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Top 5 secrets restaurants don't want you to know

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by PRAVEEN ROTTI on Jun 06, 2015 08:13 PM

Best suggestion is be slf sufficient.You can not controll on the human mind which are corrupt and fast money making concept.IF YOU STOP EATING OUTSIDE THESE PEOPLE WILL LEARN A LESSON.

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Tom Dick
It has become a fashion
by Tom Dick on Feb 02, 2015 08:47 AM  | Hide replies

Unfortunately, of late, Indians believe eating out is a fashion. The way some of these celebrities on TV channel discussion mention that they have to eat atleast twice out side. Many follow them. Try home made food which is cooked and served to you with love by your loved ones.

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chandra sekar
Re: It has become a fashion
by chandra sekar on Jun 08, 2015 08:12 PM
Honest reply by Manoharan but unfortunately reported for abuse. People don't want to hear the truth..

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rahul k
chiken dish....beware
by rahul k on Feb 01, 2015 08:58 PM

u never get fresh @broiler ones....what u get is week/2 week frozen ones.I have checked it myself.

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India needs to update food laws to include dietary info!
by Grizzly on Nov 08, 2014 12:03 PM

India neeeds to quickly catch up on the global food laws that state that all foods must have dietary information on them for consumer to decide if they want to eat it.

The info must tell what that product is made of and the calorie content of the products. If a consumer doesnt eat eggs then they can make a choice of not buying it. Or if someone has an allergy, they can avoid that product.

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ravi kumar
Taj bengal
by ravi kumar on Mar 10, 2014 12:19 PM  | Hide replies

few days back, we had a breakfast in Taj bengal kolkata...Surprisingly, we found a fly swimming in our coffee cup...we asked the floor manager..he said in bengali accent, " OK baba, why are you shouting, take another cup"..
This is the state of affairs in our 5-star hotels...

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Re: Taj bengal
by kapil on Nov 08, 2014 11:30 AM
then you tell where these fly goes???

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Tom Dick
Re: Re: Taj bengal
by Tom Dick on Feb 02, 2015 08:44 AM
Being Taj, they served you a live fly as it was still swimming! Other restaurants will give you a dead one...:) One tea seller once asked" what do you expect , an elephant in a cup of tea?"

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Eat roadside food
by Abhijit on Mar 06, 2014 11:35 PM  | Hide replies

Prefer roadside food over big hotels.
In big hotels you can't see what is going on in Kitchen. You can't even complain there.
Roadside shops serve excellent food and most importantly they prepare in front of everyone.
Always eat, Dosa, Idli, Vada Pav, Omlette, Bhurji roadside.
Nothing bad will happen.

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Re: Eat roadside food
by on Feb 01, 2015 08:22 PM
True. I had a chance to go to the staff area of a very famous 5 star hotel in Mumbai. It was a shocking experience. Customer areas and staff areas are like 2 different worlds. It was like some underground hellhole. Dirty, dingy, smelly. One waiter told us that if anything falls on the floor, they scrape it, put it back on the plate and serve it. This can't be done in small restaurants as everything is in front of you.

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Pat Thakur
It's no secret; the whole world knows
by Pat Thakur on Mar 06, 2014 01:40 PM  | Hide replies

a) Cooks n staff poke noses, ears, flick mucus, scratch hairs, eczemas, rarely wash hands after a visit to the loo during cooking or serving
b) If a fly, lizard or anything falls inside the vessel, it's flicked away nonchalantly & served anyway
c) Stale or leftovers are coollected n overheated to be served as fresh items (WE ONLY SERVE FRESH, MIND YOU goes their blabber)
d) If suitable (read that as dumbass) customers visit n solicit, they're craftily overbilled in some items or the other for a hefty total
d) Finally, clever ideas for discounts or schemes or orders are hit upon n crafty managers chose to pour it down the brains of customers

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chandra sekar
Re: It's no secret; the whole world knows
by chandra sekar on Jun 08, 2015 08:14 PM
After reading your post no one would ever visit a restaurant but sadly most of what you have said is true

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Meenakshi Gupta
high end hotels use color and chemicals to enhance look n taste o
by Meenakshi Gupta on Mar 02, 2014 01:25 AM

please stop eating in any hotel. Not a single food item is healthy.

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never eat in indian hotels
by Nalini on Mar 02, 2014 01:22 AM  | Hide replies

i witnessed it myself in a top chain of restaurant where i interned. Milk was left exposed since they don't have anything to cover such large container. By morning few cockroach, insect drowned which were removed and it was business as usual. Inferior and cheap vegetables are turned into tasty dishes by use of chemicals which customers relish. Dough is made from leftover flour in mills.

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ksrangan rangan
Re: never eat in indian hotels
by ksrangan rangan on Mar 04, 2014 12:31 PM
Yes it is true. All leftovers will be given to the customers in all most all aht hotels

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