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Will the Elephant trumpet in rural TN?

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BSP and all will not be successful in TN,Voilence is reverse by d
by sivasubramanian on May 13, 2009 01:07 PM  | Hide replies

Tamilnadu is not like UP where complete castism exist and dalits/High caste are at war on each other,
In TN it is reverse just with the help of DMK
these dalits are attacking and murdering middle caste,So dalit voting in one block is
not expected.There are many dalit parties in TN
They have lot of money and goons,Only middle caste is ununited and so easy target to kill and attack.In TN most agricultural dalit labour are linked to middile caste, so they don't go in caste block,so saving his deposit is more better than thinking of winning,
In UP brahmins are anti-Yadav so Mayawati won,Here no much brahmin vote to make them win and brahmins don't have that much antipathy gainst middle caste as the anti DMK brahmin are neutralised by AIADMK,which includes brahmins also.

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Re: BSP and all will not be successful in TN,Voilence is reverse
by GANESH RAJ on May 13, 2009 08:09 PM
don't talk like stupid... real progress of civilisation is progress socially... UP people's are much more progressed than TN peoples's socially... they have the attitude of accepting a dalit lady as CM... but in TN raja (telecom minister) last time elected from perambalur becoz it was reserved consistuency last time but not this time so he got his ticked from niligris reserved consistuency this time.... even dravidian party doesn't want another extra reserved candidate to walk in to parliment... so u say your developed.... ha great joke.... you peoples doesn't have right to talk about UP peoples...

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jitendra kumar
is the name of kanykumari is going to be changed
by jitendra kumar on May 13, 2009 11:12 AM

It was heard that due to conversion ,The christian population of kanykumari are planning to rename kanykumari as "kanya mary", is this true, as their mary was a virgin, but still gave birth.

please tamilians can anybody tell is that true

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Mayawati's makeover
by Freemason on May 13, 2009 10:39 AM

Maya will turn the whole of TN into a public park. She will install 55000 statues of Kanshi ram. Tamils regard Annadurai as their icon. She will have him replaced with Kanshi Ram.

The next election fight will be between Mayawati and Jaya. Armageddon is here.

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