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They are like pupa, which turn into butterflies overnight

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J Arora
Private sector will ban degrees with donation colleges
by J Arora on Jul 11, 2015 11:24 PM  | Hide replies

Private companies may soon ban degree holders who paid huge donations to get admissions in schools and colleges of Maharashtra. The donation for getting admission to Mumbai medical colleges is 70 lakhs to one crore and doctors who have paid donations to get Degrees may pose serious threat to life of patients coming from developed countries.

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Re: Private sector will ban degrees with donation colleges
by bhaskar on Jul 13, 2015 11:24 AM
70 lacs for a seat in medical college is good enough than not getting a seat and selling sweets. people who aspire to be come doctors and have money can bail out the nation aswell if the govt. is ready to offer them opportunity for payment seat.

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J Arora
Indian exams and universities may no longer be trusted in foriegn
by J Arora on Jul 11, 2015 11:21 PM

USA, Japan, China, Australia and other nations may ban Indian degrees as the effect of VYAPAM and other staes come to light and most schools and colleges already charge hefty donations equal to cost of bunglows and flats and dowry given by brides to grooms in India or a big heart operation. So Indian degrees may be considered fake all over the world soon.

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J Arora
cheap publicity being given
by J Arora on Jul 11, 2015 11:17 PM

cheap publicity is being given these days for UPSC, 10 th and 12 th and other exams due to loss of confidence in public by VYAPAM regarding all types of exams of India. As public now thinks getting jobs is only through money power

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by rahul on Jul 09, 2015 02:19 PM

Proud of u mam. made all of kerala proud. double thumbs up..

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UPSC-central services
by sreerama on Jul 09, 2015 10:48 AM

Of late it is everybody's observation that students right from StdX to XII are put to tremendous pressure both by parents and coaching institutes for more than 18 hrs /day to get high rank in HSSC exam & ALL INDIA&VARIOUS ENTRANCE tests for admission to IITs& MEDICAL colleges,as if they are the only professional courses on shld study for successful career.DEAR PARENTZ DONT FORGET IF YOU & YOUR CHILDREN DEVOTE HALF THE TIME DEVOTED FOR THE PREPARATION OF ADMISSION TO PROFESSIONAL COURSE after graduation/PG ,for preparation of CENTRAL CIVIL& ALLIED SERVICES with sincerity n devotion even you children not successful in ALL INDIA ENTRANCE TESTS could be successful in UPSC Civil service exams to become IAS!IPS,IFS,IRS etc.SO pm don't put the young teens to severe stress n pressure to demoralise but encourage them to appear other big avenues like BANK PROBATIONARY OFFICER EXAMS& UPSC exams,as could be seen how even candidates fro rural & backward areas did fare very well in UPSC civil re gently.AVenues are plenty for hard working bright students at every level,but proper guidance and planning required,which is in this modern world available through INTERNET.ALL THE BEST TO ALL THE UNEMPLOYED AND DEMORALISED GRADUATES/POST GRADUATES for their success in THE ABOVE EXAMS.jeediguntagoa

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rachel here
one thing
by rachel here on Jul 08, 2015 03:33 PM

Good work !

However i just want to make a point here. Why r so many of us so in awe of academics. Does our education maKE us a better human being. Or is it all about power and status. Another thing i have noticed is that parents with mediocre or average educational background seem most keen to push their children towards academic performance. Something to do with inferiority complex. I think so.

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anil sood
Renu Raj
by anil sood on Jul 08, 2015 01:00 PM


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monojit b
Real task ahead
by monojit b on Jul 08, 2015 12:59 PM

Once the honeymoon period of well wishes is over, on and on the challenges keep coming which test the strength of character of a person; whether one bends by the pressure of reality or gets broken down or stands tall irrespective of inevitable hardships.

Only a select few have been able to leave their mark in history by virtue of their Honesty, Enthusiasm, Relentless Dedication, Endurance and Determination. They were not HERDED like the rest and made unique impact in society and made people remember and respect them.

You have certainly made a brilliant start. Congratulations and wish that you be equally great in years to come.

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Shashank  Bhatnagar
by Shashank Bhatnagar on Jul 08, 2015 12:10 PM

Wishing all the very best to Dear Renu on her grand success. She has become an ideal for young aspirants.
Shashank Bhatnagar

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