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''BJP rout was clearly Advani''s swansong

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Aby Koshy
What is BJP's response to HUF?
by Aby Koshy on May 25, 2009 03:23 PM

Since BJP regularly claims to give equal opportunity for all, what does it say about the HUF?

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Blame it to biased Media, Why?
by Ghantaji on May 18, 2009 09:54 AM

BJP और Congress आतंकवाद के मुद्‍दे पर एक जैसी थी, दोनो के कार्यकाल में आतंकवादी घटनाएं हुई,दोनो उसे रोकने में नाकाम रहे । पर महंगाई के मुद्दे पर Media ने सही Reporting नही की। BJP के कार्यकाल में महंगाई से लोग परेशान नहीं थे, Congress के समय त्रस्त हो गये। इस बात को Media ने जगह नही दी और ऐसे प्रस्तुत किया मानो महंगाई से लोग बहुत खुश हैं। 24x7 और

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raman govindan
'BJP rout was clearly the swansong of Advani'
by raman govindan on May 18, 2009 09:34 AM  | Hide replies

Board Name : ''Advani thinks he can do an Obama'' 771 Messages | 1 by Raman Govindan

On Mar 27, 2009 10:43 PM Permalink

the best he can do for the country is to make over the leadership to younger one and go back settle at sind province of pakistan. his mother country needs him. the country's progress during the last 10 years is inspite of NDA or UPA's leadership. BJP has during the lat decade has become another dyed in wool politcal party like congress. it matters nothing to nation whether BJP or INC forms the government.

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raman govindan
Re: 'BJP rout was clearly the swansong of Advani'
by raman govindan on May 18, 2009 10:02 AM
the USA has developed in spite of the great mistakes done by it's famous presidents. Ike and Kennedy, expanded the cold war. Reagon, Carter and Sr. Bush encouraged islamic fundamentalism to defeat Soviet Russia. Jr. Bush and citizens of USA pay the price after 2000. USA became a economic power house in spite of them. the citizens quest for quality life, rational scientific thinking, progress, and discipline took them to pedestal. it produced several outstanding leaders at several functional level and it helped its economy. when it wavered, they are suffereing recent meltdown, a temporary one. it is not just leaders, the leaders take credit or the blame but the country is as good as its average citizens.

Same case with India. the country's prgresses depends upon leadership at all levels and in all function. the have to be given more independence and encouraged to take wise decisions. the case of monetary policy either with vajpayee or manmohan sigh was left with mostly to the experts/reserve bank governors. the gobal meltdown has not affected india as much as other countries. other way of looking at it is the country was sitting and it fell down a foot if it had been standing it would have fallen 5 feet and more.

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Re: 'BJP rout was clearly the swansong of Advani'
by Kishore on May 21, 2009 10:24 AM
Adavani behave like his mother country pakistan.
BJP instead of formulating reforms only critise Sonia, Rahul and MMS.
SMS they thought was a mantra and added to their misery as people had to attend call and SMS even they do not wish to.

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Bhupinder Singh
Fake certificates in Indian markets
by Bhupinder Singh on May 18, 2009 07:02 AM

Although, me too, belong to a super class sc Sikh, like Boota Singh, however, sins to be exposed. All Maharastrians possess some or other kinds of fake reservation certificates which they use in other states and various professional colleges. Even, their Brahmins possess sc certificates and get all sorts of benefits from other states. In every 10 Maharastrian families, you will find one freedom fighter. There was a time when Nehru and Patel empowered some of their own people to issue these certificates. During that time, these fake certificates were issued at random in these states, specially, Bihar, UP, Punjab and Maharastra. Today, we could perceive the reflections of those corruptions from their fiscal status.

