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Chappell cautioned

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Kannan Sankaran
Greg and Saurav
by Kannan Sankaran on Mar 06, 2006 11:44 PM

Its another thing commenting about Saurav's capabilities at this stage. But to comment on his finances, i don't think that greg is doing anything great.When an issue is just dying down, it is a ridiculous comment...More than Saurav, Greg needs money at this age ...When i guy like sachin ran away from captaincy to concentrate on his records, saurav stood up and built a platform...For that, he is showered with abuses and that too from a paid baba...That's cricket folks...Now it is clear...the project is just to insult saurav...God save indian cricket from these babus...


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grap vine
Chappel's unwarranted comments on Saurav
by grap vine on Mar 06, 2006 12:33 AM

This is horrendous and ridiculous that ones makes an open statement to press and gets away with it through a meagre warning. Y is the code of conduct not included in the contract agreement of the coach. How can BCCI be so haplessly careless.

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Chappel reprimanded
by ANOOP on Mar 05, 2006 08:39 PM

Chappel has indeed pumped a new spirit into the Indian team.But to make such nasty comments about a Former Captain is undigestable.BCCI should control him on this.Saurav is indeed a valuable player.He deserves respect.

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Manish Kumar Aggarwal
Cricket India
by Manish Kumar Aggarwal on Mar 05, 2006 02:48 PM

Its our nature to repeat any abuse to ourself. The same is the repetition of Chappel. We are surprised to see the Indian senior players sharing the joy and happiness to him. Its looking that a great Indian Captain in Ganguly is a victim of Chappel and some Indians also.

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What a Coach India got.
by Imeemax on Mar 05, 2006 01:35 PM

I want to know Why Chappel is not giving Chance to Ganguly whereas Inzimam Also didnt Played well in last world Cup after that we was given Chance after dropping for few Series and it proved to be Worthwhile.
Is Chappel having his Own Rivalry with Ganguly I think & is Playing with Sentiments of Whole Country.

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Ganguly must be taken into cricket against england
by D.V.N.ANANTH on Mar 05, 2006 12:34 PM

Hellow every body,
Iam Ananth a good fan of Saurav Ganguly calling from Vizag.He is having great talent and very good average compared to dravid and many more who feel they r most brillant players than Ganguly.He is the 3rd only batsman in India to reach 10,000 runs and also the batsman with an average above 40.
May be he is playing not as well as before,but it is more than sufficient that he is scoring good runs in last three matches and also to have a great person tolead every one from front as tendulkar now doing.

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greg is a opportunist and a shrewd guy
by bhavesh on Mar 05, 2006 12:07 PM

greg is a opportunist and a shrewd guy and so is dravid..they have carefully bundled out ganguly and thus future loss of captaincy..

-Show me a captain who has been removed after a 2-0 win overseas against zimbabwe ( ganguly was removed..He also scored a century over there ).

-Though dravid is getting good results in ODI..we lost test series in pakistan..why ? Definately ganguly is a better captain in tests...

- With the same team available ganguly can win a similar amount of ODI'S for india too...if not better..

- its just that greg doesn't like him, dalmiya has lost and thus no support for ganguly and time is bad for him..and i definately see a lean patch for them sooner rather than later..

goodluck to them...but i dont think my wishes can stop them both loosing out to ganguly..

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Chappel Down Down!
by Shan on Mar 04, 2006 09:51 AM

Chappel has behaved much indecently for an Indian coach. Indian Coach job is not settle personal scores.

Hey Chappel! It would be better if you start working on Indian team's performances rather than passing on stupid comments about one of the game's greatest achievers.

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