PM

who is either sick or with a normal pain visits a doctor, he is immediately told to get some tests done. Even for a normal fever, he is directed for expensive tests where they get certain percentage. This is a very common practice now with most of the doctors unless u know them well. This is just to loot the patients.

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