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parthiban  krish
Tamils in Srilanka
by parthiban krish on May 16, 2009 02:06 PM

Dear ALl
1. No one should forget that Tamils have their homeland at Northern Srilanka for thousands of years but still are at the mercy of sinhalese for even basic societal rights.
2. Indian government is not paying heed to the unjustice done to Tamilians for obvious reasons, but they also forgot the international issues at the background which are interlinked with Srilanka's strategy.
3. The big nations like China and US has an eye on Triconamalai in Srilanka which is now the land of Tamils. The nation which controls the Indian ocean would be a super power and for that reason their ideal military base would be at Triconamali.
4. Already China has set up their off shore oil base at Srilanka and they have an indirect hand in the Srilankan strategy of wars against Tamils.
5. Even when France, Netherlands and US insisted the UN to restore peace to the Srilankan government, it was China which put hurdles in all these endeavours.
6. Let us not forget that Srilanka had always supported China, even openly during Indo China war and also supports Pakistan openly even now. Pakistan is providing all sophisticated arms to Srilanka for this cause and sadly India too has done the same.
7. India is surrounded in all directions by enemies and now India is hurting its own eye with its own finger.
8. Till LTTE is at Triconamale it is always a headache for Srilanka and other nations. After wiping out LTTE the Srilankan government wants to do justice to Tamilians in their own way!!

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Sudeep Mohanty
Re: Muslms & christans are terrorsts
by Sudeep Mohanty on May 17, 2009 02:18 AM
Like Modi and Advani done by killing innocent peoples. Still people like YOU having Dirty Mind haven't changed from the verdict 2009.

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laxmi soma
well yes truth is out
by laxmi soma on May 13, 2009 10:52 AM

north madras is always neglected and shabby.atleast let this article be an eye opener.the politicans in chennai should learn to work for people instead of working for themselves for selfish motives.

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Sam Paul
compare srilankan tamil issue to bangaladesh
by Sam Paul on May 13, 2009 01:45 AM  | Hide replies

Bangaladesh Issue:
In east pakistan (now bangaladesh) where bangaladeshis are majority didn't had equal rights as other citizens in pakistan. So, they protested and took weapons to defend themselves. India helped them secure a homeland for bangaladeshis. India still have lots of bangaladeshi refugees and they live here happy without any restriction.

Srilankan Tamil Issue:
Srilankan issue is very similar to bangaladeshi issue. Only difference is India don't want to help them. Instead they give weapons to srilankan army to kill tamils in srilanka. Srilankan tamil refugees are restricted to live freely in india and they are in the camp.

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Vaempuli V
Re: compare srilankan tamil issue to bangaladesh
by Vaempuli V on May 13, 2009 10:37 AM
a)India did help SL Tamils in the beginning. The older generation SL Tamils find it difficult to integrate in to the society.
b)Bangladeshis didn't murder any Indian PM. LTTE did and SL Tamils are paying the price.
c)How will you justify the murder of SL Tamil politicians by the LTTE? LTTE is a terrorist organisation, whatever colour you might give them. Nobody will support them as a result. Those who live by the sword die by it.
d)Most importantly, before you blame India, remember Bengali politicians didn't play politics the way Tamil politicians do over the Tamil issue.

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Sam Paul
compare srilankan tamil issue to sikh
by Sam Paul on May 13, 2009 01:45 AM  | Hide replies

Sikh Issue:
Sikh killed Indira Gandhi because they were against sending indian army to sikh's golden temple. Indira Gandhi was the root cause of the problem and Sikh killed Indira. But look who is PM of india now, it is MMS (sikh). And india is involved in the internal matters of pakistan to warn killing sikh in pakistan.

Srilankan Tamil Issue:
Rajiv Gandhi was killed by srilankan tamil because IPKF killed and raped tamils instead of helping them in srilanka. Rajiv didn't controlled IPKF and he was the root cause of all the trouble, so srilankan tamil killed Rajiv. And thousands of tamils were killed because of Rajiv death and india still helping srilanka to kill thousands. And india says they cann't involve in the internal matters of srilanka.

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