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'I would back MS as captain...he is best suited to handle most situations'

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Subodha Barik
where batting will be 4/6? immidately stand fielder. this area
by Subodha Barik on Jan 22, 2016 08:49 PM

do it.

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by Vamsi on Jan 22, 2016 10:19 AM

I would back Dhoni's captain cricket.We support Dhoni's captain. If kolhi shall be new captain.. he will fail to bat... Dhoni is best & Cool captain.

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by Murali_Hhalli on Jan 22, 2016 08:11 AM

Dhoni is best capatin ever seen in indian history, we are support . jai Hind

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Cricket is best
by kareem on Jan 21, 2016 10:14 PM

but, Bangaladesh need world cup, they cannot think any main steram game, Pak, Sreelanka won already.. Dhoni he is beat ever sports man in history.. he proved no need any skill but luck to win 7 nation game.

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by GS on Jan 21, 2016 10:09 PM  | Hide replies

That's right Mr. Cricket, I'm sure you talking to the new Pune IPL Franchise has nothing to do with the views expressed in this article. It is purely a cricketing observation based on years of experience.

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Re: Views
by kareem on Jan 21, 2016 10:16 PM
WHy Cricket?? that is my doubt, greatest sports nation Pak, Sreelanka now Bangaldesh wanna win world cup.. thus why we supportting this?

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Re: Re: Views
by GS on Jan 22, 2016 04:35 AM

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sharad gaitonde
loss of 4th od
by sharad gaitonde on Jan 21, 2016 09:42 PM  | Hide replies

M.S Dhoni has contributed for Undian Cricket as cool headed successful caption.But late ly his reflexes behind wicket are sluggish.MSD'qualification is not lately justifiale.Absece of Raina has exposed him totaly.Some more time given to him justifiable.Now Dhoni to decide about his future in Indian Cricket.

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Message deleted by moderator
Re: loss of 4th od
by kareem on Jan 21, 2016 09:57 PM
Dhonio proved 7 nation game no nned any skill but luck..

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kowshika adisheshan
Worst Palyer
by kowshika adisheshan on Jan 21, 2016 09:22 PM

Dhoni is the Worst Player compared to any other cricketer in the World, because, he plays Cricket like "Gilli-Dand". As far as Captaincy is concerned, He should be removed immediately from Captaincy, not because he is not playing Properly(In Indian Cricket even Nehra gets a recall), because, he lied to Lodha Committee, under oath, that Meyappan is a Cricket Enthusiast and has got nothing to do with CSK. He should have been jailed by now for aiding Miyappan in Match Fixing. IN BCCI, discipline should come first.

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Subodha Barik
what bowling doing. idiot bowler group.
by Subodha Barik on Jan 21, 2016 08:44 PM  | Hide replies

no idea about throw in yarkar, bouncer, seamer, perfect ball, hit the ball in pad.
many types. no lbw.
i am telling . ball in good position throw.
it is like more bouncer or yarkar.

throw in next match.
not throw in shrot ball.
if throwing anybody. then out of team.
mind it.
why playing in india. old bowler will playing.
ysuf pathan, zaheer khan, asish nehra.
only give advertise & with best salary?
get out from indian team.
sharam rohit will be taking oneday captain.
u lost everything. no need from u .
mind it . it is last chance.
then become zero.

what i am telling .what u doing.only u reason for defeat.
by Subodha Barik (View MyPage) on Jan 21, 2016 07:50 PM

i have also power . if i want to dismiss from team. no needy of u. saha is best for u.
what u think. u need out of team. then it is best for all.why need gurukreet singh,rishi
this is not international player. why u select u. this is the main reason. why not aswini , manish pandey. these two add in last oneday.
do it.

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Message deleted by moderator
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