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Kilinochi fall
by Rajaram on Jan 03, 2009 09:35 AM

I find Kani mozhi weeping, which is nothing but, NAtional Traitorship. Those who cry for Hamas also, can be termed as war cry, but.....It shall be remembered, waging war with criminals are always difficult. The criminal may shoot ,do whatever he wants, but army or Police have to go thro rules. Also History shows it takes some time to quell Gorilla war,and one day Prabahakaran may fall like Che-guera. One thing must be understood: al-quida has almost zeroed its outward operations;A goverenance is on in Iraq,and people live better. Hit and run terrorism is the expression of defeat and a kind of Street dog attitude. Terrorism is another face,and in a vast nation these operations ar e kind of ripple and . Of course its pathetic from individuals point of view,but viewed in large spectrum, criminalism had never thrived, Germany is quite now after hitler. May be LTTe has no large troop now and may be planning for crocodile war;may be losses would occur; may be they shall be silence3d for ever. Good if we hate war, but it shall be hated by both war monger and war defender. What did Prabhakar achieve? He placed his family safe in India,educated his children well, while he made the territorials nomads; he spoiled the progress of the country,where he was borne and brought up for installing himself a Maglomanis; he perhaps made payments like Robinhood for protecting personal benefits. Its good if srilankans viz those who are citizens irrespective of creed, live happily hereafter,.

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