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Controversial career of Hair

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by rahul on Sep 29, 2006 12:49 AM

i saw people making deplomatic opinion like-inzy put the match and cricket in blue and though hair decision was conterversial but he was correct.but can they all wise people explain why only asian are targeted in his big judgments.would u ever imagine ponting in same frame as inzy by darel.ans is NO.recently LARA and ponting were given clean chit for their agressive behave in field with umpires.if there had been ganguli he would have been suspended.HE is truly biased.the boll was moving even when eng were balling,but he did not notice,but when pak did,they were blamed fortampering.when the Match raferee has given a clean cheat,HAIR should be terminated from umpiring for his BLACK JUDGMENTS.

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controversial career of hair
by saurabh on Aug 23, 2006 07:32 PM

i think whatever has happened is not in the interest of the game .this will malign the image of this sport globally.while the umpires are responsible for properly conducting the game ,they need to realise that special treatment to a team could lead to moral setback for the another team .racial comments have been the part and parcel of the game but that have been limited to the player community and its disheartening to see umpires indulging in such activities.to undo the lost that has been caused to the game both the players and umpires need to rethink there part of the game.

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Hatsup to Hair for good umpireship
by Moni on Aug 23, 2006 12:35 PM

Its was a right decesion taken by D. Hair how one can neglect the cricket rule, ball tampering is one of the bad thing done by any team r player. It can change the whole match. How could pakistan can come late after tea instead of ban on Inzy it should be ban on team itself. They should have been continued the match and then go for an appeal to ICC. It was right measures taken in cricket. So no one will repeat it again. Respect the Sport Cricket. Once again I congragulate Mr. hair for his Good umpireship

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The fault is of both the sides(Pakistan and Umpires)
by Aditya on Aug 23, 2006 08:30 AM

With due respect to all the people who have commented on this issue, i woiuld just like to state that both the sides did make a lot of mistakes.
1. The umpire should not have made such a hasty decision without giving any proof. They should have shown a little maturity in handling the whole situation give the circumstances the match was in and also (as we have seen on Television) the lack of evidence against for the issue.
2. The pakistan tem should have loged their protests at the very moment they were accused of ball tampering.
3. And all this talk about Racisim the ICC should look into the the track record of Umpire Darrell Hair and should reconsider him being in the Elite panel, because of all the trouble he has been involved with the teams from the sub continent.
4. The Cricket boards from the Asian region should take this matter up with the ICC.
5. All the Pakistan team should do is tell the ICC they would accept all their decision regarding the forfeiture and also the ban on Inzy given that Hair could bring out in public the prrof of ball tampering.

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by Dr.M.Zainuddin on Aug 22, 2006 11:57 AM

Umpire Hair should not be labeled as culprit, but whole australian has the same mentality, see Jones comment this means that these Australian are genetically mutated and are in state of madness.
One cant do anything they themselve will be streamlined by spontaneous mutation.

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