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Isn''t India greater than us all?

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bimal mohapatra
BJP should not abandon the issues raised despite loss.
by bimal mohapatra on Jun 02, 2009 07:12 AM

BJP should not abandon the issues raised during the campaign and basic ideology for the loss in this general election. It should not forget that it was risen from 2 seats in 1984 to 89 seats in 1989 election in just five years. It may be recalled the infamous and irrational undemocratic comment of late Rajiv Gandhi of 10 2 3 despite it was clear that he won that election due to the sympathy factor caused by the assassination of his mother. An impartial analysis of this election clear the view that the result both Congress and BJP are not uniform throughout India. Wherever there is a BJP state government, there, BJP done extremely well. Only exception, BJP has lost in Uttarakhand, however, it gained in Jharkhand and Assam. BJP loss in Orissa was due to party's state leadership arrogance, besides its central leadership's taken for granted attitude to some genuine state causes during NDA rule. And similar the case is for Congress. So this has cleared the notion that good performance of state governments are counted most in the general election. In view of this one can say comfortable that the national issue raised by BJP in the election are not rejected by the people at large. So there is no question of sidelining those issues thinking irrelevant for electoral politics. What is needed at this time is consolidate where the party in power, besides concentrating in the states which are vulnerable. Abandon politic of groupism and politics of Rajnath, Varun, Jatley, Jaswant, etc.

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sg sg
Sad situation
by sg sg on May 27, 2009 11:35 AM

I think the people who gave the UPA power to rule for another 5 years have just signed off the rights of the whole nation to be safe and free.
None of us can complain if there is another attack on this nation.

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importance of money
by Rajeev on May 27, 2009 12:38 AM  | Hide replies

Majority of Indians started thinking that the development = Economic development. Spiritual development is completely being forgotten. Sanatan dharma is basically based on four concept:

* Dharma * Artha (money) * Kama (desire) * Moksha (liberation).

Artha (money) & Kama (desire) is very important. Without money its very difficult for a common people to survive & perform Dharma. Dharma is kind of ladder to be user to attain Moksha. So the Artha or money is important & powerful but its not the ultimate goal.

Kama (desire) is very powerful and without controlling & utilizing properly a people can't attain Moksha.

Now a days, because of various factors (Education, over emphasis on consumption or bhog) a common people think Artha & Kama (bhog) is everything in the life. And modern education system just produce the product which understand two things about life - 'Artha' & 'Kaama'.

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Hago Kiruttinan
Re: importance of money
by Hago Kiruttinan on May 27, 2009 10:20 AM
well said! good to read a rare post like this! Hindutva is universality and universality is Hindutva, spare incidents do not besmirch great philosophies... two or three thefts and robberies do not make all people as thieves!

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Tarun Vijay
by Ashok on May 26, 2009 01:51 PM

Look Vijay, your party is not going to get anyway near the power at the center unless matters are set right.
In my opinion it should work for the following.






Look Tarun Vijay Go and get a copy of Mein Kemf and your party will win all the elections.

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RSS is the real culprit for BJP's disaster
by mandar on May 26, 2009 01:38 PM

Not BJP but RSS is the main reason for the defeat of BJP. BJP should liberate itself from the shackles of RSS and its various children in the form of VHP, Bajrangi, Sadhvi, Purohit etc. BJP, under Vajpayee Sahab,had done really a great job. It is not the fanaticism and negative approach towards minorities of Modi & Advani that will take BJP any further. If the BJP toes the line of Sangh parivar they will surely go back to their 1984 tally of 2 MPs very soon.

India needs strong 2 party system. BJP can develop itself as a strong alternatve to Congress which is heavily dependent on dynastic rulers. However blaming the voters, the media and all those who are opposed to Sangh Parivars views and their methods of butchering the minorities will give them nothing.

RSS is trying to put its blame on BJP. RSS should introspect itself for its fanatic views and as a social orgnstn should remain away from politics. Their involvement in BJP affairs is detrimental to both RSS & BJP. IF RSS can not, BJP on itself should snap its ties with RSS and give a new outlook as a modern party fighting for the real causes of suffering people of India. It should stop depending heavily on Brahmins & Baniyas.

The real master stroke would be to keep away the RSS, VHP, Bajrangi and other fanatics who are engaged in violent methods and pouring poison in the society. Not many, other than Brahmins, agree with the views of RSS. Though they try to show patriotism, their ideology is corrupt and inhuman.

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vijay patel
Nuclear bomb
by vijay patel on May 26, 2009 12:55 PM  | Hide replies

IF its such a big deal blasting a N-bomb then I am sure your will praise Pakistan who did it within seven days of India's blast. So Musharaff is great for you.

You wil also praise North Korea, because they too blast bomb. And you will also love Iran for they too have bomb. All of this leaders appears great to there own people because they went for Nuclear blast.

Tarun should know that India already had the bomb some 20 years back, and its all the hard work of Congress that made the bomb from scratch when we did not even have a car or our own when India became independence. All this missile program, nuclear program and Industrialisation took place inspite of hostile world. That was true nationalism. Vajapayee just opened the cupboard and saw a bomb and went out and blasted. Easy way to popularity without worrying about the damage it will do to our scientific progress and help Pakistant to became nuclear overnight.

