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''Selectors to decide on Ganguly''

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shouldnt ganguly not given little bit more time
by prashant on Oct 06, 2005 05:09 PM

All the best captains in the cricket history ,either it was mark taylor or steve waugh or Arjuna ranatunga have undergone pressure of captaincy and seemed to have lost their well known ellegance but their success as captain was felt more important.Why shouldnt ganguly be given little more time ? Talking about batting form except dravid none of indian batsman has been consistent during last few seasons ,specially in ODIs.Let ganguly come over rough patch .I am sure he will.

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ganguly:lift up your spirit
by narendran on Oct 05, 2005 04:58 PM

ganguly has given a lot of big scores and winning matches for india.he even scored 100's in the earlier test matches against zimbabwe and in the county matches.let us give him a chance or two to express himself to the world that he can score a lot for our country.

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Make Dravid Capt.
by krish on Oct 04, 2005 01:25 PM

Select the followg Team for ODIs as well as Test....1. Rahul Dravid [Capt]......2. VVS Lakshman [Vice Cap] 3. Anil Kumble 4. Yuvraj Gingh 5. Mohd Kaif 6. Raina 7. D Yadhav 8. MS Dhoni 9. Murali Karthik 10. Irfan Pathan 11. Asish Nehra 12. L Balaji 13. Gautam Gambhir. 14. Dinesh Karthik [give him more chances..he will shine] 15. Zaheer Khan 16. V Shewag.....

I think the above squad can be named for ODI as well as Test and put them under the care of Greg Chappel, straightaway.

No Gangully no Harbhajan and no Sachin please.

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P. Fernandes
U R very sickening Mr Ranbir Singh Mahendra
by P. Fernandes on Oct 04, 2005 09:34 AM

Hello Mr Mahendra, Do you remember the old adage that you cant fool all the people all the times - do i need to elaborate. I find you the most sickening person in this world by telling us that Ganguly has done well by scoring a century against Zimbabwe. Is it a wonder that he scored a century against the minnows, for that matter even a new born child will do that. What audacity you have to fool us by making such a statement, anyway what more we can expect from guys like you and Dalmiya. I can only say you guys should exchange your jobs with your wives and i can assure they will atleast not fool us. If I can suggest you can make Ganguly a captain of the team with Harbachan as the vice-captain and you as members and play against the womens team of all cricketing nations and i bet you will end up as loosers sometimes.

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raj mehta
future of ganguly
by raj mehta on Oct 04, 2005 08:36 AM

what is there 2 decide.is about 2 yr's poor perfor-mance of Ganguly,as a captain/player,not sufficient 2 decide about him.if mahindra(M) can't forget 100 of ganguly scored in recent test,he should not for-get his 16 of 2nd test.it's all an eyewash.in fact M and D are 2 sides of the same coin.they want to prove that Chapple is wrong.in fact ganguly and 1 or 2 more,are spent force.Ganguly may,bye-chance score 20 or 30 in a ODI,SO M will have an excuse to speak for Ganguly and throw Chapple out.POOR CHAPPLE.3 cheers for BCCI of M and D.Ganguly,Harbhajan etc don't know that a teacher like CHAPPLE deserves to be respected.Chapple wants to have a best team to win world cup for India not for him.selfish Ganguly.

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surekha tenneti venugopal
Sourav-coddling !
by surekha tenneti venugopal on Oct 04, 2005 06:34 AM

What is it with Sourav that BCCI pampers him so ?
His cricket at best is limited, now at its worst, its quite unbearable. He also seems brash and spoilt.
A unique player like Kapil Dev is completely side-lined in spite of the only World Cup India won under him, and one like Sourav, who has led his team 'to victory' against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe is made to look like an indispensable cricketer, going to the extent of even humbling a high-grade coach BCCI brought in after much hoo-ha.
Mr Chappel must continue his admirable disciplining approach, starting with Mr Sourav Ganguly, or say Good Bye, Cricket India, and leave. He is world class- and must certainly not allow himself to be talked down to by the BCCI jokers, their palms stroking their pet poodle.
Surekha Tenneti Venugopal

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C.N. Shankar
A Question Paper to Mahendra
by C.N. Shankar on Oct 04, 2005 06:19 AM

Here is A Question paper to Mr. Mahendra:

1. How many persons got the Mail from Greg Chappell?
2. Who is conducting the "Probe" on the 'Leak'?
3. What is the Time Frame by which WE can expect some result?

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Ganguly - The Captain.
by K.B.Khan on Oct 04, 2005 03:39 AM

S.Ganguly is the most successfull captain and we should respect that for ever.
It is better to have S.Ganguly as captain of India Cricket Team for Tests and R.Dravid for ODI's.
This will definitely unite the team and climb the ladder of success.
I wish INDIA will soon become the World's best and powerfull Cricketing Nation.

Love and Regards,


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What's this
by Ashok on Oct 03, 2005 11:49 PM

"See what you are saying could also be the feeling of many other cricket fans in the country. But let us all not forget that recently Ganguly has scored a Test hundred in Zimbabwe", he said

So he mean to say that as ganguly scored a century(against Zimbabwe :( ) recently we don't ask ganguly to be taken out of the team for a while.Then GAvaskar and kapil also scored centuries ,if both of them want to join the team whether BCCI cheif will take them in team now.

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N V Krishnan
Catch the culprit
by N V Krishnan on Oct 03, 2005 09:00 PM

Before blaming Greg for sending the e-mail, it is important to find out how the mail was leaked to the media? Whatever be the content of the mail, good or bad, right or wrong , it was for the eyes of the addressee/s only. Then how was that made public and who did that?

The culprit, no doubt, must be within the house. Many must be knowing who that was. But who will come forward to point a finger at that person.

It is quite disappointing that sports which is mainly to bring harmony and unity amongst people has been politicised so much that it has lost its sanctity. It is alleged that corruption is highly dominant.

It is indeed very sad.

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