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Kapil sacked as NCA Chairman

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kapil and bcci
by bowler on Sep 28, 2007 05:18 PM

That bcci has the sole right on cricket is a farce. Cricket is a sport and its everones right . BCCi needs to thank the people for having provided them the scope for prominence so long . Its time that they get some competition as they have become bullish and political in nature.
Kapil played and devoted his life for the sport . The trend today is that cricket is played for money and not for crickets sake.kapil will change this trend.
God has been kind enough for so long that this issue has not boiled down in public minds , otherwise there would be a mass boycott of matches by the public arranged by the BCCi.

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swamy ajjanna
by swamy ajjanna on Aug 24, 2007 10:35 AM

Dear Mr kapil dev , nothing to worry , its a time matter without politics you can select a better team then indian national team it can win any teamin india , INDIA HAVE POTENTIAL TO CREATE TOP 8 TEAMS IN THE WORLD



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Hansraj Chahar
Is it Sportsman Spirit ?
by Hansraj Chahar on Aug 24, 2007 01:53 AM

Dear Readers,
I am a NRI migrated to UK as a Highly Skillled Migrant and also a Ex Serviceman from Indian Navy. Though I live in UK but still I remain attached to my country through various news channels and internet. When I could read through the news about BCCI and Kapil, I wrote my message on 06 August on the same website and my calculations came true.
It is really disgusting to know Kapil is sacked from Chairmanship of NCA and other young players wanted to join ICL are barred from playing BCCI. Is this a sportman spirit? Are we living in Democracy?
I feel NCA should feel honoured to have a cricketing star like Kapil as their chairman. How many world cups India has won so far? Just one in 1983. Definetely it was a "Team Effort" and my full regards to other team members but can any one forget the contribution of Kapil alone in same World Cup when India lost 5 wickets for just 17 runs on the board against Zimbabwe and he scored 175 not out. Can you forget Vivian Richard's high flying catch in the in 1983 World Cup Final. Those sitting in BCCI should watch the vedio.
I have never met Kapil and may not in future as well but I feel pity for him. India is Democracy for the name sake only, because democarcy is being killed by politicians themselves. There is code of conduct for everyone but not for politicians. You can watch their behaviour live in Parliament, if still have doubt just watch the vedio of what happened recently in

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Kapil & ICL vs Devil & BCCI
by DANIEL POTLA on Aug 23, 2007 06:53 AM  | Hide replies

Waw guys! Sports is bringing us together..specifically the ICL..I have just gone through all the posts sofar..I have to say it is UNANIMOUS opinion that Kapil & ICl are here to stay..BUT I DONT UNDERSTAND ONE THING..WHEN THERE ARE SO MANY SPORTS CLUBS ALL OVER THE GLOBE HOW CAN BCCI BAN ICL? NO SPORTING SPIRIT

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RE:Kapil & ICL vs Devil & BCCI
by on Apr 01, 2008 02:02 PM
how can bcci ban "ICL"

bcci is full of politics

n it dont have the guts to compete ICL

so hip hip hurrah to

ICL long live icl

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RE:RE:Kapil & ICL vs Devil & BCCI
by on Apr 01, 2008 02:05 PM
india is with u kapil

u dont need to have bcci with u

so cheer up

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linux linux
Kapil dev
by linux linux on Aug 23, 2007 05:41 AM

Kapil Dev is a hero. Politicians incharge of BCCI have no standing to ban him.
Besides I think BCCI contention that they won't select players who play for ICL seems illegal. It should be challenged in court.

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Yamraj of cricket!!
by heaven on Aug 22, 2007 06:19 PM

And the Yamraj of Indian cricket award goes to the BCCI!! The learned old farts will finally be successful in bringing the game to its logical end!

God! How can someone be so thick skinned. When the whole country is baying for their blood, they still conduct their meetings and issues 'fatwas' on how Indian cricket is to be run! Lets treat them like how we deal with communal extremism; 'encounter' karo aur maaro salo ko!!

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Innocents will perish...
by heaven on Aug 22, 2007 06:15 PM  | Hide replies

As always, petty politics of the pow(a)rs to be will bring a good sport to its end!

I still do not understand what standing do people like Pawar/Shah and their cronies have, when it comes to cricket!! Its all stupid politics and the saddest part of the affair is taht innocents will be slaughtered!!

My heart goes out to the youngsters who have stars in their eyes and its a tough call to make. I am sure they were adviced correctly but when your future and your career are at stake it is a very brave decision.

Kapil has done his bit and nothing, not even a BCCI ban can affect him. The rest of the veterans are foreigners who will not be affected again; the poor boys who are making a career in cricket will be done in!

Hope these buggers in BCCI understand their plight and try to sort out this issue over the table instead of openly banning the poor blokes!

Please BCCI, we know you are a incompetent bunch, do not act out the 'grim reaper' part and bring the good sport finally to its end in the country!!

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RE:Innocents will perish...
by rhodo on Aug 22, 2007 09:40 PM
See, Kapil just added one more option for all. If you want to stick to BCCI, all you are loosing is this new option. If you are going with ICL, you know why you are going. Moreover, things are going to change, later, I hope, so that it won't remain my way or highway.

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manoj Sharma
All the BEST ICL
by manoj Sharma on Aug 22, 2007 05:08 PM

i dont understand how BCCI can ban the player from ICL from playing for indian team if they have talent.

is it a constitutional body who has to decide?

it the team playing at present is team india or team BCCI?

what a immature behaviour BCCI has shown?

BCCI afraid also, so hiked fees upto 10 times, which would not have been possible for next 20 years?

upto now BCCI was sleeping and suddenly the player playing domestic cricket have become important, why so?

why BCCI is afraid of competition?

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Kamal deep
Non Sports man spirit
by Kamal deep on Aug 22, 2007 04:15 PM

Seems like the claiming to manage the Best Indian Team. The Team India.
And No sportsman spirit.

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