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''Aspiring writers don''t stick to Paulo C

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jennifer dsouza
All the best !!
by jennifer dsouza on Jul 08, 2009 05:57 PM

HI CC, I just want to wish you best of luck for your first novel " Arzee The Dwarf" Best Regards,

Jennifer D'Souza
Dt: 08th July, 2009

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ashish nigam
You lack maturity as writer and as Human being
by ashish nigam on Jul 08, 2009 05:49 PM

I cant believe that a person who is as irresponsible as you can be a good writer ,

Paulo Coelho is a rubbish writer and So are the people who like Paulo Coelho ..

To hell with your busllshit opinion ..
and man you still have to prove yourself as a writer .. you are just notbody in the profession ..

Better you learn to respect your seniors in profession

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abhinand Muraleedharan
Have humility
by abhinand Muraleedharan on Jul 08, 2009 05:35 PM

Nothing good can be expected from this person who lacks humility.U r writing books to feed ur ego. There is much more u have to learn from Coelho. Before trying to understand the deeper meaning of Coelho's writings, try and learn humility. I can tell that u r a person who doesn't have the guts to openly write truths, because u always have to protect ur EGO.Just because u wrote one book, dont think that u have conquored the world. U might have won the admiration of ur sister and ur family, that doesnt mean that the world is going to admire you.

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Chota Chetan
We dont need advice of a novice...
by Chota Chetan on Jul 08, 2009 04:55 PM  | Hide replies

Mr Whatever ...... Who are you to advice the readers to "throw them as far as you can!" ... ???

let the reader decide what he prefers to read or throw ....

How would u feel when a new writer with only one book in his name come and say that ...

"Don't stick to Chandrahas Choudhury. In fact, throw them as far as you can!       Chandrahas Choudhury is a rubbish writer -- I know many people like him, but I think it's just comfort food for the mind. It's not going to lead you anywhere."

At least give the freedom to the reader to judge the writer...

P.s. Btw are u giving ur advice for free or u are going to charge something...bcoz I dont have the change.

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ashish nigam
Re: We dont need advice of a novice...
by ashish nigam on Jul 08, 2009 05:54 PM
haa haa haa .. well replied to this stupid writer .. :D

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self styled literary critic
by vivek on Jul 08, 2009 04:32 PM

next u'll say public is rubbish for liking works of a rubbish writing. your writing is pure gold and rubbish public doesn't perceive its value. sad, thats what is your destiny.

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Story editor
To JustAnotherIndianGuy
by Story editor on Jul 08, 2009 04:25 PM


This is in reply to your reply to my post that a newcomer should respect an established person in his field although he may or may not like his work.

If he does not like his work and wants to voice it, he can say that "his work does not stimulate me that much"...not that "this guy is rubbish!"

Criticism looks good when it comes from a person who has credentials to criticize.

Don't compare this to a layman calling Dhoni a waste! Dhoni and Coelho do not care what we call them, as laymen we can say anything.

But when you become a published writer(or professional criketer) you have some responsibility and need to conduct yourself with maturity.

For example Rohit Sharma is a technically sound batsman...what if he says "Jayasuriya is complete crap technically, I follow Tendulkar!"

Remember this comes from a published writer who has a lot of prove and not from JustAnotherIndianGuy! :)

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tuku tuku
God give this guy a chance
by tuku tuku on Jul 08, 2009 11:43 AM

Hi, I have read books from both the famous writer the author has mentioned in the interview and I find both of them to be engaging enough. But hey not every body like them and the author has expressed his views what is so bad about that.
And to the author Chandrahas Choudhury I will try and get my hand on this book of yours and hopefully it will be as good as you think it is.

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pranati Mohanty
I cannot throw Paulo Coelho
by pranati Mohanty on Jul 08, 2009 11:01 AM

In fact, throw them as far as you can! Paulo Coelho is a rubbish writer. You said this and proved yourself that you cannot admire good things. By the way I will read your book and if I find it nice definitely I am going to appriciate it. But Mr. Writer Coelho and Dan Brown can no where be blamed as rubbish wrtiers. From my personal experience I can say ALchemist has inspired me to the core. Anyway all the very best for your future.

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Manu M
Bad apple, humility and public psychology
by Manu M on Jul 08, 2009 10:31 AM

To Mr. Chandrahas Choudhury:
When a fruit seller comes with a bunch of apples to sell you - all ripe, red and fresh, except for one rotten apple in the bunch,
people spot the bad apple and reject the whole bunch.

You have made a lot of good points in above interview. Appreciated. But, you lacked humility at one point, and see where it has taken you!

I'm sure the other readers of the post will be as offended as I am. :-)

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Get humble, dimwit!
by Guest on Jul 08, 2009 10:26 AM  | Hide replies

Dude, I don't care how long u have taken u complete ur work. But trust me, I won't b surprised your book turns out to be a CRAP.. or in ur language, RUBBISH!!! To understand Paul Coelho, u gotta get into the skin of the book. understand the real meaning of what he is trying to say. and read MORE books on metaphysics. N about the "universe conspiring" thing, let me tell u one thing- the universe works according to its own laws, irrespective of what a nonsensical person like u thinks...

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sameer kumar
Re: Get humble, dimwit!
by sameer kumar on Jul 08, 2009 10:36 AM
I too agree with you.Aspiring writers should not even care about the foolish suggestions of the rookies like Chandrahas .Seems he has targeted Paul Coelho to gather cheap publicity nothing else!!!!!

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