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Drinking too much water? Stop!

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Dr. Jalukar
Too much water harmful
by Dr. Jalukar on Mar 01, 2006 03:03 PM  | Hide replies

Usually it is assumed that drinking more water is good for health, which is not true always. The body demands water by way of thirst and it is logical to provide the amount of water as per the bodys requirement. If excess or unwanted quantity of water is consumed, the body starts accumulating it in various tissues leading to swelling and pain. When this excess moisture accumulates in the joints and bony tissue, the same kind of swelling and pain would take place. It is as simple to understand as to how the wooden doors swell during monsoon when there is increased moisture in the atmosphere. To experience the truth behind this concept an example of any pain-killer will help us better. After consuming any pain-killer drug, the body sweats a lot and helps to relive the pain. This signifies that the body first eliminates some amount of moisture (water) and then controls the pain. Apparently this concept will offend your perception but this will also give you a new vision to think from different angle. There is a ritual in Hindus (Indians) which tells to drink teaspoon of water at the time of Sunset along with a prayer which is called Sandhya. This is good and has a scientific base too

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too much!!
by shweta on Jul 09, 2005 01:22 AM  | Hide replies

I think its a nuisance...as water is teh only way to clear off all the impurities from the body. no one can drink too much of water..6-8 glasses is the max one can have..(a glass of abt 500 ml capacity)...so in my thinking, beyond that no one can actually drink!!!so there is no point in this article to worry abt...rather 6-8 is the normal range...

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RE:RE:too much!!
by abhijit on Jun 15, 2007 03:16 PM
have u ever run for 8kms...? then u'll surely drink more than 3 litres easily during ur daytime? Wht author said is right? Thats why there are energy drinks (e.g. red Bull which u get in the market!! or there is a new drink called 'excess' in USA) these drinks r especially made to balance salt/water ratio.

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drinking too much water is harmful
by jayesh on Jun 30, 2005 11:29 AM

hi i read the article ,it gave me new set of information regarding consumption of water by considering our sodium need.thanks for that

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Jayesh R. Jethava
by Jayesh R. Jethava on Jun 29, 2005 10:58 AM

I think one should be very clear while taking too much water so as it should not imbalance once sodium level,a good idea by the article.

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by MAHENDRA on Jun 28, 2005 07:12 PM  | Hide replies

This is like a dynamite to me.
earlier i used to intake water in small amounts but later on it was said that usually most people say intake large amounts of water made me fanatic in taking large quantities of water
exactly how much intake is needed for a human being
this article is confusing one

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by abhijit on Jun 15, 2007 03:18 PM
three litres

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drinking too much water is harmful
by smita on Jun 27, 2005 11:58 PM

more or less is comparative term,so tell us the exact quantity,which i think depends on the habitat and surrounding environment.secondly if drinking more water is harmful then kindly explain what is the use of OSMOREGULATION and Na-K PUMP????

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by Jitendra on Jun 27, 2005 08:02 PM

Dear Sir
The article is confusing about consumption of water, also It is well known fact that lot of water in a day keeps you healthy & your skin wrikle free. Pl clarify

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by Joyce on Jun 02, 2005 12:52 PM

It is very confusing whereas some articles say drink lots of water and some say it is harmful. Pl. specifiy how much we can drink per day. And in pregnancy how much water is required per day.

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Anuj Kapoor
intake of too much water
by Anuj Kapoor on May 24, 2005 08:35 AM

Hi,I denied for this because its a general thing that
taken of large quantity of water will prevents from heat stroke in summers & it also hepls for weight loss

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