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Buddhadeb is best bet

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Sushanta Roy Chowdhury
Lead the team from the Front
by Sushanta Roy Chowdhury on Apr 06, 2006 11:42 PM

Viewing the current scenario of West Bengal Political system I am happy with the approch shown by Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya. In veiw the voting system I may suggest to the people to vote for Mr. Buddha as he atleast trying to do something for the people of Bengal.

But From my child-hood age I have seen all the politicians including marxists all of them only think about their pocket never think about the general people. But at the time of vote they all come out to the general people with a full bag of duties, responsibilites & dream. So far as C.P.M Party did nothing for the people of West Bengal as they lead the west bengal over 2 decades. In this era the education system has been politicized in a manner that the youths are getting effected badly. In the work place the labourers are away from their production but involved them into Politics. Thus most of the companies shut down their business. As a whole the economic sturcture is also shuttered. Hence I may suggest to the people of westbengal to go for vote boycott. Beause at the time of polling of a booth the booth basically captured by the ruling party. So, general people who comes to vote are basically lose their rights.

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Tamil nadu elections
by a.s.nagesh on Apr 06, 2006 11:01 PM

Implementation with the stick was more successful with jayalalitha. The implementation of the rain-water harvesting was very tough, now it has given the result with many dry areas where subsoil water has not gone off, because of rain water harvesting. Police was more receptive, as they were given free hand. I personally feel, that in chennai city which always boasts of DMK, this time it will be different because of solving of water problem- water harvesting and veeranam by jayalalitha.

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by A.P.Nagrath on Apr 06, 2006 09:42 PM

How can any one genuinly believing in Democracy even dream of voting for the communists? Haven't they not done enough damage already to the basic fabric of the society and the economy? And in any case, we mostly have five star communists in India with a typically feudal mindset.

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People are crazy in Criticize communists
by Ravi on Apr 06, 2006 08:14 PM

It has become habbit of crticize communists for So called educated people(not wise people). I am very confidant that People of Bengal are not fools (though I am not from Bengal) to elect CPM seventh time. No one become successful in fooling anyone consecutively seventh time.Now our Election commission is taking extraodinary measures in Bengal Election as they did in Bihar.Still people are very active in crticizing communists,no body can help them.If they come up with very specific instances in malpractices in last years,are welcome and ready to accept the facts. If they really have some constructive policies which they feel better than Left policies, Bengal is ready accept.

I would request you accept the fact and give some constructive opinon and valid arugument.

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Buddhadeb-The best.
by nandita. on Apr 06, 2006 07:54 PM

Buddhadev is the best bet in west bengal . There is no doubt about it . not in his party and not in the opposition ,there is no one so honest , strict ,gentle and efficient .
i am sure about it .

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