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BCCI and its consistency
by Venu on Apr 17, 2005 01:07 AM


time and again BCCI experiments with the careers' of young cricketers.

what's ailing BCCI ?

potential players like, Badani, Kaif, Laxman, Kumble,Agarkar, Bangar and many more in the past were not groomed perfectly and were gravely neglected.

on flip side, players such as Dinesh Mongia, Yuvraj, Prthiv patel, and few more are persisted and strongly backed not only by the captain but also by BCCI. Especialy a player like Dinesh Mongia who is back into the team, inspite of his consistent failures and it's not understood why BCCI carrys on with some players, despite their failures and it's also not understood why BCCI ruins the careers of some players, inspite of their fitting performances..

only god and hopefully BCCI knows the policy behind such decisive decisions...

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Splits me up!!
by Shiamak on Apr 16, 2005 08:30 PM

Hey Prem,

Nice work there. Although I disagree to almost ev'ryth'n u say, man u r gr8. Well, I think u must stop criticizing ganguly as if he was ur gr8est enemy. Stop chucking Balaji off also. He has proved to be a better bowler than Irfan in many cases. It was Afridi who crushed india like I never saw.. KUDOS TO HIM for teaching india a lesson of a lifetime!!!

ev'ry1 goes thru a bad patch and tell me what the heck did sachin do better than Ganguly that u hve no comments on him?? I think u r also one of the biased people whom i dislike.

and why r people criticizing dravid??ok may be he didnt lay the rules rite as a captain but as a run scorer, I think he is 200 times better than Sehwag, sachin 'n' yuvraj put together. true, sehwag does score but he is utterly careless.

I must praise Afridi ( what fate!! )from the bottom of my heart, tho i cud see india losing, i enjoyed his batting a lot and was fascinated. What guts and what a batting!! only 9 runs as singles and the rest boundries ( 4s & 6s ). I think he is the BEST of all. I wish he was in Indian Team...

Phew!! People wud think i am jobless ( which i am ) but i cudn't help..

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Ganesh Iyer
Pathetic Display
by Ganesh Iyer on Apr 16, 2005 12:18 AM

Trailing behid 0-2 team-Pakistan has rallied to fight back to establish a unassailable lead of 3-2. Hats-off to their fighting team-spirit. What ails our cricket ? We have talented batsmen, who can be rated as some of the best in the World. With this type of display can we dream reaching even the last-eight in the 2007 World Cup ? The series is drawing to a close and the Delhi ODI, to be watched by the top dignitaries of both the countries playing the game,will decide whether we will draw level or Pakistan clinching the series and in the latter case our team's rating may remain same as "eighth" or may tumble down. I feel the batsmen would have to do much more than what we expect the bowlers to do.Afridi has single-handedly won the match for Pakistan because his aggressiveness clicked. At some juncture or other one or two batsmen of ours have to be aggressive and deal the Pak bowlers with perfect timing. Ganguly or no Ganguly is not the question here, the fighting team spirit, what we witness of teams like Australia is what is required today.

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5TH oneday match between India and Pak
by CHANDRA on Apr 15, 2005 10:00 PM

If this kind of match happens one or two then nobody will like Cricket in India. I am not sure how to react after this match.

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complacency or trepidation
by Veera on Apr 15, 2005 09:17 PM

the indian team seems to get the best out of players like Afridi, who in normal circumstances would have scored 20 runs in 10 balls and got out. People like Yuvraj need to look at their performances in the team. i dont think that players like Dinesh Mongia have justified their selection to the national team. As someone mentioned before, Badani and newcomer Suresh Raina could be given chance. Tendulkar has a couple of issues to be sorted out in his head. Also the promotion of Dhoni should have been used only as a surprise weapon. we are really in need of some good tight bowling and not to mention, we need to sharpen our fielding skills further.

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Accept Realities
by Padmanabhan on Apr 15, 2005 06:05 PM

While India may boast greater names the Pak team as a unitis definitely superior (as a team ) to India.
Afridi is an equal to Shewag& when he performs he is more dangerous than any other player in the world.only thing such performances are rare & they just happen,that is all.Even so we lost the 5th game in the 1st 10 overs & the sereis on 4th match itself.
Our team for the should be selected with a certain minimum standards.ie running 25 metres with gaps of 50seconds ,chasisnig balls for a distance of 70 to 80 Metres , minimum distance for throws
& so on.Once acriteria is fixed no relaxation whatsoeverfor any body & such tests should be held for every selection.

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by Vishal on Apr 15, 2005 05:16 PM

To Mr.Ateeq,

Who possibly is from Pakistan.You are right man.The entire series has been fixed.It might not be just for money(LOok at the statistics man 15000 crores in just 2 states of India. Can anyone even predict the amnt worldwide).Something else is the driving force behind this very unpredictable results. The people of both countries should realise that they are been taken for a drive in the name of cricket. Politics has pretty much been involved. How could anyone digest the fact that Indians with 10 wickets in hand lost meekly in the final test. If not win could not 10 so called international players defend 540 balls in a day. The pakistan team chasing 315 in the fourth one dayer. I strongly beleive that both are immensely talented teams and at the end of the series there would be no hanging of boots for any player from either side. The feeling of fans from both countries is that ok...we didn't win the series...we didn't lose at all. Who knows pakistan came from behind to level the series. Probably this time India would come back to level the one dayers as well or who knows New Delhi and Islamabad might have decided otherwise to please visiting pak premier Mushhy baby..

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Indian bowlers are jokers??
by Yash on Apr 15, 2005 04:43 PM

The way Afridi played one gets a feeling.... are Indian bowlers really bowlers? Is this the same pitch where our "great" batsmen struggled for every single run?

I can't understand why we simply give up..What the hell were those great batters doing in the morning in Rana Naveed's bowling? Rana Naveed really bowls that well? He must be a great bowler I guess... took 3 wickets in no time. I think that's the reason why there's no Shoaib on this tour..who needs him? Naveed is more than enough!

Every single time Afridi raised his bat the ball went out of the ground for six. Is he a genuinely great batsman? Might be. He showed that IF you wish you CAN hit the bowlers. NONE of our bowlers was bowling on line. That's what Pakistanis did while they bowled. Bowl on the line. Batsman miss you hit.

Indian batting was a sheer display of pathetic and irresponsible batting and our bowlers supported them very well with equally lackluster and directionless bowling. We were 2-0 up in the series and now down 3-2. Fortunately there is one match remaining so we have some hopes of saving. The series which we could have won..now we are struggling to save! How many teams will let this happen?

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