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bjp needs to change
by devdta on May 18, 2009 05:45 AM  | Hide replies

as a die hard fan of bjp i am pained to write to this board:
It is really end of the day if we are not going to change. in the next election BJP will get near 50 seats. why not? . bjp has not been able to increase its base. and the places it managed to win this time will be subject to strong anti incumbency factor and resurgent congress and manipulating and hostile central govt.
blaming others will not help. if voters percentage is low it is the leadership fault of not being able to inspire people.
We don’t need to look beyond the bjp and lkadvani websites to know what went wrong.
this website is far better than those much hyped sites.its based on joomla and there is nothing savvy about it. the best part of it is its design and which is at best average. and what is really very disgusting and pathetic about it is the footer displays
“designed and developed by Tetra Information Services Pvt. Limited” .(who btw has done nothing more than customizing joomla cms a 200$ job)
just see barackobama site and tell the difference . If this is the IT vision of bjp its good that it didn’t materialize.
also posted in lkadvani form and friendsofbjp site

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Re: bjp needs to change
by Bhartiya on May 25, 2009 02:43 AM

In one minute Rs 6,50,000 crore (over USD 125 billion). from Share bazar !!!! earned but few rich WHO


tax paid by those, No industry developed , no empoyment, Only Congress stooges got it.How many POOR






Rs 20 a DAY.


( Data by Rajinder Sachar)


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Ajit Menon
India needs a reformed BJP
by Ajit Menon on May 18, 2009 04:45 AM  | Hide replies

It is high time the BJP realizes that it cannot win without a mass appeal across all sections of the society. This means it should focus on "India" more than "Hindu".
Sadly this realization is just not dawning upon the leaders of the BJP.

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Vijay Vijay
Re: India needs a reformed BJP
by Vijay Vijay on May 25, 2009 12:08 PM
Contd..Similarly,in Andhra,they should have concentrated only on 10 seats or so,putting ALL their resources there and concentrating more on local issues(same in TN,UP also),so that they could have won 5-6 seats.This should be their core base which they should hold on for ever.And from there,launch out to other constituencies.Admittedly,this is easier said than done,but I don't think of any viable alternative.People have to be educated about the benefits of the two-party system.BJP is better placed in this record,because it was the evil Congress mentality of snubbing the local aspirations to the whims of the "Delhi power brokers"that spawned all these regional outfits in the first place.BJP has done no such thing.So,they can take advantage of this fact and make the states realise that they too can make a difference not by harping on their local state issues,but can transform the whole of India by having a stake in the National progress.In UP,BJP has 52 seats in 1998(or was it 1996?)but for want of an effective visionary,communicator and someone to talk of development,this strength was frittered away.I am angry at Advani that even after being in politics for almost his whole life,didn't take any steps(at least not visible)to rectify this gross inadequacy.Waste Bengal & Kerala are commie idiots' bastions,no need to bother with them.But at least other parts of India will wake up and resonate with your motto of development,but with due respect to Hinduism & no "Secular s..t".

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Nitesh jain
Re: India needs a reformed BJP
by Nitesh jain on May 18, 2009 09:47 AM
There is too much is being read into BJP loss but let me tell you that Congress has not anything significant in last 5 years apart from Nuclear Deal inspite of the fact that they had an excellent team comprising MMS. The issues are still their such as Black money not being unearthed etc. BJP loss is more to do with lower turnout of Middle Class voter. While Muslim always vote for Congress or other regional parties even if BJP does lot for them. The problem lies within middle class hindus who dont come out and vote.

I dont think BJP will be able to play effective roll of opposition becoz their morale is down completely. Let the country be run by Congress and other regional parties who will play vote bank politics only. We deserve this only.

