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10 things only Indian parents tell their kids

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dinesh kumar jain
10 things only Indian parents tell their kids
by dinesh kumar jain on Dec 20, 2016 01:25 PM

Time is changed ,you just see the message given by movie BAGHBAN . It's a story of every middle class Indian family which belongs to a General Category because due to reservation in Govt.jobs General category family struggle whole life and for fulfill the dreams of parents or children's gap between both are increased and only the "DIKHAWA" for attachment with parents is feels not by heart. if the parents has no pension or planning for after retirement. I feels that Movie "Baghban" told each and every part of a middle class family.

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Wierd people finding this normal & expected
by Unknown on Dec 19, 2016 03:45 PM

...they even don't know, or maybe the author him/herself that these are all traits of narcissist parents - a feature so prevalent in indian society that it seems to have become the norm.

WORST THING IS: People (Younger generation) don't even grasp its evil consequences. They don't know that it IS THIS VERY THING that has/is kept India away from progressing fast and independantly - children are kept dependent on their parents; parents stay dependent on the government; and govts. stay dependent on the Western Powers.

This is exactly how McCaulay (1835 AD) enslaved (made dependent) Indian minds to the British & has left behind its legacy.

It's more important for children to see from their own eyes the world that has changed since the heydays of their parents and make their own concepts & learn.

This mandated compliance to parents/society is the evil & the answer to why many foreigners ask of Indians: that there is huge talent in this land, but so less progress on the ground.

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No wrong... its ok..
by afzal_626 on Dec 17, 2016 01:03 PM

What's the wrong in this? They are taking much care of yours. You do not see what's happening at our surrounding. They are also depend on you at their old age.

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parental dominance is justified
by vishweshwar on Dec 14, 2016 01:11 PM

However, parental dominance is justified. If we can undergo the excesses of the bosses, why can't we stand the excesses of our parents? The boss give us salary in exchange for the his/her work that we do, whereas our parents support up in every respect all through our life span since the day we are born in exchange for nothing. When a boss can express his or her power and rights, then why cann't parents?

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suhas bokare
by suhas bokare on Dec 14, 2016 10:12 AM


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Dr Sarkar
by Dr Sarkar on Dec 14, 2016 09:59 AM

So what does the (over)grown-up child expect? Full financial and material support, but bohemian lifestyle? Firstly, the grown-up child should not be staying with his / parents at all. He / She should be in a position to support his / her parents and not vice-versa. As it is, Indian children are parasites, who expect to be pampered and supported all their lives by their parents, but the slightest parental ingress is considered as trespassing!! Go and lead your own life, and be free from parental interference, I would tell over-grown Indian children. If not, then just shut up and quit complaining!!

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Mahender Singh
Nice & Touching message
by Mahender Singh on Dec 14, 2016 07:44 AM

Rightly said by Diyva as we Indians are much more attached to our parents & everyone in his life go through all or some of the situations as stated in this. But the actual reason behind this is that Indian parents cares a lot about their children's & they always used to think that there child remains always child whatever the age or maturity level he or she may get. It's our culture & we all love to be cared by someone who thinks about our future, growth etc.

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