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Buddhadeb is best bet

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election in Tamil nadu
by r.thanagvel on Apr 07, 2006 03:58 PM

When you see the past tenure of DMK/ ADMK ruling we have only bitter experience.hance people of Tamil nadu Sould select new Person like Vijaykanth and we have have to support tham and the same time teach lesson to experienced politician by the way electiin CM

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We need a Youth Party - No need of DMK/ADMK anymore
by Shan on Apr 07, 2006 12:18 PM

Now in this summer the election campaign is in full swing but the point here is who is going to govern this state for the next 5 years and who will be the right person to do so. Either DMK or ADMK both the parties have advantages as well as disadvantages. If ADMK comes to power then everything is JJ. She is somewhat ok and good and all her ministers have not done anything good during the past regime whereas JJ decisions and some of the good collectors helped this state to survive and emerge strongly after the worst situations that the state has faced. If DMK comes to power then the DMK president Mr. Karunanidhi will become the CM and his family members will enjoy various positions and use this state to build there own wealth. We don't want that to happen since he has become old and he has to leave way for the remaining people in the party say Mr. Anbazhagan who is one of the good person and there is not even a remark so far against his name all these years.
Lets hope for the best and the people of Tamil Nadu should chose the right person to work for them.

Citizen of India

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R. Sridhar.
Jayalaliltha's gallentary effort.
by R. Sridhar. on Apr 07, 2006 12:15 PM

The TN State Government employees have done only disservice in general, to the people of Tamil Nadu, due to their corrupt practices and inefficiency. Jayalalithas ruthless oppression of strike by the state government, has left a kind of satisfaction, among the public in general. State government employees consists of less then 3% of the population. But were being pampered unduly with a lots of concessions , which costs to the exchequer more then 60%. A full stop has been put to this pampering by Jayalalitha. Public are ready to appreciate her gallant effort in this regard with their votes.

R. Sridhar,
Property consultant,

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TN Polls
by Swaminathan on Apr 07, 2006 10:00 AM

I am baffled at this 'comedian' Vijayakanth who is taking his 'captain' status a bit too seriously. As some one said he does not even know who to attack during the campaigning but repeats his cinematic sudesi dialogues all over. We all know that Indian politics is based on negative campaigning and populist gimmicks. DMK has made unbelievable promise of 1kg of rice for Rs 2 and a free color TV. I am a bit out of touch with the market trend in India but even a primary school kid can work out that the supposed DMK Govt. will need crores and crores to keep up their poll promises. Who is this wily septugenarian fooling. Is he not satisfied with being the CM so many times and retire gracefully. Coming to the Captain, the man is lost. He is scared of attacking the Amma as we all know what could happen. He doesn't want to touch MK. Vijayakanth's party will not win even one seat and with great difficulty he may retain his deposit.

Project Manager

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West Bengal
by P. BOSE on Apr 07, 2006 09:45 AM

If being in constant touch with the common people in their struggle for living day in and day out is a crime - YES the left Front in West Bengal is responsible. By echoing W.B. oppotition statements without knowing the ground reality people can only live in a fools' paradise. Comparing Buddhababu with Gorbachev is incorrect as the former has never deviated from his ideology under the changing situation. Can anyone explain that why year after year Congress, Trinamul and BJP are not even able to publish their Candidate list in time before election? With this UNITY (!!)can they replace Left Front which has gone through time tasted pro-people struggles! My request is painting WB situation wrongly we should not insult the elctorate here who have been electing Left Front year after year and are not known to be non-sense.

Secondly, we listen to killing of democracy and scientific rigging etc. With no shortage of superlative legal brains why there has not been legal actions by the opposition in WB? Not during the Congress or any other Party in the Centre !

We should stop thinking about WB from the comfortable a.c. Cafeterias and go to the WB villages and understand the reality there.

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For Kerlaa, Ommen Chandy is the best
by zunil on Apr 07, 2006 09:40 AM

Kerala, which witnessede coalition politics for quite long time and voted alternate coalition each time. So this time the chance is for LDF naturally.

But as a keralite, I firmly believe, the best cM for kerala is Ommen chandy. He is honest, non-corrupt, active, fast.
If achuthanandan comes , then its doom for kerala's development. Eventhough he is honest, he does not have any ideaof thechanges happening in World and does not ahve any vision for kerala.

My prayer is for Ommen Chandy eventhough thts a distant reality.


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Baldeo Pandey
Buddhadeb-the Gorbachev of West Bengal
by Baldeo Pandey on Apr 07, 2006 07:04 AM

West Bengal has been the land of socio-political consciousness of India.But during 1967 'Gherav Hooliganism'of Neo-communist movement,the black cloud of political hypocracy masked the fate of the state.Now this state has been reduced to a marginalied and one of the backward state of India.Indutrialisation of the state was hampered by opportune and unethical 'Trade Unionism'.The 'Bhadra Manush'are rendered unemployed and frustrated.Still the so called progressive comrades are dreaming for green pasture land in coming assembly elections.Buddhadeb Babu has been restlessly trying to push the state's economy on right track.But orthodox comrades under the shade of fading Jyoti Babu are adamant to fetter the speed of economic liberisation in the state.China's political pragmatism is of no use for them.The corrupt,intellectually bankrupt and Goonda Raj is thriving at the cost of poor people of the state.There is no any trade union leader like Late Sh Jagdish Pandey and a mass leader like Late Vidhan Babu in today, West Bengal who in their respective fields did excellent job.Let the people of the state to decide the fate of the state.
Baldeo Pandey Chandigarh 09815601768

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Shyamal Ray
Election in West Bengal
by Shyamal Ray on Apr 07, 2006 12:09 AM

What's the choice? We are talking about Budhadeb Babu or Mamata Bandyopadhya - both are individuals not the parties. In a democracy it is the party that matters. It seems people have lost touch of democracy and think of individuals - like dictators.
Unfortunate - is there a future?

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