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Shreyash Shukla
Re: Nuclear bomb
by Shreyash Shukla on Sep 20, 2009 01:20 PM
we did not need a nuclear bomb but we need electricity in entire india, clean water to drink no sir not asking for a two time meal just electricity and clean water. 62 years of independence but still we are struggling for basic necessities ok 62-5Bjp=57yrs to be more specific -13 and -the time of Mr Deve Gowda roughly 55 yrs does it take 55 yrs to provide water and electricity to the entire nation. Dont u think its a challenge to congress competency. Good things like employment, health and hygine, security never improved only pollution, population n corruptin improved. See the condition of the nation today. If you get the report of congress for the past 55yrs would you feel happy about it. Small islands around us became industrialized cities and we where do we stand

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vijay patel
Tarun Vijay you forget
by vijay patel on May 26, 2009 12:44 PM  | Hide replies

Tarun Vijay mixes up Hinduism with BJPism or RSSism. You should first in your mind make distinction.

What has BJP/RSS done for Hinduism? Except following antie M policy, they have not done anything for the poor, untouchable people, who are all Hindoos.

You must know that Congress had done for for keeping Hinduism alive and flourishing by removing and working hard against the practice of Untouchablility, Sati, Dowry system, which all would have damaged Hindu religion. But all this work is not glamorous like being Anti M. Beyond that I dont see any real work done for the community.

Its time you dont confuse that with just POTO, or Article 379, or Uniform civil law or such things which really are not meant to be pro H but only raised to appear antie M.

That is one reason Congress is well accepted by every community, religion and caste and region.

How easily BJP gives Gurkhaland to get just one seat, How easily BJP gives Telengana to get elected. BJP does not mind dividing states to get votes. Then blame Nehru.

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Re: Tarun Vijay you forget
by Rajeev on May 27, 2009 12:47 AM
For congress the main principal is "get the vote at any cost". Any group which form a good vote bank for Congress they appease them. Reservation based on the caste, religion etc... is just few of the things. List is long.

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Re: Tarun Vijay you forget
by Ashok on May 26, 2009 04:11 PM
Dont talk about Nehru, He agreed to division of the country on communal lines in 1947, He gave 55 crores to newly formed pakistan, He could not defend Kashmir in 1948 war. He internationalised the kashmir issue,Tibet was a part of India, Nehru ceded Tibet to china in 1953,
He could not prepare for the war with china in 1962,India lost the war in 1962 and 30,000 sqkm of Indian territory is under chinese occupation.Indian Generals just ran away with sick leaves in 1962.
Last but not the least he did nothing for Phoolpur from where he was elected three times. He made the people of Phoolpur Fools.
He neglected agriculture and made India a beg for wheat.
Nehru symbolises total failure.

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Re: Tarun Vijay you forget
by Truth on May 26, 2009 10:28 PM
Just so you know I am not supporter of BJP but I am against what you are saying.

Last time it was CONGRESS who supported TRS and promised Telengana not BJP. It was congress who created quota for different cast and divided more people NOT BJP.

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Rahil Singh
Radical sikhs taking punjab to ransom
by Rahil Singh on May 26, 2009 12:18 PM

I'm distressed to see Punjab so communal and backward. The radical sikhhs have made Punjab the worst place to live thru relegious extremism. Moderate ppl of punjab shud kick out teh sikkh radicals out of India and only then will we get bak to the glory days. Punjab has become a hotbed for extremism and in the bargain socially backward..also radical sikhs in Cananda, UK, Pak, etc fund radical sikh organizations to wreck havoc in India...in Canada(Vancouver) the sikkhs disrespected the Indian flag...isn't this disgusting to say the least?

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Saibaskar Parthasarathy
Provide food for poor in temples
by Saibaskar Parthasarathy on May 26, 2009 11:44 AM

Mr. Vijay there are several temples in India where a certain section of the society are not let to come in and worship. Moreover several Hindus are going to bed without even a single meal for a day. Rather than addressing these issues if BJP goes around talking about building Mandir and about women in discos then how do you think people would care to vote. BJP had two section of voters,one section was the conservative semi urban voter (mostly upper caste) and other section which was liberal and voted for BJP to oppose pseudo secularism of mainstream parties. It is these liberal urban voters whom Vajpayee brought in who have been lost.While good things of the past have to be retained mistakes of past should be removed. Vijay's statement that Indian civilization was the greatest masks the fact there were flaws too in our past. A flaw that kept education only for the higher castes and excluded lower castes. For Hindus to unite first remove caste distinction in temples, provide food for poor in temple, make caste insignificant and erase it from Indian society at the earliest. Can BJP dare to take on casteism in India? If it does that then it will succeed in uniting all the Hindus. By the way why BJP did not care for Srilankan Tamils who were mostly Hindus? Was it because they were not veg upper caste hindus? or was it because they are not fair skinned north indian hindus? I hope everyone sees where the faultline is? We do not treat all Hindus equal. Now change that for unity !!

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