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Rahul''s entry energises Congress

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joji joseph
Birth day greetings
by joji joseph on Jun 20, 2006 02:07 PM

Many Many happy returns of the day

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Nice thing to happen for the country
by skrishna on Apr 23, 2004 01:19 PM

India needs a strong young and dynamic leader. If Rahul or Priyanka can fill this place than it would be great for India. These are the leaders who has the country wide popularity.

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Rahuls entry into politics
by Jyotisman on Apr 21, 2004 10:28 AM

Well, its been no surprise. Its been on the cards for a long time now and Rahul Gandhi has taken an opportune moment to plunge into politics.
Its true that we need young politicians who can dream of a free India...free from the bondage of caste and communal based politics capable of manipulating the uneducated and the poor.I wish Rahul all the best in surviving and getting better of the "dirty politics" he has chosen to get himself into. You need people with good intentions as much as people who have experience of politics to be a good politician. Wishing Rahul all the success in that endeavour

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Dr Sayeed Ahmad
by Dr Sayeed Ahmad on Apr 09, 2004 04:57 AM

I am glad Rahul has entered in Congress to contest election and advise Soniaji to ask Priyanka also to contest the election to take the Nation in the right direction for the prosperity and progress of this country so that people of all walks of life can live peacefully with love and equality in every sphere.

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India shinning
by pavan on Apr 05, 2004 09:29 PM

It was very good to see a young and a dyanmic Rahul entering in to politics but it would be more Good if Priynaka would have contested to the Lok sabha. I think it was a good answere for the BJP people and the answere was given to them Know what will they target No more foreign orgin issue. Know we can say proudly that Congress party is shinning.Common rahul go ahead we all r back of you i hope The young eduacted generation will support you we all want to see u as a Prime minister of india.

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Ajaz Pasha
Rahul entry into politics.
by Ajaz Pasha on Mar 30, 2004 01:58 PM

It is really blessing in disguise for the people of the nation in general and the congress party in particular regarding the entry of Rahul Gandhi. May god bless him all the success in his new endeavour.

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the best thing could happen
by dushyant on Mar 30, 2004 06:06 AM

its a very nice thing that a new young generation is coming in politics. rahul, priyanka, joytiraditey sindhia, sachin pailet they are leaders who have a very strong background with great education and i think they are going to make a big difference in indian politics.

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