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Ambika Soni on Election 2004

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Our greatest happiness is in Gujarat.
by Kasim on May 13, 2004 06:34 PM

Yes! I am glad to hear this comment made by Ms. Ambika Soni the Congress spokesperson. It is time to teach them lesson and I am pleased to my Gujarati brothers and sisters that they are beleiver of peace and brotherhood.

Dispite of lot of effort to encourage them to vote for them by Mr. Modi and BJP but they are not fullish infact they made them to full.

You are finished Mr. Modi now it's time to pay for you, you done bit good as you believe but done lot of things which are against of democracy, you think that you can make people fullish all the time but Mr. Modi this is your mistake, now what's are your future planning? could another violence within My State or some other strategy which could help you to gain popularity. Mr. Modi you must resign from your post because you and your party lose public opinion, you must desolve assembly and announce further election in Gujarat, let see what would you gain, I am very happy that congress made good effort within Gujarat and sweapt BJP seats. Cheers to congress and bad luck to Mr. Modi and BJP. after all it is politics, kal aap ka tha lakin ab hamari bari hai.

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kavita D Patil
kavita patil 2004
by kavita D Patil on May 13, 2004 05:56 PM

This is really great news for those who lives below poverty line, " congress ka hat garibo ke sath"
This has really proved by the people of India who lives in the villages.
Though the media has always given a very wrong picture till yesterday but due efforts of Sonia Gandhi, Congress have achieved the seats so that congress will be able to form the govt.
Videshi bahu has won, & deshi bahu Ms. Smriti Irani has lost from the constituency.
This proves that how Sonia image is powerful in our country & can't be compare with anybody at present.
I am the vice president of Mahila congress committe at Nagpur & from our constituency we have won.
I would like to give thanks to all the people of Nagpur for their beloved & valuable support to congress.
Once again Thanks to our valuable voters,
Kavita Patil,

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Amit Saha
National Shame
by Amit Saha on May 13, 2004 05:54 PM

There is nothing wrong that congress bags majority. But, it will be national shame, if Sonia becomes Prime Minister of India.

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raphael sebastian
Gujarat election result - our happiness
by raphael sebastian on May 13, 2004 04:58 PM

While Ambika Soniaji's happiness on the outcome of Gujarat Loksabha Election result is understandable, this is a lesson to you too if continues to undermine the electroate and rule the party's whimsical fancies

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Ali Shahanshah
At least divine justice prevails !
by Ali Shahanshah on May 13, 2004 04:47 PM

In midst of turmoil and calamities we appeal to the divine as we cannot bear the burden of the pain and suffering.
Narender Modi.Vinay katiyar and the whole gang of the lotus brigade,decried a woman who had sacrificed all that she had .God has answered her prayers and the Indian people have given her their faith.We wish her well in what ever she does!

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Sonia should never be PM
by seshan on May 13, 2004 04:42 PM

please Don't let people like ambica soni to write scuh articles. Being an indian how can you ever think an italian ruling you. Hope good indian blood run in these people's body. What ever she says sonia is an italian. I still feel there are sensible brains in congress and its alies camp. Hope they think sensible enough and make sure that a female of italian origin fails to occupy the highest position in indian democracy

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Sonia deserved what the nation gave her
by Harsharanjit on May 13, 2004 04:12 PM

Through your goodself, i take this oppurtunity to congratulate Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. She deserved this sweet moment after all the hardwork she has put into. And what rubbish, she had to bear in her endevour to put the congress party on the top. We congressmen should be indebted to her for wholehertedly putting such dedication & hard work for making the party a force to reckon and her contribution in defeating the communal & divicive forces.

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Nakhat Ara Naqvi
Congress on winning elections
by Nakhat Ara Naqvi on May 13, 2004 03:55 PM

Now that the Congress Party is heading to stake claim to form the new government I sincerely request all its leaders and would be ministers to strictly look into the problems of the common man. The poor man who has no say in anything except the vote that he casts on a five year basis. The plight of the farming community is a grave concern besides the unemployment of the educated youth. The corruption/bribe that have built strong inroad into the system of selection should be seriously worked out. How can a middle class person be exected to pay Rs 5 lakh for his appointment, it is disgusting to see that a non deserving person is working. Once the minister takes charge he forget his duty. I just hope that this governemt would sincerely work for the well being of the common man. Otherwise this government will be thrown out in the next elections the way that the BJP has been. Please do something for us, by us I mean the common man.

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