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Why can't Sreesanth play for another country?

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ayesha desai
Shreesanth's ban
by ayesha desai on Oct 31, 2017 12:17 AM

How can BCCI overrule court decision? BCCI is a private body, which itself has been accused of corruption by courts.

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madanmohan siddhanthi
by madanmohan siddhanthi on Oct 25, 2017 07:00 AM


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madanmohan siddhanthi
by madanmohan siddhanthi on Oct 25, 2017 06:55 AM

Sreesant deserves a better treatment even if he is guilty .Which person has not made mistakes -see Azharuddin now in politic and gets invited to all function -is he not guilty

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Sresant who will want him anyway
by KARAN on Oct 24, 2017 12:51 PM

While it is clear that Sreesanth is A very wrong guy ,why should BCCI stop him from.playing abroad,..who will want him anyway,donot make hero out of zero,leave him alone let him do what he wants

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Manoj Jain
Not fair comparing to Priyanka....
by Manoj Jain on Oct 24, 2017 12:15 PM  | Hide replies

How,on this earth,could you do this..Priyanka is no cheat..on the contrary,she is making us all proud through her skills the world over..Could the same apply to Sreesanth..hope good sense prevails..

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Rajib Paul
Re: Not fair comparing to Priyanka....
by Rajib Paul on Oct 24, 2017 03:22 PM
Can you please elaborate what skills of Priyanka are you talking about...

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s kumar
Re: Re: Not fair comparing to Priyanka....
by s kumar on Oct 25, 2017 01:01 PM
He is talking about her skin show skills

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venugopal bhandary
Why can't Sreesanth play for another country?
by venugopal bhandary on Oct 24, 2017 11:16 AM  | Hide replies

Sreeshant is not only lost due to fixing also he is the victim of politics.There were many cricketers lost their career due to the poor selection method of Indian cricket.I think the latest list may include Yuvi,Raina,Ashwin and no surprise Dhoni and Jadeja will join the list soon .
Banning Sreeshant for life time may be a big achievement for someone but the fact that what right BCCI has to stop him playing for other countries,After all it is his ability to keep his profession live.You are not allowing to play in the domestic cricket because of your political dominance over the game but spoiling someones career will backfire one day.Earlier BCCI played this game with many famous players.ICL was also generated with one of such incidents...

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Message deleted by moderator
Ramesh PK
Why can't Sreesanth play for another country?
by Ramesh PK on Oct 24, 2017 09:16 AM  | Hide replies

The instances cited had one common thing; Extraordinary talents and none were banned from any country/clubs.
As long as one fits to above criteria, with a cooling-off period, they can play for countries of their choice.
But the cricketer in question, does he fit the bill??

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ganesha jaguva
Re: Why can't Sreesanth play for another country?
by ganesha jaguva on Oct 24, 2017 10:54 AM
question is whether he is fit or not.. question is he allowed

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Ramesh PK
by Ramesh PK on Oct 24, 2017 09:11 AM

Why will any country take him?
1) Not an extraordinary cricketing Talent
2) One of the most undisciplined cricketers
3) Monkeying mannerisms on/off the field
4) Even without a ban, he cant field a place in today's XI
5) Captain's bane
6) Cannot be a good team man with known political affliations
7) Doubted integrity towards the game & a bad influence..
Its past & lets move on..Rediff dont have any better contributors, perhaps..

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sirivella samuel prabhakar
lets leave this matter
by sirivella samuel prabhakar on Oct 24, 2017 01:22 AM

Please never allow upcoming sport persons to ruin their life. It was passe let be his problem.

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