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MAKE A FUSS: DON'T accept that women are threatened!

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arungopal agarwal
by arungopal agarwal on Jul 20, 2012 03:39 PM  | Hide replies

Molestation of women is not accepted norm,Women in India are respected everywhere but women are to keep also pre cautions at least in their dress up, behaviour, movement etc.,keeping in view the local conditions.

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Shyam Sunder
Re: Women
by Shyam Sunder on Jul 20, 2012 03:48 PM
Women in India are respected provided they are like Indians. Anywhere in the world, even high profile persons are in news on these issues.

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MaryAndrea Row
It's a sad day
by MaryAndrea Row on Jul 20, 2012 03:32 PM

IT is indeed, that a statment like this needs assertive qualification! In a country that had the 2nd woman prime minister internationally, and till recently a woman as president & boast of being the largest serving democracy such a thing shd be archic. VEry very sad

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Chandrashekara N
Come back to home before 8 p.m.
by Chandrashekara N on Jul 20, 2012 03:01 PM  | Hide replies

My sicere advice to all ladies, as for as possible come home before 8 p.m. Why risk yourselves? Darkness is the ignighter of all mischiefs.

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Indian Dreamer
Re: Come back to home before 8 p.m.
by Indian Dreamer on Jul 20, 2012 03:29 PM
May not be possible for most of the working women! Or Govt should bring in, and implement, a legislation which mandates ALL companies, both Govt and private, to compulsorily shut their offices by 6:30 pm! Will that be possible?

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