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Top reasons for US education

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Penn State or USC
by kunal on Oct 12, 2005 07:38 AM  | Hide replies

hi karan..

i am kunal badani from brlgaum,karnataka. i gng to US to pursue my Masters degree in Industrial Engineering. I have 2 admits from Penn State and Univ of Southern Californiia. Both are equally good. which univ shld i go for. Will the living expense be more in california when compared to the east coast.

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devil rocker
RE:Penn State or USC
by devil rocker on Nov 14, 2005 01:14 AM
yea kunal, i suggest u try out penn bcoz m goin to southern cali, so tht'd be better n will definelty work out huh!!! wot say u buddy, and yes dont bother about the expense, m there for u buddy always.....m/

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Surender Kumar
MBA biotechnology
by Surender Kumar on Oct 04, 2005 08:45 AM


I did my masters in Biotechnology from thapar institute and now about to complete my Ph.D in biophysics from PGI changigarh. Now i want to shift my carrier in the field of managment. I want to do MBA in biotechnology.. is it a good option or what will be my future ....please suggest me

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From a student in international school
by Arvind on Jul 15, 2005 08:59 AM

Hello all. My name is Arvind and i'm studying in the American Intl School of Guangzhou. I would probably agree with people that said the High school system in the states sucks but here in China its good. It all depends on how people deal with the system. You know different people are better with different things. For undergrad as far as i have seen, India is a much better choice cuz its not like we're all gonna get into Stanford MIT harvard and so on... and plus even people that graduate out of institutes that are non IIT such as Anna univ guindy, chennai and RECs get recruited for good jobs in the states. PG in the states would only be good with a scholarship i guess otherwsie why bother going there? Like people have been saying u should study in the states if u wanna settle there.. cuz no indian company is gonna recruit students that come out of Harvard and MIT (well for working in india that is).... only like the top 100 colleges out of 4000 in the states are good... i would say that the rest are all crap.... I'm in 11th now and i'm damn sure that i'm doing undergrad in india... maybe PG in the states but i dont really feel like it because imma settle down in india..

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US education i feel the best
by sarath on Jun 29, 2005 12:32 PM

Dear readers i have seen some of you are praising indian universities and even went to the extent to say that they are better than American universities.
what i personally feel that it i absolutely untrue.
for a population of 100 crores in india people are speaking about only some 10 universities in india whereas for 30 crore population there are 150 research universities in USA(World class).Even after 20 years our universities can not reach the standard of some of the best universities in US. Not all research requires funding remember. theoritical research in filelds like science, engineering, economics, mmanagement can create tremours which our felllows do not do much. Here people do not study for study purpose....people want job, social status and all idiotic mind set up. Here people do not respect academicians or researchers....In US professors are "GODS". Unless the attiude of an Indian changes research in Indian universities will not happen.
remember Americans went to Mars....do not say because of Indians working in NASA they went...one would be called as a fool if he says so....Patriotism should not mask reality...let us learn the best qualities from American education.

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Need Inforamtion about Doctorate Programme or MBA in US
by Samir on Jun 25, 2005 11:50 PM  | Hide replies

Hi Friends,
I am samir.I have completed my MCA.I am topper in University.I want to persue my Ph.d or MBA in US.Tell
me which are the best universities for this.which are the good websites or resources that gives me good information about this.

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Message deleted by moderator
RE:Need Inforamtion about Doctorate Programme or MBA in US
by Viv on Nov 07, 2005 03:15 PM
MBA is better if wanna earn lots of money. If wanna be in Academics PhD is better but lowly paid job. So just go by ur intrest what u want to seek

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gre question
by Ritu on Jun 23, 2005 04:31 PM


I have done my MSc in Zoology and want to pursue an MS And Phd integrated course from US and also want to join as early as possible(Fall session-july/august).what is the appropiate month of taking the test?


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Vijay Sharma
MS and Phd from US is good...
by Vijay Sharma on May 26, 2005 11:54 PM

I came here as software engineer and after working here for 6 years and finihsing my MS , I'd say that education system here is not that, great academicaly, as compared to India, especially doing MS from IITs, but good thing is that, it becomes easier for you to get into fortune 500 companies, very quickly. If you are really interested in research then Phd is good option as well, it also pays around $3000 per month and satisfy your appetite for research, as you meet scholars from all over the world. There are some universities out there which offer Phd is management, but you can get into those programs only if you have MS and around 10 years of work experience.
Good thing I like is that you can work and study here without much pressure, from education side. Based on my experience I'd still say that doing MS from US has much better prospects than doing MS or M.Tech from India.

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Shanmuga sundaram
Always be smart!
by Shanmuga sundaram on Apr 06, 2005 03:32 PM

We all should agree that US education facilities are better than Indian educational facilities. So whereever we will good education we have to accept it. That's smart way. it doesn't mean our education system is not good and not going against patriotism. If u really want to show your patriotism study there, work there for a while (so that u can experience multiculture) and come to India. That experience really Nice! Wish u best oif Luck.

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