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'If there is no case against Sreesanth, the BCCI's ban is totally unjustified'

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balakrishna venugopal
by balakrishna venugopal on Aug 08, 2015 10:51 AM

BCCI playing politics, remove ban immediately and induct him play national cricket,

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santhosh naik
by santhosh naik on Aug 04, 2015 08:35 PM

Sreeshanth need support of public.. our support always with you

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santhosh naik
We Support Sreeshanth
by santhosh naik on Aug 04, 2015 08:33 PM

We Support Sreeshanth

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by CC on Aug 04, 2015 08:32 PM

try another profession like breakdance,adult movies...you are not fit to play game of cricket

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by Hindustani on Aug 04, 2015 08:09 PM

An over-rated bowler who is always known more for foolish antics on cricket ground rather than bowling talent. He always proved to be more headache and troublemaker for Indian Captain than opposition. So there won't be any loss for Indian cricket team without him.

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b g
Ban on Sreeshant
by b g on Aug 04, 2015 07:45 PM

Well the court is the highest body who decides and gives judgement on who is right and wrong. When it has decided that Sree is not guilty then no one can disregard it, and doing so means that they are disrespecting India. BCCI has no right to do that.

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samant kumar
Need gentlemen not idiots.
by samant kumar on Aug 04, 2015 06:56 PM

Cricket needs gentlemen like Dhoni and Dravid, not idiots like Sreesanth. Indian team is lot better without him.

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samant kumar
no smoke without fire.
by samant kumar on Aug 04, 2015 06:50 PM  | Hide replies

There is no smoke without fire. There is something wrong with thsi cricketer. When he has started representing the country in cricket, his style and code of conduct was never normal. He also got a slap from Harbhajan for insulting him. He was never a team man and he will never be. He also used to bowl like idiots. No way he should be allowed to represent thje country but since he is exonarated, he can play at club levels or IPL but not for country..Never. Except Keralities, nobody believes him.

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Discusion Forum
Re: no smoke without fire.
by Discusion Forum on Aug 08, 2015 09:40 AM
You said it. Except Keralities nobody believes him that is why he was deliberately accused by some 'Regional' people and even after court acquitted him these people are not allowing him to play. This kind of regionalism will spoil crciket.

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viswakumar kaippilly
Not Justifiable in any account -
by viswakumar kaippilly on Aug 04, 2015 05:21 PM

The system was spoiled his carrier and life also. Everyone know that the case was a fabricated one and a conspiracy and lobbying is behind this. He is an innocent and sincere cricketer. Show some justice to him by removing ban over him.

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Jose Sucorinho Antao
Better not select him
by Jose Sucorinho Antao on Aug 04, 2015 05:09 PM

It is better that sreesanth is kept out of the Indian team. He may be exonerated.May be lack of evidence helped him. But his life - style is not meant for cricketers who play a gentle mans game. Sreesanth also intimidates players and gets slapped for that than he ends up crying like a baby before the media.BCCI better leave him out of the team.

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