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No celebrations at Manmohans

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Goutam Sen
Manmohan Singh as PM
by Goutam Sen on May 26, 2004 11:35 PM

Dr.ManmohanSingh is a thorough gentleman.Our country led by him will surely progress well.No more time should be wasted in picking on the NDA but just invest in taking charge and leading the country with proper focus.It is easier said than done.

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 Vaibhav Shah
Mr. Manmohan Singh - as PM
by Vaibhav Shah on May 20, 2004 06:57 PM

There could have been nothing better than this, a great economist becoming PM

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Mahesh Jha
by Mahesh Jha on May 20, 2004 03:52 PM

The selection of mr. manmohan Singh as the Prime
minister of India is a great event. Under shri Singh,
Iam sure, Indian economy will achieve great heights,
provided the outdated left politicians do not spoil
the party and the 10, janpath gives him autonomy in
governance. The so called great sacrifice by Mrs.
Sonia Gandhi is nothing but a clever political decision, for we all know that the fragile coalition government is going to be shortlived and the final
round of fresh election will again have to be played
within two years given the cross and pulls from power
hungry leaders like Pawars, laloos and comorades.
Sonia ji knew it and after a lot of drama,publicity
and histrionics, the mantle was passed on to probably
the only Congress leader of undisputed honesty and
least troublesome at the time of any future power shift towards Sonia family, when the going gets easier
due to his tireless efforts. In case, Shri Singh fails
to deliver due to pulls and pressures, he will be made
the sacrifical goat at the husting and India will learn that only Sinia can deliver and a come back will
be forced on the rather "reluctant" Soniaji .

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salute the brave
by rupa on May 20, 2004 03:41 PM  | Hide replies

dont be such an ignorant by commenting on future so soon. Salute to Sonia for her bravery and selflessness. Whatever the reason may be (well, we indians are so jealous of each other that we can not even see others sacrificing something just because we cant!!!) even u or i couldnt have done such an act in that situation. So acknowledge that. I am not a congress person, but I still think what she has done is a great job. I am also not into politics, but Manmohan Singh is an excellent choice as PM. The congress workers had selected a particular leader, for so many years now (for whatever reasons, again). It will take days for the fact to trickle down that they have a different leader now. Please give them time to settle down on things, cos that is a simple human behaviour.
And if you have read news properly, Sonia, unlike her mother-in-law and husband is not interfering with chiefministers (from congress) at state level. So till now there is no proof at all as who is going to hold the majic-wand. please do your research properly before predicting future!!!

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RE:salute the brave
by praveen on May 20, 2004 09:10 PM
Rupa you are an idiot. sonia knows her government cant sustain because bjp will grow stronger questioning her motives rather than policies, her allies laloos and pawars and dmk will withdraw support other than tdp and sp i have not seen any ally stick around for long in any coalition going back to 70's. she did the same drama before becoming party president and replacing kesari(non-elected member of rajya sabha) now a religious minority has taken the PM seat already so the catholic can takeover next. no other country allows a foriegner to take over as PM or president look at Fijii mahendra choudhary was even born in fijii. stop this liberal Bullshit you are just obsessed with white skin

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Thomas Ninan
Prime Minister's Job
by Thomas Ninan on May 20, 2004 03:21 PM

The selection of Dr.Singh as our next PM brings about a logical question for us to think...
Should the criteria for having the right person for the job of the Prime Minister necessarily be only through direct election by the people? Will it bring up the right person for doing the job?
I suppose Dr.Singh's tenure will give more sense to this.

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