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Giri Girishankar
Re: India needs a reformed BJP
by Giri Girishankar on May 19, 2009 02:26 AM
Ajit Menon has the right idea. Compared to the Congress Party, the BJP suffers from a lack of national identity. It has more of a narrow religious image. This is the result of its own making. The Congress has benefitted from factors including its identification with the freedom struggle, the Nehru/Indira(Gandhi) dynastic influence, the slavish mentality of many leaders of the Congress party, the current deceitful description of secularism, and the gullibility of the common masses. What should BJP do to counter these aspects? First and foremost it should come across to the people as a progressive visionary that respects Indian values and traditions. It should erase the picture that the so called secular parties have created for it. It is in this regard that the BJP must redefine secularism in its true sense of the term. It should be based on equal treatment of all people regardless of their religion and without any special treatment. In a multi-religious, multi-community, multi-caste society, the only way to bring about true secularism with due respect to religious sentiments is continuously expand and multiply the opportunities for education, employment and housing for all people. This has to be built up from the base in villages, towns and cities. That is true and effective empowerment compared to politically motivated favoritism. The BJP should clearly articulate this philosophy for the the masses and follow it up with immediate actions in BJP governed States.

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Vijay Vijay
Re: India needs a reformed BJP
by Vijay Vijay on May 25, 2009 11:54 AM
Hey guys!I agree to a certain extent with your thoughts;but there is more to it than meets the eye.I hope some BJP guy actually reads this and gets some insight.
Let's see why BJP fared badly. Start with TamilNadu & Andhra.Firstly, BJP has this "piggybacking" idea with allies, which is a short-cut approach, will not work in the long run.Unfortunately, there are a lot of idiots in India who still think that THIS CURRENT "Kaangress paarti" is the one that gave them freedom.And hence the stupid captive vote-bank for the Congress. OK, we can still overcome it, but for it we need committed people.Since their defeat in the 2004 elections, can anyone remember how many mass-mobilisation programmes were held in AP,TN & UP?BJP simply abdicated its responsibility to its "future, possible" allies-same with Orissa where that ungrateful s.o.b Navin back-stabbed.In reality, politics teaches you to be wary of ANY allies.BJP should have increased its base in the 5 years, but started folling itself that only anti-incumbency will carry them through this time.
In TN,the Northern part is Vanniar caste dominated;western in Gounder dominated; Mukkulaththor in the mid-south; and Nadars plus a smattering of Pillais in the SOuntern-most districts.Why didn't the BJP put one each dominant caste member in each of these divisions and ask them to hold Mass programmes and give them an achievable, realistic goals?Say, just focus your resources on ONLY 8 seats in TN and work hard,you may win 5!

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Giri Girishankar
BJP Rout
by Giri Girishankar on May 18, 2009 04:26 AM  | Hide replies

The rank and file of the BJP must foremost realize that they have been routed. They cannot continue in a state of denial, extending all kinds of excuses. This election cycle has proved that the Congress Party has succesfully impressed the electorate of its national status and vision. The BJP must realize also that they must have a positive, forward looking, national vision that the Indian people can recognize, understand, and identify with. Such a vision and the associated strategies have to be clearly different from those of the Congress and rooted in Indian traditions and utilizing the inherent strengths of the population. That is what BJP should be spreading among the people, both in the rural and urban areas.

BJP has not lost everything. It still is in charge of several state governments, which should be used to demonstrate to the people in those states and others of their superior governance, better than that of the Congress governed states. Economic expansion, elimination of corruption, infra-structure development, education and healthcare are the most important aspects of the development program. Do not waste your opportunity and time in petty squabbles and politics.

It is also important not to be an opposition party but to cooperate with the Congress Government at the Center in promoting truly national issues.

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sameer kha
Re: BJP Rout
by sameer kha on May 18, 2009 11:07 PM
Everything is NOT lost for the BJP. They still have the states they won. BJP must now managed these states successfully and effectivelely because SUCCESS is the best form of Revenge. Do a 'Gujarat' and a "Karnataka" with the other states you control and show Congress and India that you are not a push-over. Show your mettle BJP !! Do your duty and be ready for the next election with more youthful, hardworking and intelligent candidates that will work fairly also for the minorities. Make BJP a party that even Muslims and the Dalits like to vote for. Stay the dedicated course. Jai BJP, Jai Hind.

