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Will voters overcome politicians?

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Is India heading to disintegration?
by Agnostic on Mar 30, 2009 06:46 PM

Is India heading to disintegration? I am afraid yes. Thanks to the equivocating policies of so called National Parties. Be it congress or BJP they have always taken a narrow minded pro-regional stand is contentious issues like River Kaveri, Anti North Indian tirad by Bal/Raj Thakarey or Belgaum issue.

They had always tried politicise the issues by taking different stands according to the regions instead of finding a solution to the issues. This is the major reason for the rise of regional parties.

The North Indian aggression and favoritism towards the people of up-per cas-tes of Congress which imposed Hindi in Tamilnadu resulted into rise DK and DMK. Since then no national party have ever won an election of their own in Tamilnadu.

I dont expect the national parties to stop their petty politics in the near future and hence India is heading towards the danger of disintegration.

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ashok leyland
the right perspective
by ashok leyland on Mar 29, 2009 02:31 PM

Let us ask ourselves what we as Indians want, what we as Indians expect from those who are elected. We want our rights and development assured. Home, food and employment. This means development of agriculture, education, health care, infrastructure, distribution, construction of housing and energy saving/ distribution.
So who is going to give us this? Which politician has any ideas about these basics for a decent living that every Indian has a right to?
Are we going to demand this and refuse to accept all those odd acronyms of PDK, BJP, AIDMK, PPP, UPA, etc; etc; or are we going to vote for the corrupt. selfserving emn and women who have been robbing the collective wealth and polluting our country beyond repair?
Do you all honestly think we will even have a country for our children to live in? The coming generations deserve more than this chaos and indecency. Think and demand. We must rebel against corruption and injustice, if we do not do this at election time when the politicians depend on us when can we make them do as we wish, as we need them to act?

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New York
You can RULE India for $700 million
by New York on Mar 26, 2009 04:01 PM

You can RULE India for $700 million.
* Total voters = 700 million
* Votes needed to win = 350 million
Since as per BBC, 80% Indians live on 20 rupees a day, you can BUY or BRIBE a vote for $2.

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vijaya kumar
Prediction for Congress
by vijaya kumar on Mar 26, 2009 03:03 PM  | Hide replies

Today the PMK left UPA camp to join ADIMK resulting in congress seat in Tamil Nadu reduced to Zero. Former speaker Sangma from NE has announced his support for NDA resulting in 1-2 seats loss to UPA. Also today SP,LJP & RJD joined together and it may result in only 2 seats for Congress in UP. Now the prediction is
U.P : 2/80
Bihar : 0/40
WB : 5 /42
Maharastra : 8/48
Andhra : 8 /42
Tamil Nadu : 0/39
M.P : 3/29
Karnataka : 2/28
Gujarat : 2/28
Orissa : 3/21
Rajasthan : 10/25
Kerala : 8/20
Jharkand : 2/14
Punjab : 2/13
Chattisgarh : 2/11
Haryana : 3/10
Delhi : 4/7
Uttaranchal 1/5
J & K 2/6
Himachal : 0/4
Tripura : 0/2
Assam : 2/14
NE & UT : 5

Total 74

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Re: Prediction for Congress
by padman on Mar 26, 2009 04:31 PM
74 * 2 = 148

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vijaya kumar
Re: Re: Prediction for Congress
by vijaya kumar on Mar 26, 2009 04:49 PM

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Re: Re: Prediction for Congress
by mark on Mar 28, 2009 06:34 PM
UPA including congress may come close to 148. But not congress alone

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sant narasim
Who overcome whom ?
by sant narasim on Mar 26, 2009 12:45 PM

UPA allies SP, RJD, LJP, JMM, MDMK, and PMK have ditched Congress. NCP blackmailed Congress to get more seats.

So can we say that Mulayam, Lallu, Paswan, Soren, Vaiko, Ramadoss, and Pawar have overcome Sonia gandi ?

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Amit Sen
False pretenses
by Amit Sen on Mar 26, 2009 12:43 PM

When a ruling government lost majority due to its allies withdrawing support when the common minimum program was violated,it resorted to currency bundles to garner majority. Did any court take note of this blatant afront to democracy ? The speaker who pretended to be the emnbodiment of virtue was silent. Your democracy will be laughed at when such acts go unquestioned.

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NDA is still much stronger than UPA
by Vikas on Mar 26, 2009 12:34 PM  | Hide replies

BJP is versy strong in the states where they rule: Karnataka, Gujarat, MP, Chatisgarh, HP, Uttarakhand.
BJP is the only opposition party in the following states: Delhi, Rajasthan, jharkand, goa.
NDA alliance is very strong with the following parties in their own states: JDU, Akalidal, Shivsena, INLD, RLD, AGP.

In UP, Congress can get max 2 seats.
In Bihar, the tally will be
JDU=20, BJP=17
Congress=0, RJD=2, LJP=1
In Jharkhand, the tally will be
Congress=0, RJD=0, JMM=1

Congress is strong only in the following states: Maharashtra, AP, Rajasthan.
Entire UPA has collapsed.

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Re: NDA is still much stronger than UPA
by NAGARJUN SHARMA on Mar 26, 2009 01:13 PM
Make ur data correct it will be just opposite than that.

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Babu Singh
Re: Re: NDA is still much stronger than UPA
by Babu Singh on Mar 26, 2009 03:33 PM
Jaago mere Bhai.
Still dreaming

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raman govindan
Will voters overcome politicians and political parties !
by raman govindan on Mar 26, 2009 12:16 PM

in electrical transmission maximum power is transferred when the source and the load matches in impedence. similarly the political system should matche the people for their capablity, expectation and willing to sacrifice i.e no self interest. until that time mismatch occurrs and wastage will be prevalent.

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