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Would you work at a restaurant as Smriti once did?

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what about white-collar crimes?
by luis on Aug 04, 2015 06:22 PM

antitrust violations, computer and internet fraud, credit card fraud, phone and telemarketing fraud, bankruptcy fraud, healthcare fraud, environmental law violations, insurance fraud, mail fraud, government fraud, tax evasion, financial fraud, securities fraud, insider trading, bribery, kickbacks, counterfeiting, public corruption, money laundering, embezzlement, economic espionage and trade secret theft. Are they done by people who work in restaurants?

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praveen  shelley
Cleaning Tables & washing Dishes
by praveen shelley on Aug 04, 2015 05:37 PM

I will like young generation to know that dignity of labour is the supreme. When i was doing my Hotel Management in Switzerland we all students use to clean room toilets, Resturant tables, wash dishes etc. unless you know this well you can not reach the top or you can't be good commander. In Michigan (USA) i worked as dish washer but didn't allow my job to give me any complex but on the contrary i use to think my self as best dish washer.there is absolutely no harm in it. And the comments by this person in question are in very cheep taste he doesn't know how to respect human beings hence no point in wasting time on such persons. I congratulate Mrs Irani to have achieved such heights and being the role model for ladies. This person must understand that she has more fan following than most of the leaders & she is doing great job. All the best to her.

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mosarraf hossain
Democracy-Peoples will??
by mosarraf hossain on Aug 04, 2015 04:55 PM

In Democracy peoples will is supreme.Person with no formal education may be a visionary and good minster if she/he has a intention.But they must have peoples mandate to carry it out.Smt Irani and Shri Arun Jaietly failed to make their entry to Lok Sabha but managed to be in Rajya Sabha through election confined to the state legislature.technically both are eligible to be minster if PM think them fit for the post.Here PM think that he needed them to run his government.He is wise enough and he must have weighed pros and cons of their suitability.Shri Jaitly is no doubt a legal stalwart and a intellectual of highest order by virtue of both degree and delivery of its knowledge in the field .He fits the bill.On Smt Iranis case it is bit different.She is HS passed.Do not have any proven degree.But she has proved her worthiness as an actor and also functioned as able communicator.Only point is that while Arunji is at par with his preceders as FM ,Smt Irani is far behind in stature and degree of her preceders be it Maulana Azad,Dr Shrimali,Barrister M C Chagla,Dr Triguna Sen,Prof Humayah Kabir,Dr Pratap Chandra Chandra,Prof Nurul Hasan,DR VKRV Rao,Barrister SS Ray,Dr MM Joshi etc.But She has the PM's trust and in the cabinet system it is the PM who is responsible to the people through parliament as He/She reprent to majority view of the people.K Kamraj Delivered wonder to TN as CM and hope Shriti with her courage,conviction and trust of her captain shall make wonder.Jai Hind

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Ajit Kamble
by Ajit Kamble on Aug 04, 2015 03:24 PM  | Hide replies

In politics, the past life of a person has either become a source of sympathy for garnering votes in that person's favor or a source of sarcasm for people opposing that person. This is a dangerous trend and should be eliminated from politics.

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Edison John
Re: Hmmm
by Edison John on Aug 04, 2015 04:30 PM
Very true !

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ramachandran ramesh
working is their previlage
by ramachandran ramesh on Aug 04, 2015 03:11 PM

Lot of students work as part time in petrol stations, supermarkets, restaurants to save money for their career while studying in abroad. is it below their dignity?

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