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What is teh ideal Price in a city like Pune
by joydip bhattacharya on Feb 09, 2009 03:22 PM

Can someone tell me what should be aideal price in a city like Pune.....

Not at all a Metro city...
Poor infrastructure compare to city like Chennai,Delhi.
poor Air connection.
very high price
very much dependent on Mumbai for many aspects.....

With my understanding here a 3 BHK flat(arround 1450 sqft) should not be

Baner : 28-32 Lacks
Aundh : 28-32 Lacks
NIBM : 25-30 Lacks
Deccan: 40 Lacks
Kothrud: 32-35 Lacks
Kalyani Nagar : 30-32 Lacks....

all of puneites input is requsted

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