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Harbhajan hits back at SGPC

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cheer-up harbhajan
by guruvinder on Oct 11, 2006 06:22 PM

SGPC shouldn't interfere in others personal life. I think there's no need for Harbhajan to feel sorry in front of media. this is just rediculous on there (SGPC) part.........

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Parminder Singh Aziz
It is one's perspective
by Parminder Singh Aziz on Oct 11, 2006 11:08 AM

Dear all

I have read everybody's perspective on H'bhajan's ad and what happened post-ad.

If you say you are a Sikh that means you believe in what Guru Sahibaan have said. When Guru is saying you should cover your hair then one should do that.

Counting whether others are not following a religion correctly does correct us.

Those who are calling it pre-historic or the things of times back, to them I want to tell that Sikhi as a unique religion is as significant as it was in 15th-18th century. Those who do not want to keep unshorn hair and to cover their hair, should be let go taking them not as Sikhs.

Yes, it is his life. He can do anything he likes, but if he does anything anti-Sikhi, he is not our Sikh brother. That's it. There are so many odd jobs in the world, and he chooses to have a haircut saloon only.

Those who are having any problem with my comments, just go and read the Reht Maryada.

Parminder Singh

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Harbhajan is fare
by mkareems on Oct 09, 2006 03:41 PM

It is shame on religios people that they are always behined who is popular and always want to poke finger in other matter as they get even a miner chance. poor bhajji is becoming victom of them. the Religious Goup like SPGC always try to finger it out at celibreties like bhajji.SPGC group must not give so much media important to silly thing. all useless fool are filled in this organization.

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harbajan's hair
by dom on Oct 09, 2006 01:44 AM

Why O why can't we grow up and let each do as he pleases? Let an individual live up to his religion in the best way he can.Who is anybody to question another's religious integrity based on his appearance? I personally know Sikhs who have cut their hair,Christians who are not regular to church,HIndus who eat beef outside their homes: and they are fully concious of their doings.Why can't we stop making issues of Harbhajan's hair or the legnth of Sania's skirt?

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Ravinder Manshahia
Harbhanjan's Issue
by Ravinder Manshahia on Oct 08, 2006 10:57 PM

So Harbhajan did wrong , having his hair open.
But this is his life and he can do the ads but not with open hair.

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I personally think it is not an offensive issue
by Karthik on Oct 08, 2006 09:25 PM  | Hide replies

Harbhajan has a point. When there are lot of people like Yuvraj has hair exposed why are they singling out Harbhajan? Beats me.

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sarabjeet singh
RE:I personally think it is not an offensive issue
by sarabjeet singh on Oct 11, 2006 12:06 PM
churchs are on sale in europe.

christians are converting to islam and sikhism.

youth is doomed to drugs and sex.

it is my life.

lot to say about that. but why should i waste time, when no one is ready to listen.

popular slogan is "hum to doobayngay sanam, tumeh v lay doobayngay"

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sarabjeet singh
RE:I personally think it is not an offensive issue
by sarabjeet singh on Oct 11, 2006 12:03 PM
i have never done anything to defame sikhs. for all my life, i have been behaving with others nicely as i would be taken as a sikh, and not as sarabjeet.

i help people. i give lift to others. i always keep a small bottle of petrol in my scooter, so that i can give it to the needy, so that he may remember a sikh helped him.

i dont fight with others. even i forgive them.

it is only with minority. if a sikh does a good job, he will give a good name to his community.

one bhagat singh gave a good name to sikhism.

he also cut his hair, but for a good cause.

harbhajan singh has done a great shame to sikhism.

all are with harbhajan, because all are hindus or other religion.

only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

only a sikh (or a true sikh) can feel it.

and even sikhs' replies on this forum are of the sikhs, who are not sikhs in true sense.

what hindus can feel it. they have no religious discipline. and they want others to be like them. they can do anything. they smoke, chew pan, drink alcohol, eat non-veg.

and they say, it's my life.

this slogan it's my life has taken the western world to doom.

churchs are on sale in europe. contd....

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Varinder Singh
Sikh-Is it necessary to keep hair.
by Varinder Singh on Oct 08, 2006 04:20 PM

Can SGPC explain/educate , is it necessary for a sikh to keep hair.

It is required only when you want to become a Khalsa. Because all the gurus were following a different tradition and only Guru Gobind Singh Ji asked the people to come forward to become Khalsa and fight Mugals.He didnot said that all sikh will keep hair.

Please throw light on the subject from Gurbani not from your personal ideas.

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Nobody is a true sikh in today's world
by Sabi on Oct 08, 2006 09:30 AM

Before pointing fingers at Harbhajan, look into your own collars. Have you never done anything which might be against the Sikh Religion. Thousands of Sikhs (with Turban) drink alcohol and smoke cigrattes, why doesnt SGPC hang them? Thousands of sikhs trim their beard and cut their hair..why SGPC doesnt raise an alarm on them? Even worse, members of the SGPC speak lie everyday from political point of view. So why just Harbhajan? Come on people GROW UP...Harbhajan is a human being first and then a Sikh, and history is evident that human beings make mistakes. Harbhajan has already seeked apology for what he did and being true SIKHS we should pardon him for his first and last mistake. BOLE SO NIHAL, SAT SRI AKAL !!!!

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take it easy
by sohail on Oct 08, 2006 07:45 AM

what harbhajan does or does not do will in no way change the contributions of the Sikh faith to India and the world.

when will people realize that religion and its observances are something personal. I am sure he never meant it as a reflection of the Sikh faith......

it is the same old story with people from all religions.... all they do is whine(muslims with the cartoons, hindus with the photos of god, sikhs with harbhajan)........ the greatness of someone lies in realizing that faith transcends all these earthly things. just because a sikh left his hair open during an ad does not change the message of the gurus. or does it??

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dont make harbhajan's act a big issue
by neeraj on Oct 08, 2006 12:29 AM

wats up guys.. why u r makin harbhajan's ad a big issue?? we live in a independent country n everybody has right to live freely.. n now wen Bajji has apologised it then dont make a mess again..inspite of crisicing anyone.. do some creative work yaar...

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