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Three reasons for congress victory..
by Sam on May 18, 2009 04:02 AM  | Hide replies

Only three main reasons...
1. Very few liked Advani and even fewer trusted his character. Modi should be the frontrunner.
2. The immature partying of idiotic and clueless 3rd and 4th fronts made people stick with either UPA or NDA...more stuck with UPA.
3. BJP did not support the nuclear deal....why did not they... is still a mystery.

Eventually, two things stand out clear...Indian people are smart and BJP will need to do much more to win people's trust. Ultimately, I am a BJP fan...and dont entirely like UPA victory, but I am overjoyed to see communist and other jokers destroyed in their own cage....and china's future is uncertain.

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Re: Three reasons for congress victory..
by AJAY NAYAK on May 18, 2009 09:48 AM
Sam, other factors are that BJP should not have critised PM to such a extent that too at this juncture.

BJP just focused only on Urban areas but cong always did it on rural areas (still no development on rural areas till date). See Rahul touring rural area in UP each now & then. This is learned by BJP leaders and work for rural area and win their confidence.

Other main problem was focusing LK advani as PM candidate. Even they should forget focusing Modi in future.

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Nitesh jain
Re: Re: Three reasons for congress victory..
by Nitesh jain on May 18, 2009 09:59 AM
I still believe that Congress Victory is not becoz they have done excellent job and more to do with Hope and sympathy to a larger extent.

The problem with BJP was that, they did not give loan waiver to the farmers, They did not brought in reservation for SC/ST, They did talk about Common Civil Code etc., They did not have any strong surname like Gandhis.

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Noor Ahmed
Hatred cannot win LOVE!!
by Noor Ahmed on May 18, 2009 01:15 AM  | Hide replies

I think the results we see today reflect the hearts and minds of the citizens of India.

That is "Hatred cannot prevail for long!"

Negative & ill campaigning has cost victory to the BJP & its allies.

I personally feel that BJP has educated, qualified and energitic condidates as compared to their counter parts.

But, the reason for their self-destruction is, their dependency on too much of a hatred spreading negative, divide & rule approach, which unfortunately does not appeal and convince the masses.

The simple reason being, for any country to succeed & prosper, the key element is the harmony in the society.

When the society as a whole is in the harmony, the plans of the development of the nation can find success.

Harmony = Peace = Stability = Development = Succcess

Any human ultimately wants peace within the society irrespective the religions / languages.

But, BJP wants to win, with a hate spreading campaign, creating communal disharmony and dividing the hearts of the people. It can never win with this kinda approach.

Instead of emphasising on what plans they have to contribute to the advancement of India, they adopted cheap, immoral and baseless means of creating communal divides, spreading hatred, making ill, personal and negative remarks on the leaders of the opponents, only pointing out the weakness of the others, instead of self-analysis.

BJP should understand that today's India is different & dynamic.


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manish sharma
Re: Hatred cannot win LOVE!!
by manish sharma on May 18, 2009 03:31 AM
Although am a BJP supporter, I fully agree with whatever said by Noor.It was a BLUNDER tpo have supported (or have not sufficiently objected) Varun's hate speech. They may have won Pilibhit seat with this tactic but lost the Country.

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Re: Hatred cannot win LOVE!!
by Bhartiya on May 25, 2009 02:51 AM
The serious dangers germinating and growing for India do not exercise them much though it will come upon

them suddenly one day. In reality, the penultimate scenario is the calamity faced by Kashmiri Pandits. They

were the victims of ethnic cleansing and the quasi-Islamic state that resulted in its aftermath is merely under

nominal Indian control. Local Muslims have successfully wrested virtually everything they sought except their

ultimate goal, legal sovereignty. The intermediate situation elsewhere is the freedom enjoyed by Jihadi front

organisations that operate in brazen contravention of all legality and enter into formal political alliances with

mainstream Indian political parties unhindered. In addition, Jihadi mobs are able to impose unlawful demands

on a catamite political class, expelling Taslima Nasrin’s from Kolkata and effectively incarcerating her under the

guise of protection. hindus wake up or it will be too late

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